Linkage Is Good For You – Cypher’s Week

What Is A Blog – Meet The Apology Addicts

3rd Millenium Man – LJBF: Date Lab, My Perfect 10, Perfect 10, P2, Free Up Your Resources, Out Of Sight: Role Model Seduction, Free Up Part 2, Perfect 10, p3

Carnivore’s Cave – Arrest Girl: Bad, Arrest Boy: Good

The Left Half: Guest: The Inevitable Return Of Dracula – The Final Piece. . ., Speaking Of Voluntary Slavery, Burning Questions Posed By Ulysses, Speaking of Slavery, None So Blind, What Christian Men Need Isn’t Game

Neckbeard Chronicles – Our Life Stories, Boris Johnson On Pedohysteria, 100 Hues Of Bullshit Brown, The Loudest And Stupidest, Gay Lobby Resorts To Terrorism, One Week Without Porn, In Defense Of 50 Shades. . .

iSteve Blog – Lady High Jumpers, Beer Summit, A Rant, 35 Years Of Feminism. . . , Niceness Vs. Noticing Things

Laudator Temporis Acti – Strange Postures, De-Spiritualize Yourself, Come Over Here, Self-Indulgence, An Ancient Drinking Song, Room For Books, Ghosts Of Bygone Meals

GL Piggy – Undeniable Truth, Headphone Identity, Links, Ramesh Ponnuru Outsmarts And Outclasses Jezzie Writer, Chorus Girls: The Yea-Sayer, Liberals Downplay Interracial Attacks, Sussin Em Out, Lightning Strikes Twice At Same Red Lobster

Human Stupidity – Olympic Political Correctness, Women Can Stop Consensual Rape. . ., Should Blacks Be Allowed To Sit. . .

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – An Odd Insight From 30 to 40 Yr Old Photos, Unnatural Death Causes Far Bigger Change. . ., Saving Dysfunctional Institutions Is An Impediment. . ., Why Was Usury So Unpopular With The Ancients

Le Cygne Gris – Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage, Cosmic Justice, Ann Coulter’s Lamentation, Who Watches The Watchers, Paul Krugman: Still Retarded, This Bodes Well, Yell At Your Woman, This Will Be Fun, Coming Full Circle

Chariot Of Reaction – Warning To Doctors. . ., NYC Joins Milwaukee. . ., Why We Won’t See Sane Governance, Pro-Lifers Final Get. . .

The Unmarried Man – Deep Goat: Its The Inhumanity, Stupid, Stereotypes, Misogyny And The Counterweight, Black Dawn

Captain Capitalism – New Leather Chaps, A Cappy Cap Bounty, Why A Good Economy Would Be Bad For Conservative Blogs, Praxeology Is Necessary For Red Pill, Liberals Feeding On Liberals, That’s Not A Bug. . ., Why You Must Philosophically Ride Fast And Take Chances,

Roosh V – American Women VS Eastern European Women, Pussy Exists In A State Of Equilibrium, Are You A Facilitator Or A Hater

Stoner With A Boner – Sometimes You Find A Nugget. . ., When Life Is Like A Video Game

Captain Capitalism – There Are No Cupcakes Here

Unleash The Beef – Reason 722: I Don’t Want A Kid, Who Left The Champs Out

The Soloist – Sexism At Work, Why I Hate Sluts, How To Act Like A Boss

Danny From 504 – 3 Stellas, Playing With Girls And The Golden Rule, GAY GAY GAY, Peacekeeping And Man Hamster, Why I Have Guns

The Elusive Wapiti – Marriage Preceded The State, Dark Knight Rises: A Stealth Critique. . ., Jerry Springer Show On Wheels, FRC Calls Out The SPLC

Society Of Phineas – Rebuking Female Headship Theology, So You Want To Become A Pastor

