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Why Cane And Dalrock Are Both Wrong

Agamemnon–one more night–will have to wait. For the moment let us feign that the the dead horse is not dead and hit him once again.  Cane Caldo stirred the Manospherian pot over at Dalrock’s–for those who just woke from a … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You 8.26.12

  Chateau Heartiste – The First SWPL President, Hot Girls Need Your Best Game, The Allure Of Male Dominance, Older Man Game, Comment Of The Week, Women Gossip To Compete For Men Foseti – Randoms, Review Of America’s Retreat From … Continue reading

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Shit Week And A Call For Linkage

I have had Aeschylus’s Agamemnon ready to go since Sunday night, it needs only have a clever few quips about Hypergamy and Greeks attached and it will be ready to crack.  This week had other plans for me. So instead … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You – Cypher’s Week

What Is A Blog – Meet The Apology Addicts 3rd Millenium Man – LJBF: Date Lab, My Perfect 10, Perfect 10, P2, Free Up Your Resources, Out Of Sight: Role Model Seduction, Free Up Part 2, Perfect 10, p3 Carnivore’s … Continue reading

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The One Game To Bind Them; or Is There Any Point To All This Ramble?

Considering the ongoing conversation that began at Dalrock’s, then a guest spot, went to Vox and Ashur and GBFM; the question for all intents and purposes is whether Game is sinful, sacred, or amoral.  Vox’s dissection, as cold as expected … Continue reading

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La Boetie: Not Spanish For The Bowtie

The week’s reading comes partially as a response to rereading Civil Disobedience and the thoughts that came with that and in part while those were steeping reading a series of articles at The Left Half: Here, Here, and now Here. … Continue reading

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Of A Reading Delayed

75% completed and clipping along when all of a moment without any notice. . . a grayed out screen.  Not Responding. Program shut down. . . fuck. I work as a designer; I know better. When I am doing paid … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You – 8-12-12

Congrats To Ulysses: Hat Trick The Left Half – Guest Post: From The Dark Side Of The Moon, Visions Of The Apocalypse, Guest Post From The Event Horizon, Guest Post: Before Returning To The Shadows: Cheating The Spearhead – How … Continue reading

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Mental Calisthenics: Poetics

Art has to leave reality, it has to raise itself boldly above necessity and neediness; for art is the daughter of freedom, and it requires its prescriptions and rules to be furnished by the necessity of spirits and not by … Continue reading

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Fuck Catiline; That Dude’s A Dick

When, O [Feminism], do you mean to cease abusing our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours, swaggering about as it does … Continue reading

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