Linkage Is Good For You: First Shameless Rip-off Edition

This is the first for a weekly drop, shamelessly lifted from the synonymous post from the late, great IMF. Ferd’s weekly link drop has been a favorite Sunday past time, someone needed to keep it going.

Requiscat In Pace – IMF

University of Man – Gimme That Old Time Girligion, Self-made Man, Revenge of the Cliterati: Ep. 1, How Its Done/How It’s Not Done, Killing Your Daughter’s Pimp

Bronan The Barbarian – Marriage is Fucking Awesome, Attack of the Flake-O-Saurus, Trolling Dumbasses on Facebook

Roosh V – Culture Parasites, Why Feminism In America Will Die,  9 Things I Want To Say To My International Critics

Rational Male – Creative Intelligence, The Peacekeepers, The Enemy Is Us, Double Standards

Apocalypse Cometh – You Are Not Special,  Woe to the Little Boys, There is Something Wrong, Could Tobacco Be Good For You

Matt Forney- Forget the Past and Just Say Yes, Paul Elam Argues like A Girl, Ordinary Internet People: I Hate Them

Attack the System – America is a Battlefield, Obama Is A Fascist, Not A Socialist

Freedom Twenty-Five – Christian Reading List, Help a Brother Out

Paradigm Shift- Eagerness to Get Laid, Thy Enemy Cares Not About Facts or Reality, Lay Reports Make Me Valid, Feedback Friday

Chateau Heartiste – Omega Hall of Fame, Beta Males in The Wild, Friendzoned By a Whore, How Do I Get Out of the Friend Zone, More Scientific Evidence That Chicks Dig Jerks

Beer And Concrete – The Fear, Red-Pill Wisdom From My Uncle, Internal Frame of Reference

The Alpha Persona – 5 Signs you’re a Huge Pussy, This Quick Tip Will Change Your Life

The Private Man – Find Her Flaw

Captain Capitalism – Applying Well-Rounded Argument, Fan Mail

The Hawaiian Libertarian – American Sheeple

Stoner With A Boner – It’s Official I Will Never Be An MRA

Crime and Federalism- A Few Random Observations About Aging, No One Sees the Struggle, Revenge Feels Good

OneSTDV – Double Whammy: Gay Colored Peoples, Arguing with Passionate Liberals Is Pointless, Dat Be Raccciiist, Down There

The Elusive Wapiti – Resistance is Futile, Real Pay Gap

GL Piggy – The Pharmacist Track, Look Before You Leap, Obama’s Fatherhood Buzz

Married Man Sex Life – Women Never Think A Powerful Man Is Creepy

Ride With Blaze – Women Need Dick to Feel Complete, How Do You Handle This?

Bold and Determined- Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun, Become An Above-average Man

Yohami – Thanks but No Thanks

Forward Base B- The Liberty Dollar, China and The Shadow of German History

Traditional Christianity – Special Snowflakes Need to Read, Oh the Irony, It Hurts, In The Name of The Rose

Vox Day – Inequality Before the Law, Vanishing Kingdoms, Shifting Cultures, Oh, Relax And Enjoy It, Kate

Alpha Game – Why Shes Not Married, Attractional Inertia

The Badger Hut- Don’t Get Jealous Of Another Man’s Quarry

FFY – Mailbag: Wave Loading

G Manifesto – Yoga Game PI, PII, PIII

VK’s Empire of Dirt – Game Theory Degree Blogs

Masculine Style – The Reason to Buy Quality

The Red Pill Room – My Favorite MILF

NO MA’AM – The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace

Dalrock – New And Improved Christianity

Chariot of Reaction – The MMP/SMP, Past and Present, God Save The Kings

Postmasculine – Minimalism

Laudator Temporis Acti – Saintsbury on Greek, The Good Man, Consolation, What More Could Heart Desire

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26 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You: First Shameless Rip-off Edition

  1. Koanic says:

    Now that there are two of these I don’t have to worry about providing a “big tent,” allowing me to focus on quality instead.

  2. Will S. says:

    Which is the other one; you said there are two of these?

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  4. Koanic: Glad you dropped a line, both so I can check out your weekly round up for ones I’ve not seen, and as you were one of the remaining names from IMF that I hadn’t had on my list yet.

  5. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks kindly for the linkage, I’ve been reading your stuff and I like it.

  6. YOHAMI says:

    good initiative

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  8. Matt Forney says:

    Thanks for the links.

  9. Retrenched says:

    Ferd’s LIGFY posts were the manosphere equivalent of the Sunday paper. Thanks for keeping the tradition going.

  10. Badger says:

    There’s a federation of linkage sprung up to replace Ferd, which means my project to set up weekly linkage can now be shelved in favor of other posts. Glad to make the list, I appreciate it.

  11. Roosh says:

    How about in addition to the list, you post a “My top 10 of the week”. Something that zeroes in on the most important content first.

    Ferd’s list was great but it could be overwhelming at times. I found myself asking “What should I read first?”

  12. FFY says:

    Great idea, good work, thanks for the linkage

  13. It is humbling to have such a response from so many authors that I have read and respected. Thanks to all.

    Roosh: A top ten is an excellent idea. Consider it in effective next week.

  14. finndistan says:

    Thanks for the effort, the end of inbonafide caused a lack in the reading list as not all the items are in my rss feed.

    Now, there is stuff for monday again!

  15. Zac says:

    Hey, this list is awesome. I’ve been looking for something like this. I’m very excited you will be putting it out every week. The effort is much appreciated. I’ll be subscribing to your blog.

  16. The Fucking Writer says:

    Thank you for the linkage.

  17. Thanks for taking up Ferd’s mantle in this.

    Mind adding me to the list. Ferd’s linkage was useful in building a reader base.

  18. Free Northerner: Consider it done.

  19. Thanks for the linkage, man. Much appreciated.

  20. Dirt Man says:

    Thanks for taking up the linkage mantle, and for the blogroll linkage, much appreciated.

  21. Can I get a link granted I haven’t updated my blog in forever but thinking of resuming stuff.
    Will go the popular consumption route though to try to earn something so if possible.
    Can ya include and
    Lushfun is my blog which I am trying to reorganize abit but am a bit lazy.

    • Monseigneur lushfun, contrary to current superstitions, I am not a de facto link fairy. I understand the confusion with the profusion of images of this author in a pink tutu with wings and wand; we all have our vices.

      If you wish to be considered for linkage you’ll have to post something this week, not next week, or whenever. When it is done drop me a line with the link; my email is on the About page. If you can hold my attention long enough to get to the end I’ll throw you on the list, gratis.

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