Of A Reading Delayed

75% completed and clipping along when all of a moment without any notice. . . a grayed out screen.  Not Responding. Program shut down. . . fuck.

I work as a designer; I know better. When I am doing paid work I save immediately, have automatic backup set at close intervals and save multiple versions of a file within the first hour of the work.  Tonight I went blind. . .back to it tomorrow.

With that said I have plans next week to put together a version of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon; the following week I was considering Shakespeare; tomorrow assuming I save my file before it crashes: La Boetie (not pronounced Bow Tie).

What from the Western Canon would you like to see as an E-Book?

Numquam veritas perit,
The Poet

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2 Responses to Of A Reading Delayed

  1. Peregrine John says:

    The Boke of St. Albans. Fascimile, preferably.

  2. Considering the readership, and the times, something by Lord Byron, in particular something like Don Juan would be good.

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