Linkage Is Good For You – 8-12-12

Congrats To Ulysses: Hat Trick

The Left Half – Guest Post: From The Dark Side Of The Moon, Visions Of The Apocalypse, Guest Post From The Event Horizon, Guest Post: Before Returning To The Shadows: Cheating

The Spearhead – How Men Make Out Without Trad. Family, Conservative Responses To NYT, Orthodox Russians: No Free Pass For Pussy Riot

Maverick Philosopher – Systematic Deracination, Merton, Marilyn, And David Carradine, A Test For Marriage Compatibility: Travel Together, Voter ID Laws Are Not Like A Poll Tax, Et In Arcadia Ego

Vox Popoli – It’s A Mystery @WND Willard Is Worse, A Pattern Emerges, Mailvox: Why Romney Is Better, Sick Of Sihks, South African Science, Spanking Is Child Abuse, Immigrants And The Economy, Why The Wachowskis Suck, Dr. Helen Asks About Doors, Bring It On, By All Means, Integration Olympic Style

Canivore’s Cave – Feminist Dream Date

University Of Man – Get Yourself A Fag, Exit Through The Carousel Gift Shop, Hundred Words Of Hate: Vol 9, Science 0, Hamster 327, They’re Pretty Sure You’re A Rapist, Ashur’s Razor

Two-Fisted Traveller – RIP Zyzz, Go Harder, Fail Better

iSteve – Too Much For Even Guardian Commenters, Stuck On Stereotypes, Evolution In Action, Heinlein On “The Mote In God’s Eye”

Laudator Temporis Acti – Classical Scholarship, Steadfast And Enduring Bone, I Do Not Know Greek, Free Translation, Loco Neminis,The Picturesque, Those Were The Days, Self-Imposed Burdens, A Sacred Trust, The Land Of Discontent

Deconstructing Leftism – Imago Dei And The Slippery Slope, Some Musing On Community

GL Piggy – Why I Am Proud A Ginger Won, Failing To Launch, Next Tuesday, See You, Gabby Douglas Hair Spat. . ., Going For SWPL Gold, In Contempt, No Meat No Medal

Koanic Soul – Two Pure Thals Talk, What Is The Purpose Of Life, How To Raise A Neanderthal Child

Patriactionary – Payback, Civic Holiday Mini Linkfest, Father Knows Best, People Who Don’t Join Facebook, Warning, Men: Pedo-hysteria At Virgin Airlines, The Failure Of Feminism. . ., Feminist Rejoice That Female Pronoun. . .

RooshV – Am I Losing The Ability To Bang Western Women, How Men Will Learn Game In The Future, Top 5 South American Countries

Matt Forney – Fattypocalypse, Fattypocalypse P2, “Game Promotes Rape”, Why Men Love Michelle Jenneke, Book Reviews: Tucker Max Edition, @ Alt Right Who Cares What Women Think, Spootville: A Blog Worth Visiting Everyday

Society Of Phineas – Single Christian Men Just Are Buying, Female Sexual Repression

Married Man Sex Life – Elitist Jerks Get Better Women, Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Honked, Fitness And Whatnot

VK’s Empire Of Dirt – Dirty Girl In The City P1, P2

Captain Capitalism – Welfare Is Not Economic Independence, From Our Canadian Agent In The Field, Value Companies By Facebook Likes, The Cappy Cap Manual, Men, Women, Tango And Tea Party, American Communism: On Purpose or Natural Forming, Hair Or Pecks, Onward Christian Rationalization Hamster

Unmarried Man – Potholes And The Big Brown Elephant, Meaning For The Godless Man, Cowardice And Elimination

Danny From 504 – Emotional Investment, The New Living Standard, Fight Night. . . Almost, Danny Screens For A Woman, The Padawan Is Now A Jedi, More On Screening, Warrior Class

Dalrock – Why Christians Need Game, Losing Control Of The Narrative

Bronan The Barbarian – Local Fatso Award Emperor Of Shitty Food Service, How To Become A BBW In 5 Easy Steps, Time To Upgrade Your Shitty Fashion

Rational Male – Hypocrites And Little Emperors, Pushing Forwards Back, Dry Spell

Red Pill Room – The Most Important Question, Take A Bath, There Is One Boat, There Can Be Only One Captain

Sympathy For The Devil – Dig

Paradigm Shift – Out Of Time Flag, This Is Heavy, Paradoxes Be Damned, Victim Blaming Meme Is A Distortion

Apocalypse Cometh – How The Elite Recruit, It’s The Memories, Not The Consequences, A Letter To My (Soon To Be Ex) Girlfriend

