Shit Week And A Call For Linkage

I have had Aeschylus’s Agamemnon ready to go since Sunday night, it needs only have a clever few quips about Hypergamy and Greeks attached and it will be ready to crack.  This week had other plans for me.

So instead of any other post here is a pre-Sunday link to Apocalypse Cometh. A few days ago I read about the gentleman that Bill discusses and wondered how long till it came to the ‘sphere. The government has been locking up people for their beliefs from the beginning of civilization, but I wonder how long they have done so while supported by such a number of sheeple with the yellow ribbons and red white and blues claiming to live in the freest country in the world.  It would be risible in a novel.

Bill is looking for links. So go watch this: Sons Of The Manosphere, I am William Wallce. . . You get the idea. Now go link Bill.

Veritas numquam perit,
The Poet

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4 Responses to Shit Week And A Call For Linkage

  1. Bill Powell says:

    Thank you sir for the linkage. I had this post in the can for the past couple of days but computer problems kept me from posting it until today. If you peruse the comments so far, Ezra Pound has been mentioned among others. I feel that there’s an essential difference in these cases however. In the earlier history of this country and others, generally it was high profile dissenters that were targeted because the propaganda machine needed examples to show the people that there were high profile enemies in their midst. The individuals being targeted now are everyday people, veterans and farmers are the examples I included in the post. The shift has occurred, Now it’s us they’re after. Thank you again and Aeschylus’s Agamemnon sounds fascinating.

  2. Its funny that you say that. I hadn’t made the link with the Red scare as strong as the Alien and Sedition Act and the dissident voices arrested during the civil war. It is, of course, nothing new just new dressing and decoration.

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  4. Good site, enjoyed going through it.

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