Linkage Is Good For You – Labor Day Weekend

3rd Millenium Man – Brad On The Soapbox, Five Of The Best ‘Sphere Posts, Fellow Bloggers: A Question, Overview Of The System: 1 Your Journal, 2 Your Routine Stack Sheet, How Women Can Increase Their Attractiveness, Game Doesn’t Work, Manosphere: Marriage And Age

Unmarried Man – The Cult Of Careerism, Spill The Blood On Me, Adieu

Danny From 504 – Ethnic Game, Fuck You, Frito Lay, Etouffee, The Art Of The Three Way, Never Say Die, Filthy Sailors, White Knighting, Training A Future Wife, They Start So Young

Free Northerner – Gods Of The Copybook Heading, What Is To Be Done, Lightning Round, Government’s Lack Of Mission, Hanna Rosin, Feminist, And The Hook Up Culture

GL Piggy – War On Women? Please, Milk Differences, Racism And Conservatism, Circumcision At GMP, The Latest In Activism, Prof Corrects NYT Op Eds, Obama, Tiger And MJ, A Stunning Admission

Hidden Leaves – Separate But Equal, You Can Keep The Scapel. . ., Aint Nothing But A G Thang, Man Without A Chest, The Velociraptors Redux

Laudator Temporis Acti – A Random Collocation Of Authors, National Greatness, The Death Of Old Blackshell,Pleasure From Dead Languages

Maverick Philosopher – Academic Philosophy, Alypius The Gladiator, Montaigne On Why Language Matters

Random Xpat Rantings – Fighting Well Makes People Bond, Insulting Your Mate

Neckbeard Chronicles – Off The Wagon, Men Should Love Brains Not Beauty, Write For This Blog, What Is This I Don’t Even Know, Guest: Where Will Be The Best Place To Live, Diary Of A Fucking Freak, So You Want To Be An Alpha, Don’t Settle For Anyone

Futility Closet – The Paradox Of Taste

University Of Man – Study A Broad Program At University Of Man, 11 Tips On Getting More Efficiency Out Of Women Employees, I’m Turning Your Son Into A Daughter, 100 Words Of Hate: Vol 12, