Linkage Is Good For You – 7-29-12

I’m sitting at the beach right now. Completely unplugged. If you are a new commenter be aware that it will be at least Monday before I rejoin society.  Next week we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Veritas numquam perit,
The Poet

The Badger Hut – Althol Kay’s Male Health Advice Is Cash Money, Bad Game Is Really Difficult To Watch, The First Rule Of Proposing, Trojan Is A Poor Choice Of Brand Name

Laudator Temporis Acti – Vergil: Georgic Bk I, Solace, Hard Study Without Sense Or Breeding, Worshipper At Pan’s Shrine, Mumpsimus

Vox Day – Obama Paraphrased, @WND The ‘Lone Gunman’, Backfire, Complexity And The Fall Of Empires, The Olympic Spirit Doesn’t Include Free Speech, Complexity And The Fall Of Empires II, Africans Kill Each Other, White Disarmament The Answer, Epitaph For The GOP

Random Xpat Rantings – Notable Manosphere Conversations, No You Didn’t Give Me The Best Years, A Cad Who Wants To Help. . . , Good Seduction Is In Plausible Deniability, Intimacy Without Commitment, Quality Of The Bang, Its Not ALL About The Youth And Beauty

Unmarried Man – Improbability Waves And Sacrificing Your Life, Super-reactive Guys, A Man Does What A Man Do

University Of Man – This Is A Blog About Women? News To Me, No Flag For You. . .,Top 5 Reasons Her Sexual Past Shouldn’t Matter: R5, Top 5 Reasons: R4 Meaningless, 100 Words Of Hate: V7, Women Care What You Think, Top 5 Reasons:R3 No STD, Farewell, Top 5 Reasons: R2 Selective, Marriage: It Gets Worse, Way, Way, Worse,

Bold And Determined – How Can You Change Your Life In 30 Days (Book Review), 9 Ways To Stay Motivated

Whiskey’s Place – How To Stop Mass Murders, Hollywood: Don’t Make The Villain. . .

Maverick Philosopher – Who Built The Internet, The Noble And The Base, Sexual Indulgence, Death Where Is Thy Sting

Captain Capitalism – Distancing Capitalism From The US, Who Wants To Hire Sarah Jaffe, Cleanliness Is Not A Sign Of Superiority, “Help My Daughter”, Sixty Seconds To Exposed Flawed Logic

Danger And Play – Alpha Survival Skills: A Flashlight. . . , Number One Metaphor Of Life, Too Drunk To Consent, Focus On The Big Rocks, Building Your Crew,

Dalrock – If We Were As Foolish About Males Sexuality. . ., Why Being Female Is A Great Gift . . ., Men No Longer Footing The Bill. . ., Some Are More Equal Than Others. . ., Dr. Phil Enforcing The Feminine Imperative

Danny From 504 – Special People, Forced Orgasm, Twilight, NOOOOO!

Life In The Age Of Byrony – Beelzebub, The End Is The Beginning Is The End

Bronan The Barbarian – Big Game Huntin’: The Wal-Mart Venue Change, Wanted: Portland, Oregon Wingman, Why You Should Boycott Chick-Fil-A: Hint- Its Not Just Because God Hates Faggots

iSteve – Ishmaelia: From Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop, Sustainability And Local Living Economy. . ., LA Times: Is It Relevant The James Holmes Is White, Colorado, Christopher Nolan, and Following, NYT: Churchhill’s Special Relationship “Hateful, Poisonous”

Deconstructing Leftism – This Is Not America, South Africa: Horrific Murder, Blogroll Addition – Pro-Afrikaans

Koanic Soul – Is The Batman Shooter Just a Red-piller Trying To Get Laid, Mea Maxima Culpa, I Don’t Even Think He’s Human

Matt Forney – James Holmes Dances Us To The Edge. . . , What Would Your Mother Say, Notes From The Road, Men’s Right Activists Really Are Sackless. . ., Music Reviews: The Ten Albums

Tao Of Dirt – Letters To A Young Man

The Private Man – Deference, Guest Spot: Charisma Travels Light, Help The Private Man, Fundraising Frollicking – Great Stuff

Roosh V – How To Get A Flag In Five Days Without Pipelining, The End Game Of American Feminism Is To Allow All Girls To Be Fat Sluts, Is Porn Messing Up Your Game

Married Man Sex Life – Fights About Nothing Are Fights For Control. . .

