Linkage Is Good For You – 7-15-12

I have a print of this painting by Falero; there is something familiar about his take on Faust’s vision. Feminism anyone?

What’s Up With OneSTDV? When did he go private? Did the villagers go all Frankenstein’s monster on him?

Again, if you aren’t on the blog roll and you’re linked, let me know.

Numquam veritas perit,
The Poet

Danger And Play – The Tao Of Game, Women To Avoid, Be Kind To Your Black Brothers, Vodka Gummies

Foseti – Selections from The Dark Enlightenment, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Open Borders, Be More Like Berlin, Defining Austerity

Jack Donovan – Why Is It Suddenly Okay For Corporations. . ., Zompocalypse Now,

Optimum Awareness – Mangled Wavelengths, You Know Nothing About “Love”, Tell Us Something About Yourself

The Private Man – Honesty From An Unlikely Place

Attack The System – The Rise Of Southern Nationalism

Captain Capitalism – A PhD In Manosphere Studies, He Wasn’t Going To Achieve Anything Anyway, I Support Natalie Munroe, The “Minimalism” Threat,

Danny From 504 – Into The Locker Room: Bullies And Strength, Self Deprecating Humor, Parenting

Free Northener – CS Lewis Was A Prophet, Biblical Alpha: Intro

Koanic Soul – High IQ Are 1 Percent, Tyler Speaks To Hardcase Newbies

Ride With Blaze – How It Should Be Done, So Its Been One Year, Alpha In Silence

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – Fat Women Love Stalkers And Rapists

Stoner With A Boner – The Economics Of Employment, More Social Awkwardness: It’s Rude To Text

Sympathy For The Devil – The Yamaha Mentor, Spartan

G Manifesto – 100 Push-ups In A Row, The First Two Things I Do

Vox Day – Scientists Are Still Stupid, @WND – Who Killed Capitalism, I Imagine Glory Holes Are Next, So Much For The Science Is Settled, So Much For Integration, Mostest and Importantest Again, A Future Ambassador Is Born, Mailvox: Rethinking Paterno, Total Safety Of Vaccines

The Art Of Manliness – The Art Of Worldly Wisdom, The Builders

The Legal Satyricon – One Law For Them, Another For Us

GL Piggy – Links, We Know How This Will End, On Preglimony, Picky Picky, Lesbian Death Bed, WOW

Hidden Leaves – Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist, Ford Theater

Kid Strangelove – J Off Like It’s Your Day Off, Monday, July 9th

Koanic Soul – Remnants Of A War In Heaven

Laudator Temporis Acti – My Old Friends, My True And Faithful Companions, The Ancient Apple Queen, Reasons Not To Marry, Hinc Nata Medicina, Dead All Dead, Books Are Hard To Leave Behind

Le Cygne Gris – Another Symptom Of A Sick Society, Dishonest Abe, Speaking Of Women Being Funny

Matt Forney – Repentance Is For Quitters, How To Infuriate Married Women, Down And Out In Syracuse And Chicago, The Backlash Against Feminism, Freedom-Twenty Five Lifestyle Guide

Stoner With A Boner – A List Of Human Rights For Males

Apocalypse Cometh – And The (Fat) Hamster Spins Away, There Is No Recovery, Men Never Recover, The Last Piece Of The Surveillance Puzzle, You Can’t Deny Biological Imperatives, Bureaucracy, Fat Pride, Uggghh

A Guide For A Young Patriarch – Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson, Some Words On Theodore Roosevelt

An Unmarried Man – The Zacatecas Incident, Impatience As Externalized Demand, A Costly Battle, The Un-Fun Guy

Deconstructing Leftism – So What Do We Do Now?, The Hostile Elite And Social Cohesion

Chateau Heartiste – Wayne Elsie, Pacing, and Conversational Context, Questioning The Meritocracy, Universal Logo Of The Feminized Male, What To Do If A Girl Calls You Out. . ., Liberal Men And Fat Chicks

Paradigm Shift – The Truth About Women Expanded, Learning More From Failure Fallacy, The Law Of Hamster Exponents, The Winning Question

The Rational Male – The Adolescent Social Skill Set, Denial, Is Seduction Real

The University Of Man – The Hypocrisy Of Game, The Promiscuity Effect, 100 Words Of Hate, Vol 5, Flight Of The Hyperganuat, God Hates Deserters

Starting Young And Aiming High – To Crush A Feminist

The Badger Hut – Don’t Let Temporary Discomforts. . .

