Guest Spot: The Light So Bright – A Satire

The corporate barrage of fat love this previous week has inspired a similar vein in this Poet.  So for something of a different speed, if only the same flavor, run over to Optimum Awareness for my first guest spot.  It’s more fun than three dogs and one hamsteak:

The Light So Bright

Veritas numquam perit,
The Poet 

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2 Responses to Guest Spot: The Light So Bright – A Satire

  1. A♠ says:

    “I am going to drop a number in the ladies room to make more for pie. You had better be gone when I get back.”

    She walked away from the table, I walked away from the table. Hers was a walk, well more of a waddle, but a waddle of a victorious and beautiful women in charge of her life, short as diabetes and heart problems, fatigue, and whatever else might make it.

    I laughed heartily out loud.

    Sheer brilliance; I commend you.

  2. cheers to you poet. My favorite part of your story:
    “i envy your gravy“
    that made my day.
    but seriously; that would have been a great stand alone line.
    you, approaching an hb9:
    hey, I envy your gravy

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