The One Game To Bind Them; or Is There Any Point To All This Ramble?

Considering the ongoing conversation that began at Dalrock’s, then a guest spot, went to Vox and Ashur and GBFM; the question for all intents and purposes is whether Game is sinful, sacred, or amoral.  Vox’s dissection, as cold as expected from the infamous cruelty artist, destroys Cane’s argument, but this does not mean that his final conclusion is wrong, necessarily, just that he is a poor philosopher; if his three points are intended as a syllogism, as they appear to be, a very poor syllogist.

Ashur, at UofMan is the cleverest of the three, as without any tongue wagging he shoots Cane down with a one-liner involving Game, Mentu, and Sluts.  GBFM mixed with his faux-lolllz-schizophrenia takes Vox to task for the equivocation of Game and Truth, Truth and Christianity. Needless to say vast swaths of blabbering have been expended to answer the question without coming to an answer.

So is Game a mere tool, or is it more?  From Vox: [Game is] the conscious attempt to observe and understand successful natural behaviors and attitudes in order to artificially simulate them.

Game is an apprenticeship, an atelier; one watches the master of anything and attempts to imitate their successes. Is one to believe that Game can be so separated from its practical application as to be so defined? Who would consider the imitation of a successful feminist game? Are the MRAs succeeding at game when they whine and gripe? Come now Vox, the success Game seeks to imitate is the success of banging women. It is no other success.

The conscious attempt to observe and understand successful natural behaviors (that lead to banging women) and attitudes (that lead to banging women) in order to artificially simulate them.

The principles that lead to banging quality women can be applied to any number of different ventures, but at the end of the day Game was born in the sexual marketplace; this is its home.  One may apply Game principles to other labors and the benefits are undoubted, but to pose as though it were not related to banging women is just silly.

Vox from the comments at Alpha Game: It’s no more “fake it till you make it” than lifting free weights is. You only improve by doing, and you learn what you should be doing by watching those who are already doing it.

Okay. So let me get this straight, Game, according to Vox, is learning anything from anyone who is successful at it by imitation and practice? But wait, is lifting free weights game if one does so by observing someone who is successful at doing so and simulating their success?

Let’s leave Vox and consider Ashur. His aphorism is dead on. Game doesn’t bang sluts, Mentu bangs sluts. Game doesn’t make anyone amoral, nor does it require immoral activity to be practiced.  One could Game a women just for the ego boost, for one instance. Or take the Athol approach and Game his wife. Or the Mentu approach and bang sluts. Or the Roosh approach and Bang Poland.

When I began writing under this guise I wanted to address the insufficiency of Game to fulfil man’s need for a certain nobility of soul; Game does procure benefits beyond the bang; it advocates a better lifestyle, a mode of thought without the confines of polite society, a will to persevere; but let us not feign that the success of Game are driven by a motivation beyond that warmth between a woman’s legs. O! Why did IMF go after the dodo? Ferd was right that the end of Game is onanstic masterbation with other bodies. But isn’t it also a springboard to doing and being better? That is part of it.

Game isn’t just a tool, nor is it what one does with a tool. It is more akin to the one ring of power: it is a tool that when used gives the wielder a great power which he may, at first, exercise at his own discretion, however, overtime the power changes him who uses it.* Who, of the long living ‘sperians has not regarded the callous that years of Game has left upon them?

Let’s be straight. Game has arisen because female sexuality has been giving free license and subsidization. Seduction has always existed and been practised in every age, but before this age where we have restored fertility rites and barroom bacchanals the purpose was to unchaste a woman; Game seeks to harness the unchastity that feminism’s Pandora has released.

Wait a second, wasn’t I supposed to answer a question? Eh.

UPDATE: More on the debate: Society Of Phineas (Very Good), and more from the only University that matters.

UPDATE: More over at the Private Man.

UPDATE: MORE at the Left Half

UPDATE: Forgot to add the Free Northener to the mix.

The Poet

*also fitting, the one ring keeps its possessor youthful.

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13 Responses to The One Game To Bind Them; or Is There Any Point To All This Ramble?

  1. Scott says:

    I understand completely how game has arisen and it’s use by the vast majority of it’s practitioners. I’m different though, and I wonder how many people like me there are. Married 15 years, I have no intention of attracting other women for sexual dalliances. I’m learning game in part as an attempt to get more and better sex with my wife, but also because game works by teaching you to elevate your social status through behavior as opposed to through achievements. I want the non-sexual benefits of that elevated social status, at least as it pertains to people other than my wife.

    I think Vox’s definition is too general, and defining game as intentional behavior modification in the pursuit of banging hot women is too precise. I would say that it is a conscious attempt to observe and understand natural behaviors and attitudes that result in higher social status, regardless of the intended use of that higher social status, with the caveat that the vast majority of practitioners use it to bang women. Roissy I think has mentioned several times that game works in non-sexual situations as well, with kids, coworkers, etc. He’s right, and those benefits are much of what I seek in this endeavor.

  2. Let’s be straight. Game has arisen because female sexuality has been giving free license and subsidization.

    Game, therefore, is the masculine lasso that men use to rope and wrangle the bucking, rearing, horse of female hypergamy, and attempt to break it to a “ride”, heh.

  3. Great summary of the debate Gentleman. Though I thought the vast majority of Vox’s post was bizarrely off, after he started off with the right foundations.

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  5. Cane Caldo says:

    I was at work today, running around and muttering, “I’m Boromir…or is it Frodo–no–Caldo Baggins…wait…oh, balls.”

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