The Left Half – City Of The Dead, Part II, City Of The Dead, Part III, The Sure Thing, Good Luck With That

iSteve Blog – Online Higher Education V. The Accounting Profession, Are Races Racist?, Who Won The Big One, George Zimmerman, Wrecker, David Brooks Almost Goes There, Forbes 400 By Ethnicity

Le Cigne Gris – Put Away Childish Things, Reporting The Obvious, Privatize Prosecution, Culture Of Deceit, Halfway Good Dating Advice

Forward Base B – The Mathematician’s Trap

Dalrock – Feminist Territory Marking, Over Promise, Under Deliver

Bronan The Barbarian – Site News And Hot Girls, Bronan’s Guide To Badass Energy Drinks, Guest Post: Sexual Harassment Retard

The Rawness – Valuing Time

Chariots Of Reaction – Call For Retaliation: SOPA, Closing The Cafeteria In Arlington Diocese

Naughty Nomad – The Struggle

PostMasculine – 10 Things About America, Kill Your Day Job

Random Xpat Rantings – Live Outside The System, How To Leverage Money . . .

Sober Down Under – One Shot Only, Most Girls Suck At Sex

Patriactionary – Father Knows Best Mid July Edition – More Great Linkage For You, The Gift Of Saint Francis,

Generation Nihilism – Tactical Compliment

Hawaiian Libertarian – Obamacare: Feedlot Health Management, Bem Vndo As Favelas Dos Homens

SiME – Lifestyle Report

Lust In The Age Of Byrony – Recommended Reading: Volume I

MRDA – Homo Sapiens, Really?

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Most Contracts Are Legalized Fruad,The Two Basic Types Of Dishonesty

Christian Men’s Defense Network – Why Hamersterbation Causes Blindness, If Women Are So Much . . .

Bold And Determined – How I Became Might With Modafinil

Xthulcandra – Your Vote Doesn’t Count

Maverick Philosopher – All Along The Watchtower

Enigmatico – Como Não Ser Só Mais Um Na Multidão? (How Not To Be Any Other Lost In The Crowd) – (Technically not from this week.)

Yohami – There Is No Culture Of Good

Society Of Phineas – The Deceiver’s Sleight Of Hand, The Objective Jesus, Part I

80 Proof Oinomancy – I Said He Wouldn’t Give A Damn. . ., This Heat Has Got Right Out Of Hand

Admiral Cod – The King’s English

Alpha Game – 40 Going On 20

Top Ten

1 – Captain Capitalism – The “Minimalism” Threat
2 – Apocalypse Cometh – Bureaucracy
3 – The University Of Man, Ashure – Flight Of The Hyperganaut
4 – Random Xpat Rantings – Live Outside The System
5 – Captain Capitalism – A PhD In Manosphere Studies
6 – Dalrock – Feminist Territory Marking
7 – Free Northener – CS Lewis Was A Prophet
8 – Jack Donovan – Zompocalypse Now
9 – Chateau Heartiste – Wayne Elsie, Pacing, and Conversational Context
10 – Matt Forney – Repentance Is For Quitters


Yohami – There Is No Culture Of Good, Bold And Determined – How I Became Might With Modafinil, Christian Men’s Defense Network – Why Hamersterbation Causes Blindness, Patriactionary – The Gift Of Saint Francis, Foseti – Selections from The Dark Enlightenment, Paradigm Shift – Learning More From Failure Fallacy

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12 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – 7-15-12

  1. Trucidator Diaboli says:

    Beware the guy named Advocatus Diaboli, he is a fraud.

  2. electricangel1978 says:

    Honored to be an honorable, Sir! I cannot help but notice that we are missing from your blogroll, but we greatly thank you for the linkage!

  3. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks greatly for the linkage Poet and the top 10!

  4. Thanks for the linkage!

  5. YOHAMI says:

    Honorable! yay.

  6. An Unmarried Man says:

    Thank you!

  7. A♠ says:

    Thanks for the link.

    But more importantly, thanks for whole thing.

  8. As “A” said, thanks for the whole thing!

    Brazil is here on the manosphere too, because the problems about the emasculation of the men are world wide.

  9. Digging all the appreciation but it is the individual writers who are doing the heavy lifting. Thank you.

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