The Rational Male – Case Study – Wanted: New Daddy, The Five Stages Of Unplugging, Pathologizing Male Sexual Response

Masculine Style – Staple 15: The Solid T, Net Bed

Chariot Of Reaction – Kiddie Pool Counter Intelligence, Choose!, Is There Such A Thing As A Grateful Group

The Left Half – Travel Sucks . . ., Penn State And College Football, The Holy Grail Of Hypergamy, Chasing Unicorns, From The Archive: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder AKA Marriage

G Manifesto – A State Of Grace With Alcohol And Fitness, Why Haters Hate

Postmasculine – Regret, Book Reviews III

Hidden Leaves – Free Metaphor, Sloppy 23rds, 100 Words Of Hate – Execuspeak, Offspring

NO MA’AM – Despicable Conservatives, The Matrix Of Dialectic Family Part II

What Is A Blog – The Psychology Of Music

Chateau Heartiste – Obedience To Authority Game, Holmes Another Lovelorn Beta Male Rampage, Middle Class Quiet Riot, Gay Fitness And Schizophrenia Genes, Reader Mailbag: First Things First

Kid Stranglelove – Rough Vs Soft: PII

Ride With Blaze – Be Assertive, Problem With Success

GL Piggy – Links, Links 2, White Privilege And Mass Murder, Radical Chicanos, Louie Ep5

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – The Most Peculiar Similarity Between Hitler & Stalin, James Holmes Was Likely Not Crazy

The Elusive Wapiti – Tuesday Tomfoolery: Gift To The Universe

Forward Base B – Supervillains And Losers, Pre-Politically Correct History: Hindu Marriage, How To Dumb Down Emerson’s Self-Reliance

Society Of Phineas – The Sheila Wray Gregoire School Of Hamster Acrobatics

Hawaiian Libertarian – Amongst The Herd, Tearing Up Grass

Res Gerendae – Eight Paintings Of The Classical World

Great Books For Men – GBFM Economicz Maxim 1, CS Lewis Da PUA Godfather, GBFM Goes To Church

Attack The System – Nietzsche: A Reflection On The Nature Of A Civilization. . .

Patriactionary – Book Review: John Zmirack’s “Bad Catholic’s Guide. . ., Father Knows Best: Live Bait Edition, Women Communicate Love By Not Being Bitchy, Bonus Mini-Link Fest

Paradigm Shift – What Frustrates You, Why Encourage Young Men To Reward Feminised Women With Sex, The Emperor Has No Clothes

Optimum Awareness – Everything That Happens Is The Will Of God

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – With Size Comes Huge Responsibility

Admiral Cod – Old School Banking, Corneliani Check

80 Proof Oinomancy – A Spirited Debate, Outcome, Whetstones, Things Women Say In Online Dating Profiles

A Guide For A Young Patriarch – The Manosphere Shouldnt Bash . . .

Foseti – Randoms, Travel, It’s Civilized To Pee In The Streets, The Immorality Of Anti-Tribalism, Review: The Map And The Territory, The Three Branches Of The USG

Free Northener – Biblical Beta: Saul Crowned King

Christian Men’s Defense Network – The Tyranny Of The Tingles, PI, The Tyranny Of Tingles, PII

The Daily Bell – ABC’s Ross Controversy: Sign Of The Times, Ron Paul: House Votes Overwhelmingly To Audit The Fed

Yohami – Singing All I Have To Say, The Beauty, The Nerd, And The Pink

Stoner With A Boner – Misogyny/Misandry

Pill Red, Condition Yellow – Dickbag Reporting For Duty

Two Fisted Traveler – You’re Nothing Special, How To Roll Solo

Generation Nihilism – Get Better Sleep

The Red-Pill Room – Girl Game: GFE, On The Rectification Of Names

Feet And Knees Together (HT Hawaiian Libertarian) – Write A Letter To Your Son

The Spearhead – Tearing Up The Grass

Top Ten:

1 – Vox Day – Complexity And The Fall Of Empires, Complexity And The Fall Of Empires II
2 – Hawaiian Libertarian – Amongst The Herd
3 – Forward Base B – Supervillains And Losers
4 – Christian Men’s Defense Network – The Tyranny Of The Tingles, PI, The Tyranny Of Tingles, PII
5 – Paradigm Shift – The Emperor Has No Clothes
6 – University Of Man, Professor Ashur – Women Care What You Think
7 – Chateau Heartiste – Middle Class Quiet Riot
8 – Matt Forney – Men’s Right Activists Really Are Sackless Pussies. . .,
9 – Captain Capitalism – “Help My Daughter”
10 – Danger And Play – Number One Metaphor Of Life

Honorable Mentions:

University Of Man, Mentu – No Flag For You. . ., Marriage: It Gets Worse, Way, Way, Worse, The Spearhead (Keoni Galt) – Tearing Up The Grass, Foseti – The Three Branches Of The USG, The Left Half – Chasing Unicorns, Great Books For Men – GBFM Goes To Church, 80 Proof Oinomancy – Things Women Say In Online Dating Profiles

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8 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – 7-29-12

  1. Thanks for the linkage!

  2. Will S. says:

    Thanks again for the linkage!

  3. cookie9001 says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  4. you are splendid. thanks

  5. TAllagash says:

    good looking out. glad to see your still at the blogging thing.

  6. rampout says:

    Could I get a linkage on here? For Men who have a problem with porn addiction, I have a website on how to quit porn at and


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