Linkage Is Good For You – 8-5-12

University Of Man – Honory Degree: Matt Forney, Top 5 Reasons: R1 You’re Not Going To Marry Her, 100 Words of Hate Vol 8, Naughty Nomad (Review), If You Knew What She Meant By Romance. . ., Keep Austin Weird

VK’s Empire of Dirt – Confidence, One Minute Of Alpha

Vox Day – Mailvox: An Alternative History, @WND Obama Is Bad, Aztlan Rising II, Another Mass Killing

Whiskey’s Place – The Battle For Anaheim Is For The US, Breaking The Twilight Fantasy, Called It

Maverick Philosopher – Epicurus In One Sentence, In The Face Of Totalitarians, Susan Sontag And The Art Of The Aphorism, God, Socrates, And Thin Theory, Coitus Reservatus

Two Fisted Traveller – Muffle Your Urge To Knuckle Shuffle, Trim Your Game

The Quest For 50 – Work Drinks, Cockblocked At The Grocery Store

The Legal Satyricon – The Russian Pussy Riot

The G Manifesto – Best Hangover Cure

The Elusive Wapiti – Talking Points To Defend Marriage 1.0, Remarring Your Ex,

The Badger Hut – Decoupling Intimacy And Commitment, The Question You Need To Ask Yourself, Being An Emotional Man. . .

Stoner With A Boner – America Is Fucked, Pill Popperz

Alpha Game – A Song For Roissy

80 Proof Oinomancy – The Great Feminist Hoax

Bold And Determined – 10 Ways To Project Power

Bronan The Barbarian – Awesome Second Date Move, Book Review: Naughty Nomad, Favorite Apartment Complex Characters

Unmarried Man – James Holmes, Charles Guiteau, And The Illusion Of Beta Rage, Anyone’s Eyes But Your Own, Mosquitoes, Mongoloids, and Cyber Expression, What Would Constanza Do, I’ve had it up to here with bible-thumpers, homos and poultry

Captain Capitalism – Two Observations, Stay Frosty, Skin Pigmentation Is Thicker Than Water, A Question About Diversity, The Captain Vs The Helicopter Family

Chariot Of Reaction – Status Warfare In Action, Just For Fun: Who Should Be In The Back Of The Bus, Dissolution of Monasteries II, Chick-Fil-A, Boycotts, And Buycotts, Profoundly Sane Legislation, Desacralizing Marriage The Covenant Option

Chateau Heartiste – A Little Pain Warms The Female Heart, Comment Of The Week, When Beta Male Strategies Can Work, Eye Contact Game, Fat Chicks Flaunt It, Pregnant Pause Game

Danny From 504 – Beta Idle, Beth and My Journey Into Oneitis, You’ve Got To Keep Her On Her Toes, The Girls Are Bringing It,  Alpha Humans, You’re Fourth

GL Piggy – Snark Attack, For Chicago, Stop and Frisk, Endorsing “Trust Me I’m Lying”, What’s In It For The Modern Man, White Pressure, Bridging Cowen, Sailer, Silver On The Olympics, Gabby Douglas Burdened By Her Blackness, Wascally Weight Loss

Forward Base B – Why The Star Wars Trilogy Has More Appeal For Men, Saddled With Student Debt, The Glory And Misery Of Education, Assassin Bug Wears Victim’s Corpse, Transforming Money Into Power

Free Northener – I’m Back, Biblical Alpha: Samson, The Bookshelf: The Way Of Men, Lightning Round, The Bookshelf: Behind The Housing Crash

Laudator Temporis Acti – Riches, You Are An Eccentric Female, The Farmer As Benefactor, An Important Discovery, A Little Higher Than Crochet Work. . ., Man: Architect Of His Own Fortune, The Body As House, Ratio Studiorum, The House As Body In Greek And Latin, No Plato, No, A Deep Hatred For Trees, Maledictions On All-Dollar, Real Knowledge And Pretended

Koanic Soul – In Which I Disavow Misogyny, James Holmes Will Fake Crazy, Why Ender’s Game Is Trash, True Mental Discipline, Thal Kid Bodyslams Cro-Mag Bully, The Ripped Caveman Thal Diet

Foseti – Randoms, Diversity Is Strength

Generation Nihilism – The Average American Male, The Number One Reason. . .

Great Books For Men – As Time Goes On, Men Will Find A Rebirth, In Bloated William Bennett’s “Book Of Man”

Le Cygne Gris – Verbal Camouflage, The Gun Control Debate, Political Pedantry,

Married Man Sex Life – Words of Power, And Working As Intended

Matt Forney – If You Fuck This Girl, On Hiatus From The Journey, Our Only Defense Is To Gather As An Army, Krista Jane Heflins Suicide Was A Hoax, Life Imitates Art, Notes From The Road, Disgruntled Fat Sluts Of The World Unite, Archetypal Dinner Date, You Got LJBFed By Those Darlings

Paradigm Shift – When Sluts Give You ASD, The Player Apprenticeship Program, I Went Back To The Future, August 2nd, 2022