University Of Man – The Bitch Bin, Reach Of The Manosphere, 100 Words Of Hate: Vol 10, Why Do So Many Manosphere Authors Write Behind A Mask, Game Doesn’t Bang Sluts, MENTU Bangs Sluts, Caldo’s Problem, I’ll Have The Red Pill Enema

Ludwig Von Mises Institute – Mind The Theory Part I; one can ignore the rest,

Patriactionary – Poetry Interlude, Father Knows Best, Western Men Are Winning. . . OR. . ., Saudis To Build Women Only City, Why Sodomy Hating Christians Should. . ., UCC Elects First Openly Gay. . . , Small Business Sends Biden Packing, Poetry Interlude 2

Rebellion Blog – What This Country Needs, Of RINOS, Worms And Assisted Suicide, Stuff I Bet You Didn’t Know

The Quest For 50 – Why I Don’t AMOG

Matt Forney – Lock Pussy Riot Up. . ., Why I’m Manning Up, Choose Your Own Sexuality, The Sluttiest Slut. . .

Roosh V – How To Avoid False Rape Accusations

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism  – Greek Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants, Chemotherapy, Foreign Cash DQs Romney, Youth Riots In France, ”Teens” Brutalize White Man. . .

Paradigm Shift – When Did Equality Means Special Needs, Girl Power, 1 Girl, 7 Guys Camping, Why Game Works

Generation Nihilism – Alienation

Postmasculine – How To Get Lucky, Ask Mark:Insecurities And Negative Emotions, PM Radio 3: Sex, Polyamory, And PUA

Rational Male – Reality Vs The Internet, Flushing The Nest, Blueprint For An Alpha Window

Sympathy For The Devil – Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Great Books For Men – Darlock And Vox’s Christianity. . ., GBFM & Heartiste Totally Pwn . . .

Chateau Heartiste – Beta Males Settle For Fat Chicks, The Right Game For Your Body Type: The Endomorph, TRGFYBT: MesomorphTRGFYBT: Ectomorph, Defying Your Body Type Temperament, Hamster Of The Month

Danger And Play – Steroids Will Kill You, Juicing, And Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead, Men Tell The Most Lies, Women The Biggest, Buying Your First Juicer

Vox Day – Blitheringly Stupid, Mailvox: Oh Noes!, Women Ruin Everything: DEFCON Edition, The Vibrant Conundrum, TIA: The Meme Spreads, John Scalzi Justifies Sexism, An Atheist Critique Of Sam Harris

Futility Closet – Zip Lit, Cold Case, A Look Ahead

Admiral Cod – Brazil Luxury Poolside, Breaking Up

Alpha Game – Why Men Hate Jealousy Plays, A Failure To Grasp Game, Study And Single Standard

Free Northener – Bureaucrats, Lightning Round, Game Is A Stop-Gap, Really? Women Need A Guide To Be A Decent Person

Spootville – A History Of Gun-Control, Free From What

VK’s Empire Of Dirt – Du Hast, Fear And Loathing In End Game

Ride With Blaze – A Milestone, Don’t Be Weak, Rules For Pimping, P1, RFP P2, Blaze Takes Flight

Rebellion – They’re Back, Amnesty By Executive Order

Red Pill Room – Secure The Perimeter

The Art Of Manliness – Count No Man Happy Until The End

Black Man, Red Pill – Flexibility

Foseti – Randoms

Forward Base B – Google Director On Innovation

Two Fisted Traveller – The Man Of Interest

Hidden Leaves – Prometheus

Bronan The Barbarian – Yoga: Not Just For Smelly Hippies, Asking The Most Important Dating Question

Dalrock – Cypher’s Problem, Brendan’s Definition Of A Slut

Manly Things – This Is Nuuuuts

Apocalypse Cometh – Im Glad Im Not In Other Peoples Minds, Obligatory 100th Post, An Observation On Elections

Legal Satyricon – Mountain Dew Fails At The Internet

The Maverick Philosopher – Voter ID Controversy, I Married An Animal, The Quietist On The Delights Of Escapism

