Linkage Is Good For You.6-24-12

Per Roosh’s suggestion last week I have incorporated a Top Ten and a list of honorable mentions from the week (at the bottom of the list).  Let me know if this is helpful; it’s a lot more work. Enjoy.

The Poet

Attack the System – The Mote in The Manosphere’s Eye, These 6 Corporations Own 90%

Married Man Sex Life – The Most Interesting Man in The World, If You Can’t Stand The Heat

OneSTDV – The Ironic Tongue, Cuckolded Men: Pathetic But Praiseworthy, Rodney King: Black Martyr, Marcotte: Pop Culture and Education Are Conservative, Kate Upton’s Asymmetrical Kneecaps

Freedom Twenty-Five – A Letter To Fathers, Fallen Alphas, Review of Band Poland, 2012 End Of The World Tour Review Round-up

University of Man – Father’s Day 2012, Rev. J L Peterson Wrestles Hamsters From The Pulpit, The Man In The Middle, If I Perish, I Perish, 100 Words of Hate: Vol 3, Gravity Is On Our Side, Buckle Your Seatbelts, We’re Fixing to Have Church

Laudator Temporis Acti – Horace and His Father, Unfit For The Society of The Living, Facts and Theories, Like Lambs

Vox Day – The Rebel Cow of Romagna, An Austrian Case Against Free Trade, Philosophy Leads to The Cross, MMR Caused This Case of Autism @WND Title IX Goes to The Movies

Ride With Blaze – Be Your Own Compass, That Was The Birds and The Bees, Don’t Be Wile E. Coyote

Private Man – So Private Man, Where Ya Been?, Getting Old. . .It’s Going To Be Epic, The Marriage Analogy – A Must Read, Picture, 1000 Words. . .

Alpha Game – Lie To Your Kids, Girl Sings About Game

Hidden Leaves – Happy Father’s Day, Breed, Cups and Cakes, Veepstakes, Graces and Gentlemen

Hawaiian Libertarian – Hau’oli La Makuakane, Perspective Makes A Difference

Playing the Devil’s Advocate – The Elite Are Not Good at Strategic and Long-term Thinking 1, The Pathological Behavior of Handicapped Ppl

G L Piggy – Single Mother’s Day, A Realistic Conservative, Markets in Everything: Prison Phone Quaters, Fudged Crime Stats, The Funny Sex Question, Name Game

Chariot of Reaction – Homeschooling While Black?

Forward Base B – How Excessive Government Killed Ancient Rome, Animals Are Rational, Erik Satie: Gnossiene No. 1, 100 Useful Things That Quickly Disappear . . ., How Girls Handle MoneyWhy Athens Fell

G Manifesto – Yoga Game PIV, The California Police State: Fois Gras Ban

Underbelly – Known Unknown and Our Enduring Malaise

Thoughts and Ideas – Defending Catholic Moral Teaching

Le Cigne Gris – Heartiste’s Questions

Danger and Play – Fat Acceptance: The Time Is Now, 5-MeO-DMT, Supplements For Men: Workout Supplements, Bang Poland For The Extras

The Elusive Wapiti – Some Facts About Domestic Violence, When Milk Goddesses Attack

Alpha Persona – Clingy Girlfriend: Reader Mail

Tao of DIrt – Wisdom of Xunzi PI, PII, PIII

Roosh – Bang Poland Drops Friday, 13 Personality Traits of Polish Women

Matt Forney – You’ve Got Bigger Problems Than Game, Unplugged, Notes From The Road: I Got Cuffed. . ., Defining Misogyny Downward, The Way Of Men By Jack Donovan

Traditional Christianity – Book Club: Parallel Lives

Bronan The Barbarian – Dads: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex, “Heart” Is A Shitty Superpower, Review: Bang Poland

Darlock – The Bird, The Mouse, and The Sausage, Why?

Masculine Style – Personalized Handkerchief

Apocalypse Cometh – Don’t Be A Soldier, If You Don’t Want Your Daughters To Be Sluts, The Cult Of Minority, Taking Advantage of The Red Pill, Whites Are Racist

Rational Male – Daddy Issues, Women & Regret, Case Study – The Crazy,

Pill Red, Condition Yellow – On Favors, Super Basic Mindset, Deti Nation

Jack Donovan – The Way of Men – Where to buy. . ., Gods of the Copybook Headings, Matt Forney Reviews . . .

Maverick Philosopher – Bloomberg On The Purpose of Government, Sertillanges on Reading

Bold and Determined – I Have Big Dreams,

Sober Down Under – How Long Must I Sing This Song?,

Foseti – Review of Bonfire of the Vanities By Thomas Wolfe, Gentrification and Hipsters, Six Theses On Being A Dick

Optimum Awareness – How to Get Yourself to Drink Enough Water

Free Northerner – Economic Cost of Children, The New Left VS The Old Left

Futility Closet – Rules of Engagement

Koanic Soul: – Maybe The Most Heartbreaking Thing I’ve Ever Read, Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

Muddy Colors: – Mediocraty,

Art Of Manliness – Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms

The Rawness – Grandiosity Gap,

Mangan’s – Opiate of The Male Masses

Chateau Heartiste – Le Chateau Goes Stand-up, Your Training To Delight Women, Every Man Needs A Harem, Sext-Game, Top Three Qualities That, Fertility, Intelligence, and Religion

Paradigm Shift – Good Girls Dream Of Being Sluts

Captain Capitalism – The Return of Aramis, The 12 Year Life Expectancty Of The Tax The Rich Plan, Alexander Discovered Rocks And Dirt

The Left Half – From The Archive: I Won The Lottery, Reunion, Part I, An Ugly Pageant, Reunion, Part 2, Teacher Rape Vs. False Rape

Postmasculine – Sexual Shame, Shut Up And Kiss Her

Generation Nihilism – Staying Out of The Boyfriend Zone, Book Review: Bang Poland

What Is A Blog – A Look Back And A Plan Ahead

Deti Nation – Manning Up The Right Way, Gaming Your Wife Tips, 12 False Claims About Women

Stoner With A Boner – Do Unto Others

DannyFrom504 – Miss Advised: Reviewed

Patriactionary – Axelle Lemaire: Canadian Wins Bid For French Parliament Seat, Female Teachers Behaving Badly

The Red Pill Room – The Curse Of The Mommy Bob

Yohami – Approach Anxiety

80 Proof Oinomancy – “Live and Learn From Fools and From Sages. . .”

Top Ten:
1 – Gravity Is On Our Side – University Of Man, Ashur
2 – Perspective Makes A Difference – Hawaiian Libertarian; The Marriage Analogy – A Must Read – Private Man
3 – Wisdom of Xunzi PI, PII, PIII – Tao Of Dirt
4 – Super Basic Mindset – Pill Red, Condition Yellow
5 – Case Study – The Crazy – Rational Male
6 – If I Perish, I Perish – University Of Man, Mentu
7 – Fat Acceptance: The Time Is Now – Danger and Play
8 – Taking Advantage of The Red Pill – Apocalypse Now
9 – Every Man Needs A Harem – Chateau Heartiste
10 – Fallen Alphas – Freedom Twenty-Five

Honorable Mentions:
Bronan The Barbarian – Dads: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex, Muddy Colors: – Mediocraty, Sober Down Under – How Long Must I Sing This Song?, Bold and Determined – I Have Big Dreams, Bold and Determined – I Have Big Dreams, Matt Forney – You’ve Got Bigger Problems Than Game, Pill Red, Condition Yellow – On Favors, Rational Male – Daddy Issues, University of Man – The Man In The Middle, Freedom Twenty-Five – A Letter To Fathers, Vox Day – The Rebel Cow of Romagna. Hidden Leaves – Graces and Gentlemen, Captain Capitalism – Alexander Discovered Rocks And Dirt

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  1. YOHAMI says:

    Thanks gentleman.

  2. AD says:

    Could not stay away from blogging, could you?

  3. cool pic, reminds me of the last time I went to the nudie beach just for some quiet R&R and to drink some beer and these four European broads would just not leave me alone….

  4. Dalrock says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  5. Victor Pride says:

    Cool site. I hope this thing takes off for you. Clearly my article deserves a top spot but I’ll take an honorable mention this week. Hope you keep this thing going and keep up the good work.


  6. Will S. says:

    Thanks for the linkage Poet!

  7. AD: I think you might be confusing me with the late great Ferdinand. I am not. If you refer to last week my linkage is shameless rip-off.

  8. Ulysses says:

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  9. Gnosis says:

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  10. Thanks for the linkage! Much appreciated.

  11. Thanks for the linkage.

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    Thanks for the linkage.

    I’m much obliged.

  13. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet for the top ten!

  14. Alkibiades says:

    Thanks for the links.

  15. Dirt Man says:

    Thanks for the linkage man.

  16. hey dude, can you put me on your watch list please?

  17. Thanks for adding me in the Blogroll, very much appreciated

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