Linkage Is Good For You 8.26.12


Chateau Heartiste – The First SWPL President, Hot Girls Need Your Best Game, The Allure Of Male Dominance, Older Man Game, Comment Of The Week, Women Gossip To Compete For Men

Foseti – Randoms, Review Of America’s Retreat From Victory, Randoms

Free Northener – Kipling: Public Waste, Internal Contradiction Of Liberal Theology

Bold And Determined – Why Your Testosterone Levels Are Lower. . ., 11 Bodybuilding Tips

Hidden Leaves – Saturday Cocktail, Bless Their Hearts, Priorities, Chevrolet

Laudator Temporis Acti – Beastly Little Cad, Remembering Students Names, Reincarnation, Using Cribs, Come Ye To The Waters, A Systematic Misleading

Il Risorgimento – La Cucina di Beppo Venerdi, Not Cool At All

Married Man Sex Life: Men: We’re Not Actually Bad. . ., How Walkaway Wives Run A Dirty MAP

Alpha Game – Renaissance Game, Gammas Resist Game, Choices Have Consequences, On Cooking, Solipsism And Simultaneous Standards, Fictional Abuse And Female Absolution, Divorce Is Worse Than Death

Maverick Philosopher – Doubt, The Engine Of Inquiry, Literarily Pleasing But Incoherent, Some Recent Writing On Kerouac, To Doctor Empiric, Why Do Jews Do So Well. . .

University Of Man – Our Lady Of The Wounded Hamster, The Pre-Prenup, Divorced Women Mature. . . , Johnnycomelately Mentions The Unmentionable, Hundred Words Of Hate: V11, Women ‘Succeed’, Men ‘Fail’-By Definition, Drama And Male Heroism, Gender Risk Preference

Vox Day – Fascinating, Scalzi Still Justifying Sexism, Anklebiters Will Bite, Cannibal Dreams And SFWA, Atheists And Daddy Issues, True Sporting Equality, Obama’s Murderous Legacy, The Assassination Of Neil Armstrong

Stoner With A Boner – Feminism Is Not A Monolith, The Power Of The Beard, Abortion And Euthenasia, Another Slimey Misogynistic MGTOW, Laughter

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – Why Big Women Prefer Brothers

The Soloist – Are You Born Gay. . ., Dear Hot Girl

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – Black Woman Shouts Anti-White. . ., Genocide Looms For White Farmers, Paul Ryan: I Voted To Send People To War, Cali Considering Granting Illegal Immigrants. . . , Black Women. . .Arrested

Two Fisted Traveller – Review: Naughty Nomad, I’m Possessed

Neckbeard Chronicles – Don’t Need No Man, Game Tips For POF Girls, Why Can’t Leftists Argue, Assange, Murray, Galloway. . ., The Usual Suspects, Fahrenheit 50

The Elusive Wapiti – What Does Niggerization Mean, Germany Debates Paying SAHMs, Causes Of Divorce

Matt Forney – Feminism And The MRM As Ideological Autism, Life Imitates Art:White Trash Metal Edition, Femininity And The Indiana 7, , Madison Gay Pride: Send Out The Freaks

Things That We Have Heard And Know (Cane Caldo) – On Loyalty, Should Marriage Be Easy, Dark Scripture Ignore The TSA, Cane Read The YSV Bible

Futility Closet – Wife And Limb

Rebellion Blog – The High Cost Of Obama’s Amnesty, Quote Of The Day

Yohami – Reader Mail: Need Help, VoTD: I Want To Fuck You But. . ., Conflating Emotions With Intentions

Patriactionary – Wagner: From Pedalstalizer . . .Intro, A Lifetime Of Failure Without Feminism, Catholic. . .Governor Prays To Allah. . ., Father Knows Best, Geometry Of Abortion, Signs Of The Times. . .

Optimum Awareness – Long Live Men, In Praise Of All Men

Danny From 504 – Cajun Lobster Rolls, Lessons Learned, Yet Another Reason To Hate. . ., Flirting, You’re Doing It Right, Nuking A Princess In Japan, Closing A Ten. . ., A Young Man Needs A Hand, The Iron

Roosh V – Orgasm Or Money, More Book Reviews, There Are No Ugly Girls In America, My Name Is Burt

Spootville – Guns Are Good, Unemployment And The Recovery Plan, A Comparison Of Manosphere Travel Books, Taking America Back, A History Of This Blog, 3 Problems With Debating

Deconstructing Leftism – What Would A Community Look Like, Walter Russell Meade On Racial Bargain

Chariot Of Reaction – The Height Of High Trust, New Study On Charitable Giving

Danger And Play – Juicing Basics And Juicing Recipes

3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Female Age And SMP Value, Reality Is A Subjective Thing, The World Is An Idea, Manosphere: Virginity, Even The Sky Can’t Limit You

Unmarried Man – Ass Cams, A Question To The Moral Right, Despondency, Maternity As Pathology Alarm Clocking The Russian Bitch

Dalrcok – Women’s Sacred Path To Marriage. . .

