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Linkage Is Good For You – 7-29-12

I’m sitting at the beach right now. Completely unplugged. If you are a new commenter be aware that it will be at least Monday before I rejoin society.  Next week we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. Veritas numquam perit, The … Continue reading

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Reader, I regret to inform you that I will be out enjoying myself on a beach at a tropical locale for a long weekend. As such your regularly scheduled weekly Linkage will be shorted Saturdays posts.  I have the post … Continue reading

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HD Thoreau: The Original MGTOW

The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right. -Henry David Thoreau Though Thoreau, as far as I am aware, was not one for swooping fly ladies, he ought … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You: 7-22-12: Holmes Killer Edition

Vox Day – History Is Freedom, Wages Of Theological Sin, In Defense Of Mass Murder, The Intergenerational Con, Natural Enemies, The Sports Guy Was Right, The Outdated Myth Of Integration, State Of The Kleptocracy, The Danger Of A Gun-Free Zone … Continue reading

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Master one skill. Any skill. Any real life skill. Programming, carpentry, strength training, approaching, rebuilding motors, a foreign language. A man should first look to his strengths, practice one strength, master that strength.  A wise man will start small: one … Continue reading

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Mental Calisthenics: Latin*

I am certain,–can you hear the sarcasm yet?–that all Game conscious men at one time or another have found cause to ask himself that all important question: why should I study Latin? The answers are legion, though the questioneers might … Continue reading

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Homer: The Iliad, Book I

It is indeed a pity that our great public knows so little about poetry; almost as little, in fact, as our poets. -Heinrich Heine The ‘thing itself’ with which one is here dealing — the critical perception of poetic truth … Continue reading

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All Your Links In A Row

My regularly scheduled reading post is being held up this week, as the formatting has taken longer  because of the nature of the work. So as not to leave my readers completely without, I have added a new page that … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You – 7-15-12

I have a print of this painting by Falero; there is something familiar about his take on Faust’s vision. Feminism anyone? What’s Up With OneSTDV? When did he go private? Did the villagers go all Frankenstein’s monster on him? Again, … Continue reading

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Young Poet, Old Poet

One deeply steeped in red pill stew finds himself wondering about the cost of knowing.  Who does not have that moment when he wonders whether his unplugging was worth it. Would it not be easier to make the proverbial deal … Continue reading

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