Patriactionary – Red Tape Destroying Freedom, Fembots Bitching About Olympics, Chick-Fil-A Culture Wars, Father Knows Best, Guest Spot: Review Of Willpower, Them Asian Women Badminton Players Trying To Lose, Chick-Fil-A Kiss-In, Divorced Churchians And Not Seeing Themselves. . .

iSteve Blog – Signs Of Intellectual Progress, Who Whom Awareness, AP: US Sees Israel. . ., Dems Setting Up Hispanic Blank Screen, Can Evolution Account For The Arts, The World’s Best Pixie Contest, Gabby Douglas’ Hair

The Spearhead – Britain’s NHS Erases Fathers, Chick-Fil-A Pres Shows Why Trad Marriage Is Losing Support

Random Xpat Rantings – The Boxer’s Speedbag And Masculine Frame, 3 Annoying Subjects Girls In Love . . .

Ride With Blaze – A Small Step For Me, Fuck Granola Munchers, No More Favors

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – On The Nature Of Sanity And Insanity, Mass Shooting And Fake Outrage, Does The Long Term Survival Of Civilization Matter, More Observations On Holmes

Society Of Phineas – Links And Transcendence, Single Christian Men Don’t Marry, Single Christian Men Don’t Seek Christian Wives

Feet And Knees Together – Anonymity And Rock Throwing Peasants, Why We Get Fat By Gary Taubes, The MMSL Primer,

Xthulcandra – What Is Rape And How To Prevent It

Roosh V – She Is Bitch, She Is Bitch P2, She Is Bitch P3, She Is Bitch P4, She Is Bitch P5

Rational Male – 16 Years On, The Meaning Of Sacrifice

Postmasculine – The Upcoming Book, PM Radio Ep2

Dalrock – Man, Woman, And Myth On Misandry, Dispelling The Misconceptions About Feminism, Everyone Knows, Professor Hale’s War Stories

Danger And Play – You’re Not Entitled To Happiness, Olivia Munn Still Likes It Rough, 30-Min Break Even Workout

Carnivore’s Cave – I’ve Fallen In Love, How Come Everyone Gangs Up On Women

Naughty Nomad – Not Your Typical Backpacker Story

Freedom Twenty-Five – Review: Naughty Nomad

Enigmatico – Sedução Primal (Primal Seduction)

Sympathy For The Devil – Rule 0: Always Be An Asshole, R1: Not Your Job To Entertain Women, Enter: Caveman

Apocalypse Cometh – Useless Relationship Advice Again, I’m More Than Halfway Gone, Recovery, Recession? No This Is A Depression, Want To Dump A Body

Deti Natoin – About Female Partner Count, Defining Alpha Woman

Neckbeard Chronicles – Accidental Alpha PI, Accidental Alpha P2, Accidental Alpha P3

Hawaiian Libertarian – Lamentations Of The Nice Guy

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – You Gotta Feed Your Bitches

SiME – Lifestyle Report

The Left Half – Civil Disobedience, Guest Post From The Abyss

Red Pill Room – With Great Husband Comes Great Responsibility

Yohami – Video Of The Day: The Pedestal

Deconstructing Leftism – Moral Culpability . . .

Optimum Awareness – Men’s Carnival, What Do Angels Look Like

Top Ten
1 – Roosh V – She Is Bitch, P2, P3, P4, P5
2 – Dalrock – Dispelling The Misconceptions About Feminism
3 – University Of Man, Prof. Mentu – Keep Austin Weird
4 – Matt Forney – Disgruntled Fat Sluts Of The World Unite
5 – Forward Base B – The Glory And Misery Of Education
6 – Great Books For Men – As Time Goes On, Men Will Find A Rebirth
7 – Rational Male – The Meaning Of Sacrifice
8 – The Badger Hut – Being An Emotional Man. . .
9 – Le Cygne Gris – Verbal Camouflage
10 – Generation Nihilism – The Number One Reason. . .

Honorable Mentions
University Of Man, Prof. Ashur – If You Knew What She Meant By Romance. . ., VK’s Empire of Dirt – One Minute Of Alpha, Vox Day – Aztlan Rising II, The Badger Hut – The Question You Need To Ask Yourself,

The Best Sick Of Chick-Fil-A Article: Unmarried Man – I’ve had it up to here with bible-thumpers, homos and poultry

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15 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – 8-5-12

  1. Elusive Wapiti says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. nigelbiggame says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  3. Mojo says:

    Thanks for linkage!

    Added you to my big fuckoff links list.

  4. Hey Gentleman, we’re a new but busy blog on the scene with dozens of posts already – could you have a review and shout out if you see what you like please?

  5. electricangel1978 says:

    I wouldn’t have believed that anyone could improve on the LIGFY posts of Ferd, but you guys have done so, especially with the Top-10 list and honorable mention. On weeks I don’t have the time to read everything, those become my must-reads.

    Oh, and thanks for the linkage.

  6. Thanks for the linkage!

  7. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    THANKS!!!! Great job.

  8. Bill Powell says:

    Thank you sir again for the linkage especially since I took a couple of weeks off and that generally is the kiss of death for a blog.

  9. Roosh says:

    Great work, as always.

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