Linkage Is Good For You – 12-3

Roman Slave Market Gerome

Men Of The West – Thinking About CalExit, On The Naming Of Children, Poles Vs Germans, Western Canon: Captain Courageous, Troll Of The Year Awards, Thomas Stonewall Jackson, Free Trade Is Not A Virtue

Danger And Play – Nazis Are Fake News, Silenced Goes Worldwide

Radix Journal – The Preppy Purge, Radically Mainstream

Return Of Kings – How To Control Your Muscles, Garbage Politics To Trump Voters, Women Sexualize Themselves, Why Game Will Never Die, Trump Effect Game, MSM Desensitizes, Why I Gave Up On Libertarianism, Welcome To Americas New Golden Age, How To Use A Revolver For Self-Defense

Maverick Philosopher –  Fidel Castro, Hero Of The Left, Does Deflationism Rule Out Relativism, Maverick Philosopher, Politics In The Age Of Bullshit

Bayou Renaissance Man – Fidel Castro Is Dead, Doofus Of The Day, Look At The War-on-Science, Doofus #937, A Very Good Pick, James Mattis Reading List

The Rational Male – The Unbearable Rightness Of Being Female

The Right Stuff – #PizzaGate, The Frankfurt School Goes To The Movies, Alt-Right. . .Laissez-Faire, SJWs On The Right, Why We Salute, Zulu-Men Of Harlech, Reddit Attempts To Debunk White Pride, Alt-Right Office Management Tips

Vox Populi –  Is The Alt-Right Dead, Now Who’s Seeing Russians Under The Bed, Endorsement Of General Mattis, Stuck On Cuck, This Is What Winning Looks Like, Expect Candlelight Vigils, Fake News Interviews Gab, Incoming: Round Two, Epic Cuckery, The Great Trick

Alternative Right – Time For A Spartacus Moment, A Spencer Is Haunting America, Grand Invisible Alliance,

Roosh V – The Path Men Took To Trump, The Power Of Will

Scott Adams Trump Talent Stack, About PizzaGate, The New CEOs First Move

Primal Male Preview: Man’s Fight For Existence

Captain Capitalism – Simplifying Communism, Temper Your Hope For Trump

Dalrock – Something In Common, Carrying On Like Teenagers

Alpha Game –  Divorce Rape, Your TV Lied To You, Feature Not Bug, Chicks Dig Alpha, The Failure Of Girl Power

Charles Sledge – Destructive Power Of Numbness, Women Want Masters Not Equals, How To Get The Most Out Of A Book, To Be A Top Level Copywriter

Counter Currents – Falling For Lies At Standing Rock, Rules For Radicals, Archeofuturism 2.0, Henry Williamson, George Orwell, And The Pigs, Pizzagate

Antonius Aquinas – Fidel Castro And The American Empire

Laudator Temporis Acti – A Time-Dishounored Practice, Cleansing The City, In You, EC Marchant, Trapped, Forsaking One’s Native Tongue, Xenophon’s Anabasis

Takis – Populist-Nationalist Tide Rolls On

Steve Sailer – Alt-Right Poison. . .

Stares At The World –  Intro To Alt-Right Part 2, Laramie Hirsch On Returning To Catholic Monarchy

Male Defender –  Radical Feminist Hate Group

Dark Triad Man – How To Recognize Detonation Of Fate

Matt Forney – Interview With Aaron Clarey, Twitter And The End of Trollings Golden Age

Naughty Nomad –  How To Get Your Ass Kicked

Head Of Household – The Real Return Of Kings

Carnivore’s Cave – Austrian Queen Covered In Burka

Free Northerner –  Legitimacy, Power, Culture

Barbaric Gentleman – A Brief History Of Feminist Vagina Obsession

Hawaiian Libertarian – How Far Down The Hole Can You Go

Good News:

Brietbart – Identitarians Place Veils. . ., Trump Suggests Loss Of Citizenship. . ., Indiana To Consider Permitless Carry, South Dakota Weighs Permitless Carry, Dutch MPs Vote To Ban Burqas, Slovakia Bans Islam As Official Religion, Christians Too Scared To Talk, Mad Dog Mattis For Defense Secretary, Civil RIghts Pro-Life Prayer Rally In DC

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Particularly of Note:

  1. Men Of the West –  The Modern Crusader
  2. The Right Stuff – Fatima And The Future
  3. Captain Capitalism – Simplifying Communism
  4. Roosh V – The Path Men Took To Trump
  5. The Right Stuff – #PizzaGate
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  7. Charles Sledge – How To Get The Most Out Of A Book
  8. Stares At The World – Intro To Alt-Right Part 2
  9. Counter Currents – Archeofuturism 2.0
  10. Scott Adams –  About PizzaGate
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The Sphinx

We have lived in a world of cynicism & onanism, of pessimistic self-interest & pornographic self-gratification, for so long that many red-pilled men are in a state of inanition. I have written recently about my own first experience with frigid truth and while the means & ways are necessarily different for every newcomer the destination wears an impression of singularity. Of course, I speak of cynicism.

HOW TRUE, for example, is that other old Fable of the Sphinx, who say by the wayside, propounding her riddle to the passengers, which if they could not answer she destroyed them! Such a Sphinx is this Life of ours, to all men and societies of men. Nature, like the Sphinx, is of womanly celestial beauty–which means celestial order, pliancy to wisdom; but there is also a darkness, but one not yet disimprisoned; one still half-imprisoned–the articulate, lovely still incased in the inarticulate, chaotic. How true!” -Carlyle “The Sphinx”

Who among us can brave Virgil’s three-hour tour of Hell and emerge unscathed & unaltered? Who discovers the Narrative mal-intent of an impersonal imposed Truman show & seeks anything short of tearing the Bitch down & fiddling away as she burns? Cynicism is rampant, necessary & useful; without cynicism there is no Alt-Right; without cynicism there are no dank memes; there is no cuckservative; there are lies alone & the lies are social justice; xir name is legion.

Bitches love cynics

Bitches love cynics

Cynicism may sour. We are at an impasse & like the original Cynic troll we may skitter away in our barrels; we may use our memes like Diogenes lamp to seek by its light the face of a good man; & the man might tell him that he himself must be that good man, that he is a very philosopher for he imbibes the wine betwixt Socrates and Agathon; he is no racist, no cuck, he’s (((honest))). The meme like the lamp show otherwise. All the same Diogenes died an Athenian pauper alone in a barrel on the street.



I would rather die an Athenian pauper than a billionaire feminist. I degrees.

“And does she not not propound her riddles to us? Of each man she asks daily, in mild voice, yet with terrible significance, ‘Knowest thou the meaning of this day? What thou canst do Today; wisely attempt to do?’ Nature, Universe, Destiny, Existence, howsoever we name this grand unnameable Fact in the midst of which we live and struggle, is as a heavenly bride and conquest to the wise and brave, to them who can discern her behests and do them; a destroying fiend to them who cannot. Answer her riddle, it is well with thee. Answer it not, pass on regarding it not, it will answer itself; the solution for thee is a thing of teeth and claws; Nature is a dumb lioness, deaf to they pleadings, fiercely devouring.” ibid.

To see the way forward we must understand the path from whence we came.

If young coming upon the fetid truths begins in a state of near complete naivete & innocent ignorance imparted by well-meaning parents & a complex of total indoctrination. One’s pre-truth state is not willful but accidental, the product of being told that reality is no more than the shadows on the wall before ever having seen true light.

If older, as even a youthful man, ignoring truth transforms from inculcated confirmation bias into an ego-linked idealism, especially with the acceptation of a tragic idealism like feminism or faggotry which intrinsically denies nature to supplant her with Narrative & solipsism. The lies need be so obnoxious that to maintain them the idealist must become the lie. In the hopeless cases the transformative powers of evil reveal perfection, in the archaic sense of utter completeness, to such a degree that one shamefully wonders if Aslan’s roar could shed the dragon’s skin, or if the idealist is damned already to remain the beastly thing he becomes. For the truth-comer one sees the idealology & ego are not so intertwined that transformation cannot be, only that it cannot be painless.

Both cases the seeker finds the facade of reality destroyed, with one the ego must of necessity die, with the other only childhood, idealism, and naivete are slain upon truth’s alter. The often outcome is resultant cynicism.

It is as patient as St. Pauls love. For the novice it is often paired with zeal. Who came fresh to the ‘sphere & did not lose days in reading Roissy & Roosh & Vox & /pol & all the other various works following a thousand links down a thousand rabbit holes to find a thousand truths & discarding a thousand lies & a thousand deceptions? When the sunrises on the morning, when the fervor wanes, the new man steps from the glow of his brothers-in-arms to see the old world does not glitter, everywhere there are lies, piles upon piles of lies, filth as deep as deluge, yet no one around him sees as he sees. That is, no one until recently saw it, now there are cracks in the wall; one’s neightbor might catch a glimmer of one lie and hold onto it. “If I hold firm to this one truth that I may ignore the other lies.”

We lived in the trenches for years, we see the filth, the destruction, the accusations & the mobs at the gate. What glitters is not gold but a fool’s pyrite spectacular covering a decaying world in the hands of the prince of lies. More people will come. They are coming now. We hope to open further the eyes & shout truth above the turbulent mass. We must begin the journey anew from cynic trench lords to Virgils who show the way through hell & out the other side to begin the ascension to the heavens.

Neomasculinity, neoreactionary, Alt-West-White-Lite-Right. There is a truth which shines a light on lies & is made to shine on the putrid ugliness. Who can gladly lay with filth in the light of day? We have victory behind and victory ahead and now we must sally forth replacing cynicism with courageous optimism.

“In this God’s with its wild-whirling eddies and mad foam-oceans, where men and nations perish as if without law, and judgement for an unjust thing is sternly delayed, dost thou think there is therefore no justice? It is what the fool hath said in his heart. It is what the wise, were wise because they denied, and knew forever not to be. I tell thee again, there is nothing else but justice. One strong thing I find here below: the just thing, the true thing. My friend if thou hast all the artillery of Woolwich trundling at they back in support of an unjust thing; and infinite bonfires waiting ahead of thee, to blaze centuries long for thy victory on behalf of it–I would advise thee to call halt, to fling down thy baton, and say, ‘In God’s name, No!’ They “success?” Poor devil; what will thy success amount to?” -ibid

Then mounte! then mounte, brave gallants all,
And don your helmes amaine;
Deathe’s couriers, fame and honor, call
Us to the field againe.
No shrewish feares shall fill our eye
When the sword-hilt’s in our hand–
Heart-whole we’ll part, and no whit sighe
For the fayrest of the land;
Let piping swaine, and craven wight,
Thus weepe and puling crye;
Our business is like men to fight,
And hero-like to die!”
“Cavalier’s Song”

Veritas numquam perit
The Poet

Gab. Click it because Diogenes bones look the same as Alexanders.

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Linkage Is Good For You 11-27

Musée Bonnat - Idylle - Léon Bonnat (1890)

Musée Bonnat – Idylle – Léon Bonnat (1890)

Vox Day – Debt = Diversity, The Rubes Are On To Us, Controlled Opposition Or Media Indiscipline,, Free Trade Kills, Interview With Cernovich, Fortress Of Solitude, Great Man Vs Cliodynamics, Wrath Of The God Emperor, Not A Disavowal, I Do Not Disavow, Cuck To Cuck, Can’t You Be Nicer, The Awful Mask Of The Alt-Right

Men Of The West – Britain And WWI, Western Canon: 2 Years Before The Mast, Charge Of The Light Brigade, Accommodating The Fall, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Western Canon: Anabasis

Return Of Kings – The Globalists Are Losing Ground, Nationalism Is A Trap, How We Can Win The Propaganda War, Is Feminism A Giant Shit Test, Meaning Through Logotherapy, Books On Fitness, Women Have Binary Minds, Why Fighting Is Good For Men, Forgiven Mel, Open Letter To Women. . .Feminism

Roosh V – The Future. . .

The Primal Male Time Will Always Pass Faster

Captain Capitalism –, Whitey And Welfare

Laudator Temporis Acti – Unerring, Unaffected, Untouched, Words Can Never Hurt Thee, Purpose Driven Life, A Violent Teacher, Your Time Has Come, Fame

Bayou Renaissance Man –  Politics And Business, A Little Story. . .SecDef, SJW Insult Generator, Sanity On Gender Orientation

Charles Sledge 3 Ab Exercises,  The True Meaning Of Focus, One Thing Successful People Share, One Simple Trick, Bachelor Pad Economics Review

Danger And Play – Thank You, An Open Letter, This Is What Controlled Opposition Looks Like, Dixon Advocated Interracial Rape

Maverick Philosopher – College Educated or College Indoctrinated, Catholicism True Enough, To The Victims. . ., Male Wins Women’s Cycling, Reading Now, Is Beef Food, The Horror Of Death

The Right Stuff – How to Red Pill Your Woman, Amerikaner Free State, Unavoidability Of Race

Scott Adams – A Lesson In Cognitive Dissonance, Persuasion Vs Populism

Alternative Right –  Failure At The Gates, The Bubble, Culturalist Reprogramming, The Puritanism Of Perversity, It’s Not About Who’s In The Movement, Brahms & Democracy

CounterCurrents – Science-Fiction Seen From The Right, Vox Interviews Greg Johnson, The Willful State, Hiding The Ball Of White Nationalism

Alpha Game – Primal Cheerleader, A Hint For The Holidays, Its Her Prerogative

Takis – Trump U, Lyncher, Faker, Mischief Maker, The Lady Doth Protest

Steve Sailer –  White Identarian. . ., The Undoing Project, Conquer Through Immigration, Zombies As Metaphor For Camp Of Saints, Trumps Victory In Response To White Death, Hamilton Denounces Jefferson, Ben Carson Further Gentrification, We Wanted Workers

Matt Forney – Britain, America, And The Brotherhood. . .

Dalrock – The Rational Response To High Divorce Rates, Big Win For Grudem, The Roots Of Modern Wife Worship

Dark Triad Man – Brutal Clips: Hail Trump Honey Pot

Stares At The World –  Slamming The Overton Window Shut, Great God Leviathan

Futility Closet –  Misc, Self-Service

Carnivore’s Cave – Youths With Guns

Head Of Household – Conjugal Rights

The Barbaric Gentleman – On Richard Spenser and NPI

Citadel Foundations Business Up Front, Party In Back

Good News:

Brietbart – Ward Stuns Kovalev. . . , Le Pen Take Commanding. . ., Twitter Verifies Official Muslim Bro Acct. . ., Mall Santa Removed. . ., Trump Unloads On MSM, End Gun-Free Zones On Mili Bases, Geert Wilders, Putin Geography Lesson

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  2. Vox Day Alt-Right: What It Is
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  6. Alternative Right – The Lost Soul And The Crowned Christ
  7. Head Of Household – Conjugal Rights
  8. Dalrock Big Win For Grudem
  9. Roosh V – The Future. . .

10. Vox Day Media Discipline

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Arise Sir Cuck: Romney As A Good Choice

This week his Mightiness the God Emperor Ascendant met with Mitt Romney to discuss the possibility of his assuming the role of Secretary Of State. There has been a good amount of push back across the internet as though picking such a nasty outspoken, neverTrumping cuck was a bad idea. However, many have forgotten the might of the God Emperor and misunderstand his powers and prowess for turning the unlikeliest of scenarios into his own goods. Calm thine tits Cuckabee.

I Dub Thee

I Dub Thee Cuck Of All Cuckinings, Arise Sir Cuck

Has the world lost its mind this week? Have we collectively forgotten the way the God Emperor handles his enemies? Don’t we remember the birther press conference, or the Bill-Clinton’s-rape-victims conference, or this weeks ass-handing to the media. Is our king not mighty victory, should we expect him to be less than magnanimous? Do we expect that Guilliani who has his own agenda and a certain comfort with Trump from his long standing support to work as hard as a known enemy turned loyal ally? Moreover are there honestly still men in the androsphere, alt-right, neoreactionary et al who are yet to read and head the lessons in the 48 Laws of Power?

From the intro to chapter two:

Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn How to Use Enemies

Be wary of friends–they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. . .

Am I the only one who sees this as a great opportunity for Trump to turn his enemies into allies, or if nothing else to make his enemies lazy, to set them off their guard? Does anyone doubt that the God Emperor would remove Romney at the first provocation if there was cause? Has he not shown time and again that he is ready at the first sign to replace those around him that do not meet his most high requirements.

Vox has written about this very thing. Certainly he and I are not the only two people to have noticed. To assume so would be the highest form of vanity and I cannot commit such folly. Yet why all the indignation? We have seen this week already that the Ascendant will not let us go alone into the mire. So now let us leave of the sack cloth and the many gnashing of many teeth. The Ascendant did not ride to glory in battle blind. He has seen the way and has faced the enemy and at every step his has routed them. Let us keep faith then that the One who has sustained us thus far, the One who appoints all kings shall continue to bless the God Emperor and let us stand fast in the pass and prepare for the looming battles ahead.

A short aside: Our God seems to have an affinity for men with great hair. First Samson, then Jesus, now Trump. . .is it any wonder then that he blesses Milo and now it would seem even Romney.

Veritas Numquam Perit
The Poet

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Linkage Is Good For You – 11-20

Hylas And The Nymphs

It’s Back Baby.

Return Of Kings – The Dangers of Romantic Lover, Forge Strength Through Challenges, Media Response, Camp Of The Saints, 4 Goals For Neomasculinity. . ., How To Live After Trump, The RP Masterpiece. . .,,  When Only Hate. . .

Bayou Renaissance Man – The Law of Unintended Consequences, Militarizing Social Media, Demonstrations and The Average American, The Black Sea Yields Up, Twitter’s Ideological Censors. . ., . . .Perspectives On The Election, Bout Sums It Up

Vox Populi – WANTS to Burn It Down, Republicans Are Now The White Party, An Alt-Tech Convergence, Inquisition 2.0, How GG Crowned The God Emperor, Libertarianism vs AltRight, Steps Ahead, The Racial Detente Is Over, Change Is Coming, The Alarmed And Anxious, AN Enemy Of Christendom

The Primal Male –  The Facade Of Positivity

Roosh V – What Trump’s Win Means for Men

Maverick Philosopher A Righteous Form Of Schadenfreude, Generic Statements, Movies Inside Our Heads, Philosophers As Bad Drivers

Taki – Revenge of The Yahoos, Trump Doctrine

Free Northerner To The Left Of Trump

Men Of The West – Cabinet Suggestions, On Personal Revelation,, Useless Protest, New Vision for The Right, Beast Life 4, Lets Invite The Afrikaners, pt1,, Titus Andronicus, What Does Trump Know, A Time For Choosing

Alternative Right The Zeitgeist of Wetbacks, I DISCRIMINATE

Charles Sledge – A Principle. . .Seducing Women, . . .Through The Abyss. . . , 3 Things Real Men. . ., How To Get Started As A Copywriter, Bang Roosh V Review

Laudator Termporis Acti – Editions For Beginners, Italian And English, Discarding Our Opinions,, Dark And Deep, Insults, Scholarly-Industrial Complex

Brietbart – Iraq Christians Tell Tales Under ISIS, Cardinal Burke Threatens. . ., ADL Backs Off. . ., Georgia Lawmaker. . .Ban Burqa, . . .Customer Draws Gun. . ., Man Lies About ‘Trump Counry’, Duterte Wants To Join NWO,

Counter Currents – Mirror For Princes, Fake Hate Crimes, Diary Fort Trump in Philly, In Praise of Calexit

The Right Stuff – Magic Hyphen Power, Coming Wave Of Diversionary Politics, Press The Attack, I Am Lawrence Murray, Steve Bannon Is Problematic, Put Race Deniers On The Defensive, The Traveling Merchant

Scott Adams –  How to Break An Illusion

Danger and Play Make Journalism Honest Again, Media Fraud, SIlenced Movie Reviews, Fact Checking An Article. . ., Aljeezra Special

Captain Capitalism  – Trump No Longer Needs The Media

Alpha Game – Game In Literature, Wifi More Important Than Sex

Futility Closet – Sunrise, Sunset

Bestartia Latina – Proverbs And Fables Round-up

Citadel Foundations – Trump Viewed From The Right

Dalrock – Angelina Can’t Keep A Man, America Is Destroying The Hispanic Family

Stares At The WorldThe Left Is Working To Discredit Themselves

Hawaiian Libertarian – Another Female First

Matt Forney – Article At ROK: Trump Administration

Steve Sailer – Mike Pence Immigration Skeptic

Male Defender – Cuckold Power

Barbaric Gentlemen Beginner’s Guide To Knives

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Particularly of Note:

Return Of Kings – Men Are [Bound] By Their Shared Realization

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Men Of The West – Break The Dam, My Language Not For Sissies

Laudator Temporis Acti –  Greek Texts For The Beginner

Breitbart –  West Finally Fighting Back. . .

Captain Capitalism –  Should White Men Work For Fortune 500

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Why They Lie

There is an article over at Primal Male on the facade of positivity. The thrust of the article is that people are fake-nice and fake-happy and really fake everything going so far even to conclude that in penning their true disgruntled feelings, which we all have to some degree, that people fake-troll their own fake-distaste. The article hits on deep truth.

People are fake. Fake happy, for whatever reasons, fake-disgruntled for the same. Their is no reflection and without reflection there is no self knowledge; without self-knowledge there is only superficial knowledge. So the cycle repeats. People revert to an emotional savagery that is incapable of express without cliche. “How’s it going today?” . . . “Fine.” It is puddle-deep because the parties involved are that shallow; the deep calls to deep.*

Being so shallow, as the article says “honour is dead. . .words become meaningless.” The very people are without meaning and they do not know it. They have given up the very state of their civility the separating aspect which divides the Man from the savage. They are nice because it is the lowest common denominator in human expression, they troll liberaltard nonsense and SJW malarcky because it is the sound and fury that goes in the ears through their televisions and through their false conversations. There is no thought and so no expression.

But they are human; there must be an outlet to even the shallowest man’s hypothalamus. On the degenerate and the dark days when they weep in their beds at the emptiness of their souls there is a cognizant lack. Not knowing themselves and so incapable of seeing their own inanity, the blame must fall elsewhere to the racist, the homophobe, the xenophone, to whomever is “them.” The blame drops to whatever is outside, how could it fall to what is not there? and so little is on the inside of the false positivist.

It is truly why Western culture is such a boon to man; Socrates for all his equivocations and gotcha logic still sought an inner understanding, and though I do not agree with the tactics in Plato’s Dialogues it is clear that his intention was to point to shallowness. So is the same in the coming of Christianity such that Jesus would call the religious powers of the day Sons of the Devil to shock them to an understanding of their own vapidity. So with Juvenal and his shiv to the heart of a dying Rome. So with the Scholastics and their even increasing attempts at improving their logical skills and perfecting their syllogistic tools to better understand Creation to better understand themselves and in turn to understand God.

Western culture is so very important if for no other reasons than it creates honor and meaning. It is the very depth of our people and the expressions of our history and by extension the express of ourselves without which we are lost in the mire. So get off your ass and start reading.

There is no greater sign of our decline than the extent of our cultural and personal shallowness.

Veritas Numquam Perit
The Poet

Follow me on Gab because I sometime write things there

*Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.

Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the day time, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.

I will say unto God my rock, Why hast thou forgotten me? why go I mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?

As with a sword in my bones, mine enemies reproach me; while they say daily unto me, Where is thy God?

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

Psalm 42:7-11

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Free Speech Roosh V & The Son of Man

I want to start out making a crazy prediction for the next year.  In the year of Spirit Cooking, The Trumpening, and Islammigrations nothing can resist the realms of possibility. So here it is:

I believe in the next twelve months that Roosh V will make a complete conversion to Orthodox Christianity–Orthodox because Catholicism has been infiltrated by “Not-My-Pope” Frankie, and the extent of Cuckchurchians and their work for the prince of lies have destroyed all Protestant integrity and doctrine, sola stupida–and that he will be one of many catalyst toward a revival of Western belief and with it culture and learning.

Now lets move on.

Free Speech Isn’t Free

I bought Roosh’s most recent book Free Speech Isn’t Free the day that he released it; I just started reading it as well as Ivan Thrones Nine Laws and still working through Boethius Consolation of Philosophy. Those will be covered later. For now lets focus of Roosh and Free Speech.

This book, like all of Roosh’s writing is inimitably easy to read, to be enthralled completely and to find oneself having lost a few hours time to his revelations. The book walks the reader through Roosh’s speaking tour that garnered undue hatred and vitriol in 2015 and the responsive conquest Roosh meted out to his enemies. In addition he describes the similar blow-back to the planned meet-ups, the doxxing of his parents home, transcripts from the tour, his media hit-speech, and finally a primer on neomasculinity.

Interspersed in the narrative retelling of Roosh’s tour and the following media explosion during the meetups in 2016 are little vignettes and conversations happening amid the turmoil. One conversation so given concerns Christianity and Roosh mentions having begun reading the bible, this isn’t news to ROK readers as he has recently written on the old testament and the wisdom literature, yet here his constant searching after truth plumb greater depth. It is the very openness that one expect from the author of this article. Its a personal favorite, and marks the point my view of Roosh changed. Its been clear for a long time that he was much more than Bang and Bang and Bang and all the other Bangs.

What Free Speech does better than even SJW Always Lie (which is saying something), it reveals a picture of the depths to which SJW, political and media collusion are willing to go in their efforts to protect the narrative. I do wonder, and Roosh states at one point a similar sentiment, how many of these air-wasting SJW are true believers; how many have become so disconnected from reality that the very scent of truth is an abomination to them. Certainly the further toward the uppermost echelons of society-if one may call these lunatics society-the clearer the situation is understood and the greater chance that the players at the higher levels have something to gain in playing their part to defame and discredit.

Through it all Roosh maintains his cool, or at least he reads like he does. He does mention forgetting sleep, and hunger, and horrid cotton mouth, yet until his parent home address was doxxed every move was a counter attack, every play told the powers that be that he would not back down. It is obvious that Roosh emerged victorious; it felt that way watching the press conference the day it went live. Having this glimpse behind the curtain justifies the elated feeling I assume most of his readers had that day.

One hopes that in banning Roosh, in discuss him as anathema in Parliment, and painting him the most wickedest-evilest-worstest-most-rapey villain that ever villed the media shills and their compatriot SJW will find as they must that their hate has made him nothing but stronger and better prepared.

To justify my prediction

Two things that stick out and add to my intuitive sense that Roosh will become a full convert and disciple of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

In Free Speech he mentions expecting that those people around him would throw it in as the heat rose while they in fact did the opposite and create the bonds which only battle makes in men. Persecution for the truth draws men who seek the truth closer.

“‘I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.  I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.’

 They answered and said unto him, ‘Abraham is our father.’ Jesus saith unto them, ‘If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham. Ye do the deeds of your father.’

Then said they to him, ‘We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.’  Jesus said unto them, ‘If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.  And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me notWhich of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?”” John 8: 37-46

Start the count down.

Veritas Numquam Perit,
The Poet


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