Linkage Is Good For You: 7.1.12

At the end of the post you will find another set of Top Ten for this week, and a couple others I enjoyed that made it into the running.

I have also appended a list of blogs that got on fat acceptance this week.  The concentration reminded me of IMF’s run on Tawkify.   I propose we do the same thing with fat acceptance. So if you have a post send me a link and I will add you to the list; if you have a post on the list it would be great if you could add the links below to the end of it.  The Manosphere could dominate the front page of Google results for fat acceptance in a week.  Wouldn’t that be pleasant?

Veritas numquam perit,
The Poet

Alpha Game – Marriage, The Chicago Way, Gun Up, RIP Munson

Married Man Sex Life – What Happens In Vegas. . ., Man Up Vs The MAP

Vox Popoli – Breaking The Silence, Political Anti-Virus, Scientists Claim Fraudulent Vaccine, Sheep For The Shearing, Supreme Court: Obamacare, The Wage of Stupidity

Mangan’s – Mysterious Origins of Economic Growth, Social Capabilities In Decline

MRDA’s Inferno – The Nigger in The Woodpile

GLPiggy – Between Stagnation And Chaos, The Privilege Of Not Protecting, We Don’t Need More Cheap Food

Matt Forney – I Take The Cappy Cap Logic Challenge, A Letter To My Future Wif–, Er,, The Backlash Against Feminism Has Arrived, Leaping Into The Pain, Fat Acceptance Is The Future, Another Year Older

Sympathy For The Devil – Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

The Quest for 50 – The Craziest Night of My Life: Notch 24, Orgy Blonde: Part II

Maverick Philosopher – What Is Scientism

Chariot of Reaction – Some Progress On Reporting Black Dysfunction, These Children Really Have Two Mothers

Beer And Concrete – American Girls: Selection Bias -Where is the Geographer?

The Private Man – Ex-wives Understand Hypergamy, Why I Blog, Fat Acceptance? Not Here, The Dating-to-Relationship Dilemma

Captain Capitalism – Were Taking You With Us, So If I Understand Feminism Correctly, Saving A 17-Year-Old

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – From ‘Deep Impact’ To ‘Seeking a Friend’, More Money, Less Sex

Free Northerner – White Male Privilege And Identity, Fat Acceptance

Laudator Temporis Acti – Senicide, Part I, Ignorant and Affected Preachers, Enemies of Scholarship, This Modern World Is Grey And Old,  A Farner’s Bookshelf, Bitter Medicine

The Spearhead – Masculinity & Master Morality

University of Man – Delightfully Sweet, Bright Crisp . . ., Do Older Women Shit Test, 100 Words of Hate: Vol 4, Fat Acceptance, The Fatal Weakness,  Revenge of The Cliterati: Ep. 2

Bronan The Barbarian – The Worst Tattoo Ever, Bronan’s Donation Drive, Accepting Fat Acceptance

Roosh V – Is It Foolhardy To Pursue Happiness, 10 Things I Learned About From Living, Call The Bitch Out,

Dalrock – Whistling Through The Graveyard

The Left Half – Where Are The Protests Marches, I Can’t Go For That, From The Archives: Respect

The Rational Male – Think Like A Woman, Filibuster, The Origin Of Alpha

The Badger Hut – The Body Agenda Does Not Lie, Learn to Take A Compliment, Don’t Get Jealous Part II

Paradigm Shift – Paradise Sucks, Do Beta’s Dream of Electric Babes,

Hidden Leaves – I’m Batman, Spam And Eggs, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Bench Legislation

SiME – You Are A Bullshitter, How To Forgive Like An Alpha, How To Apologize Like An Alpha, All I Want Is A Strong Independent Woman, Lad Culture

The Red Pill Room – Forming A Proper Response to Hearing Man-up

Lust In The Age Of Byrony – How The Mighty Have Fallen, ?-ista

Generation Nihilism – My Marriage Nightmare, Coming Round To Fat Acceptance

Bold And Determined – 9 Ways To Make Money. . ., Guide To Daily Shaving

Chateau Heartiste – Never Listen to A Feminist’s Opinion . . . , OkCupid Corruption,  Kevin Smith Game, Feminism Is Making Americans Fat,

Ride With Blaze – My Theme Song, Jab Jab Hook, I Broke My Own Rule

DannyFrom504 – Miss Advised: The Wimminz, When Game Won’t Cut It

Foseti – Libertarian Plan For World Domination, Creationism, Review of “The Death Of Common Sense”, The Truth Is Revealed

Admiral Cod – For Love Of Success, Freedom In Living

NO MA’AM – There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch,

Danger And Play – Lie About Your Age, How To Change Your Life: One Month At A Time, What It Is Like To Lose Your Children

Jack Donovan – Read A Chapter Of The Way Of Man, Controlling Basic Assumptions, How Discussions About Men. . .

