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Linkage Is Good For You: Septemberish

  I went out with old friends tonight and I.m a bit to drunk to finish this weeks LIGFY post.  More tomorrow with the top and everyone missing here.  I have plenty in the docket once moving back home slows … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You: I Have Arrived

Masculine Style – Contrast Style: Blue Collar, Wednesday Weigh-In, Style Evaluation, Paradox Watch, Indochina P2, Casual Friday Vox Popoli – That Wonderful Immigrant Food, @WND President Supervillain, Death Of A Gamer, Blind Faith In Science Traditional Christianity – Let Her … Continue reading

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Does Banging Sluts Ruin Everything?

NB: I began this post just over a week ago.  The second half is coming soon to a blog near you. This one. There is an awkward consensus seeping from the outside world into the manosphere that so how the … Continue reading

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LIGFY: Truncated Week Additions

  Notable Gentlemen Missed in The Shuffle: 3rd Millenium Men – Manosphere: The Cold Hard Facts Of Female Fertility Bold And Determined – . . .Need To Succeed Le Cygne Gris –  Television And Children Hidden Leaves – The Day … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You: Truncated Moving Week

I have arrived.  After driving for 22 hours of a 25 hour trip one can imagine that I have not had the energy to comb through all of the articles this week for our regular download.  Hopefully tomorrow I can … Continue reading

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Moving Time

I am moments away from tearing down my workstation for the move.  See you on the other side Sunday. Veritas numquam perit, The Poet

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Linkage Is Good For You: Marriage Week

Next Friday I will be moving 1200 miles away from my current locale, let’s call it Point A, to my new home that we’ll call Point B. Depending on the timing next weeks LIGFY maybe be split or late.  We’ll … Continue reading

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Marriage: The Right Way

This all started as a comment I began at Donlak’s on his Marriage Follow Up, but that isn’t where it began.  Then we have Alkibiades’ response, and Ulysses’. From Donlak’s two articles: There are risks in anything in life, and … Continue reading

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Hellas And The Complete Man

In light of my recent post on Dalrock and Cane Caldo one commenter proposed that in my ‘basic sophistry’ had given ‘game apologetics that address anything but game.’  Monsieur Empathologicalism might have a point, though I take offense at ‘basic … Continue reading

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Aeschylus: Agamemnon; Or The Aesthetic Repudiation Of Hypergamy

To heaven, O Queen, will I upraise new song; But, wouldst though speak once more, I fain would hear From first to last the marvel of the tale. . . A gracious word the woman’s lips have told, Worthy a … Continue reading

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