Yohami – Try Not To Press The Button

Forward Base B: The Principality Of Sealand, They Got To Demonoid, On Speed Reading

Chariot Of Reaction – A Little Musical Encouragement For Reactionaries, Sleight Of Hand On IQ, Desacralization Of The Justice System Continues, Powerful Revealed Preferences

Danger And Play – Freedom, Is It Worth It, Fat Girls Who Got Skinny, Why Young Guys Should Avoid Anabolic Steroids

Hawaiian Libertarian – Palm-Zombie Apocalypse, Scrip Wages & The Company Store,

Chateau Heartiste – The Ideology Of Powerlessness, What Happens When. . ., Scientific Proof That Women Love Drama, Why Women’s Sports Get Less Primetime Coverage, The Nuclear Neg, You Don’t Need To Be Witty To Have Game, Realtalker Of The Month, Another Hot Russian Babe, What Does It Matter To You

Lust In The Age Of Byrony – Stay Fly, Do Whatever The FUCK You Want, Notes From The Underground

The Elusive Wapiti – An Interesting Way To Put It

Neckbeard Chronicles – Those Without Facebook Accounts ‘Suspicious’, Misandrist Go Wild, No More Porn Day One

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – Greece Evicts Undocumented Immigrants, More Olympic Madness, My Take On The Wisconsin Shooting, Are You Secretly Racists, UCLA Opens Illegals-Only School

Feet And Knees Together – You’re A Leader

Ride With Blaze – My Best Wingman, Reverse Game, This Is Laughable, White Power? About That

Guide For A Young Patriarch – The Meaning Of Game Runs Deep

SiME – The Worst Kind Of People To Argue With

Stoner With A Boner – Is She A Sexually Entitled Nice Girl, Rapey Wakey

Ludwig Von Mises Institute – Anarchy In The Aachen

Carnivore’s Cave – Big Pharma Has A Magic Pill For You, Anarcho-roads

The Badger Hut – Field Guide: Don’t Ask A Lot Of Direct Questions

Free Northener – Lightning Round, No We Are Not All Feminists, Women, STEM, And D&D

Le Cygne Gris – He’s Still Better Than Obama, Chicken Shit Protests, Dependency, The Music Industry Is Dead, Long Live The Music Industry, American Medicine Is Sick

Marky Mark’s Thoughts – Girl Power- Really?

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Why Gun Laws Won’t Prevent Mass Killings, Have You Ever Experienced A Paranormal Phenomena

Random Xpat Rantings – All This Time She’s Been Missing Me Terribly, Don’t Be Aloof Part 5 or 6, Romantic Libertine Game, Why PUA Advice Is Often Wrong

Legal Satryicon – No Facebook Account

Alpha Game – Game And The Decline Of The Church

Generation Nihilism – Review: Naughty Nomad

Christian Men’s Defense Network – Bitter Divorce Threatens New Cult

The Privateman – Dating 2.0: A Definition, Men Gatekeepers To Commitment

Foseti – Randoms

Il Risorgimento – On Track Girls And Smiling Faces

Postmasculine – On Living Remotely. . .VIDEO

Futility Closet – A Foreign Tongue

3rd Millenium Men – I Fucking LOVE Women, I Love Women VI

The Soloist – Hate Me Now

Kid Strangelove – Rough Vs Soft P3

Whiskey’s Place – Standard Charter And The Fall Of The West

Top Ten
1 – Matt Forney @ Alt Right Who Cares What Women Think,
2 – Matt Forney – Fattypocalypse, Fattypocalypse P2
3 – Apocalypse Cometh – It’s The Memories, Not The Consequences
4 – Hawaiian Libertarian – Scrip Wages & The Company Store
5 – The Left Half – Guest Post From The Event Horizon
6 – Maverick Philosopher – Systematic Deracination
7 – Patriactionary – Payback
8 – RooshV – Am I Losing The Ability To Bang Western Women
9 – Neckbeard Chronicles – Those Without Facebook Accounts ‘Suspicious’
10 – Laudator Temporis Acti – Self-Imposed Burdens

Chateau Heartiste – Another Hot Russian Babe, Futility Closet – A Foreign Tongue, GL Piggy – In Contempt, Paradigm Shift – (Previous Parts: Back To The Future, Aug 2, 2022,) Out Of Time Flag, This Is Heavy, Paradoxes Be Damned, The Soloist – Hate Me Now

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  4. Love the linkage continuation. Keep it up.

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    Hell yeah! I made the top ten!

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  11. Had a lot of hits this week. Thanks for all the love.

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