Apocalypse Cometh – Keep Your Weapons Concealed, The Zombies Are Coming, If I Embrace Fat Acceptance, It’s Constitutional

Attack The System – Austin Man Facing 10 Years, Obama Nobel Peace Prize Appeal

Alpha Persona – Fat Acceptance: A Harsh Realization,

Finndistan – Most Effective Bitchblock Ever

Freedom Twenty-Five – Fat Acceptance, I Can’t Make This Up, The Self Evaluation,

Forward Base B – We Probably Won’t Be Invaded By Aliens. . .

G Manifesto – Palm Beach: The Breakers Seafood Room

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – From 1 to 10 – The Fat Rating System,

Koanic Soul – How To Manifest Whatever You Want

Optimum Awareness – How To Build Bigger Muscles, Marriage And Mistress According to B. Franklin

Stoner With A Boner – Is It Okay If I Don’t Fat Shame, If I Was King of The Man-o-sphere

The Rawness – The Easiest, Fastest Way To. . .

Le Cygne Gris – People Are Stupid

Top Ten List:
1- Roosh V –  Call The Bitch Out
2- Paradigm Shift – Do Beta’s Dream of Electric Babes
3 – Matt Forney – Leaping Into The Pain
4 – SiME – I Want Is A Strong Independent Woman
5 – Freedom Twenty-Five – The Self Evaluation
6 – University of Man, Ashur – The Fatal Weakness
7 – Bronan The Barbarian – Accepting Fat Acceptance
8 – Jack Donovan – How Discussions About Men. . .
9 – University of Man, Professor Mentu – Delightfully Sweet, Bright Crisp . . .
10 – The Private Man – Why I Blog

Honorable Mentions:
NO MA’AM – There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch,
Danger And Play – What It Is Like To Lose Your Children
Laudator Temporis Acti – This Modern World Is Grey And Old
Stoner With A Boner – If I Was King of The Man-o-sphere
Roosh V (Guest Post) – 10 Things I Learned About From Living

Fat Acceptance:
FFY – Coming Round To Fat Acceptance
Apocalypse Cometh – If I Embrace Fat Acceptance
Alpha Persona – Fat Acceptance: A Harsh Realization
Freedom Twenty-Five – Fat Acceptance
Matt Forney – Fat Acceptance Is The Future
The Private Man – Fat Acceptance? Not Here
Free Northerner – Fat Acceptance
 University of Man – Fat Acceptance
Bronan The Barbarian – Accepting Fat Acceptance
Starting Young – Fat Acceptance
Ride With Blaze – If I Must

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17 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You: 7.1.12

  1. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  2. haha,

    thanks for the honorable mention!

  3. Ulysses says:

    The Geographer decided to hang it up. He announced it on twitter. From what I gleaned, he was fed up with playing the blame game and wants men to own their own futures rather than get caught up in blaming women and feminism for everything. (He didn’t seem fed up with blaming those things for their real failures, just with turning them into catch-alls.)

    Thanks for the linkage, Poet.

  4. nigelbiggame says:

    Fat Acceptance is where it’s at. Wrestling hogs into the mud, killing that P dirty style.

  5. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks kind sir for the linkage.

  6. One again, thanks for the linkage. Just added you to the 4X40 RSS feed on the UMan blog, and put a link in the Resource Library. I also dropped this post:

  7. Thanks for the linkage!

  8. Badger says:

    Thanks for the links.

  9. Thanks for the linkage.

  10. thanks, sincera.
    That’s a good idea: the fat acceptance theme: Obesity related articles

  11. thanks, by the way that was a good idea on the fat acceptance concept

  12. finndistan says:

    Thanks for the link.

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  14. xthulcandra says:

    I for one welcome our new BBW overlards.

  15. The Fucking Writer says:


  16. Randy says:

    This is a really cool thing you do. Thank you. I read through the entire thing every week.

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