Hawaiian Libertarian – No Shit

The Rational Male – The Warrior Gene. . ., Just Get It,

The Left Half – 18.4-18.8 Or 21.85, Damn We’ve Been Lied To. . . Again, Apparently, There’s A Permit For That. . ., As Easy As Two Plus Two

The Private Man – Trying Something New Need Input, The Most Remarkable Blog, The Chronology Of Masculine Fail

GL Piggy – A Creepy Game, Boredom Rears Its Ugly Head, Illinois Lawmakers Link Strip Club To Rape, The Constanza Principle, Another Hate Crime Hoax, Regime Cronyism, Manhattan Shooter. . ., A Legitimate Question

The Daily Bell – Amerika’s Future Is Dead

Le Cygne Gris – God And Game, A New Ally For Conservatives And MRAs, Submission And Service, Quotes From That Hideous Strength, Judging Rape

Apocalypse Cometh – This Is What Happens, She Needs Regular Injections, Now We Have A Mental Problem

Red Pill Room – Betwixt Whore And Housewife, Male Dominance: Beginner’s Guide

Captain Capitalism – My Observations About Telephone Poles, Are Feminists Every Happy, Why Gen X And Y Should Not Save For Retirement, Why The Captain Is Anti Men’s Rights and Anti White Rights, Boo Freaking Hoo,

Koanic Soul – Psychopathic Game And Motivation, What If You Had 3 Seconds To Live

iSteve Blog – The Great Algebra Debate, Oh, The Humanity, Sparkle, Instead Of Divide And Rule

Paradigm Shift – Where Are The Innovators, P1, WATI, P2, I Think My Utter Distastes For Small Talk. . ., What Is Love, Alphas Make Mistakes Too

Lust In The Age Of Byrony – Atlas Shifted

Bronan The Barbarian – Guest: A Summer’s Solicitation

Postmasculine: Why You Fail, My Biggest Fear, Forgiveness

Ride With Blaze – You Hear The Fire Truck

Guide For A Young Patriarch – Over Believing In Evolution

Unleash The Beef – Post-Game Analysis

The Spearhead – Nebraska Lesbian Tries to Foment Hatred. . .

The Badger Hut – The Cliff Revisited, The Joys Of Dominance

Muddy Colors – Worst Restoration Ever

Random Xpat Rantings – Learn The Art Of Giving Commands, Value Enhancing Hobbies, Don’t Forget To Be Abusive, Rambling About Instant Intimacy

MRDA – Check Out The Tats On That

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Why Gen Y Is Not. . . Buying Cars, Non-Gun Mass Killings. . .

Whiskey’s Place – Why It Won’t Be A Chinese Century, Nike Vs The Urban League

The Society Of Phineas – Marriage 2.0 Sexuality

Permanent Guest – The Race For Testosterone

Kenny Pua – 5 + 1 Things I Learned From Banging Fatties

Society Favorites:
1 – Unleash The Beef – Post-Game Analysis
2 – Roosh V – My Name Is Burt
3 – Captain Capitalism – Why The Captain Is Anti Men’s Rights and Anti White Rights
4 – Postmasculine: Why You Fail
5 – Chateau Heartiste – Comment Of The Week
6 – Alpha Game – Choices Have Consequences
7 – The Soloist – Dear Hot Girl
8 – Danny From 504 – Closing A Ten. . .
9 – Unmarried Man – Maternity As Pathology
10 – Spootville – 3 Problems With Debating

More Notable Gentlemen:
Futility Closet – Wife And Limb, Roosh V – Orgasm Or Money, University Of Man – Our Lady Of The Wounded Hamster, Laudator Temporis Acti – A Systematic Misleading, The Rational Male – Just Get It, Lust In The Age Of Byrony – Atlas Shifted

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Foseti – Randoms, Randoms Optimum Awareness – Long Live Men, GL Piggy – Links, Links, Links, Links, The Left Half – Grab Bag, Le Cygne Gris – Random Blegs, Optimum Awareness – Long Live Men, In Praise Of All Men

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Female Age And SMP Value, Manosphere: Virginity,

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21 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You 8.26.12

  1. Solo says:

    1st and I made the top ten!!!!

    woo hoo

    a gift for G, enjoy brah

  2. Thanks for the special section and linkage Poet, glad you like them

  3. Socialkenny says:

    I didn’t make the top 10!!? I was actually last lol. Where’s the love?

  4. Elusive Wapiti says:

    Thanks for the linkages!

  5. Cane Caldo says:

    I’m honored to be included!

    For the record It is “Known“.

  6. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  7. electricangel says:

    Gracias, Senor Poeta!

  8. YOHAMI says:

    Thanks lord poet

  9. Badger says:

    Thanks, man.

  10. You may not agree with everything that you link to, but you do understand the fact that the manosphere may not utter the same exact words but all of us are fighting for one thing: for the good of men and helping men. For your zeal I am again inspired and driven to write more articles. Grace be with your house, Poet and please excuse my late message: I have been out for a week.

  11. dannyfrom504 says:

    OOOOOOOH!!!! top 10. danke broseph.

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