Lust In The Age Of Byrony – Worker Bee

Whiskey’s Place – Paul Ryan And Stealth White Identity Politics, Will Obama Stage A Coup, Disney. . .Otto Van Bismark

The Spearhead – Julian Assange Granted Asylum

Il Risorgimento – A Walk

The Society Of Phineas – In Defense Of Value And Self Control

Optimum Awareness – Before Heartiste There Was The Bible

The Private Man – Faith, Gender Roles, And Masculine Charisma, This Has Been Going On For Awhile

Feet And Knees Together – First Section Complete

Hawaiian Libertarian – Virtual Disconnection

Society Favorites:
1 – Bronan The Barbarian – Asking The Most Important Dating Question
2 – The Left Half: Guest: The Inevitable Return Of Dracula – The Final Piece. . .
3 – Free Northener – Game Is A Stop-Gap
4 – Captain Capitalism – Why You Must Philosophically Ride Fast And Take Chances
5 – Neckbeard Chronicles – Our Life Stories
6 – Matt Forney – Lock Pussy Riot Up. . .
7 – Vox Day – Women Ruin Everything: DEFCON Edition
8 – Ride With Blaze – Rules For Pimping, P1, RFP P2
9 – Patriactionary – Western Men Are Winning. . . OR. . .
10 – University Of Man – The Bitch Bin

Other Notable Gentlemen:
Laudator Temporis Acti – De-Spiritualize Yourself, Come Over Here, 3rd Millenium Man – Free Up Your Resources, Postmasculine – How To Get Lucky, Rational Male – Flushing The Nest, Spootville – Free From What, The Art Of Manliness – Count No Man Happy Until The End, Whiskey’s Place – Paul Ryan And Stealth White Identity Politics, Danny From 504 – GAY GAY GAY

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Patriactionary – Father Knows Best, Free Northener – Lightning Round, Foseti – Randoms

For Everything I Have On The Cypher Debate.

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24 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – Cypher’s Week

  1. An Unmarried Man says:

    Why thank you!!!

  2. The Fucking Writer says:

    Thanks for the Top 10.

    You’re doing a good service for the men around the world.

  3. Long live the Gentleman Poet!
    The manosphere has found favor in the eyes of YHWH, for he has sent an angel to unite the sphere, he comes in the form of the poet

  4. Awesome, thanks from Dex and myself Gentleman!

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  6. Mojo says:

    Hell yeah, the Chronicles be movin on up in da world

  7. Carnivore says:

    Thank you, sir.

  8. Solo says:

    respect G, respect G!

  9. cookie9001 says:

    Awesome man! Thanks for the linkage!

  10. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  11. Superman says:

    Golden posts! Gonna be a long Sunday.

  12. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet for the linkage, It was a busy week and I didn’t get to write as much as I regularly do. But sir, I’m seeing a trend developing here. This is just my personal opinion but I feel that you are putting much more effort into this than who would be considered your predecessor, and the results are showing. I enjoy this every Sunday and let me extend my appreciation for your efforts.

  13. Thanks for the linkage! I appreciate the #1 vote.

    • An absolute favorite every week, and this one was so unexpected. Life is stranger than fiction or you are the most brilliant satirist who has ever lived.

      • Thanks Poet, glad you enjoy my work. Bitches be crazy. I wish I could say I made the whole thing up, but that conversation actually happened. Would’ve posted screenshots like I do with text message trolling, but it’s incredibly time-consuming and I was feeling lazy when I wrote the post.

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  15. Cane Caldo says:

    I’m pretty sure this should have been titled: “Cypher’s Weak”.

  16. electricangel says:

    Thanks for the linkage, GP! I think you’re the man responsible for our little visit from Manboobz over at Patri. Hah! Great to learn we’re all haters.

  17. Hey, my first top 10. Cool. Thanks for the linkage.

  18. Been starting to read more and more of your weekly links. Thanks for the effort of putting them together man.

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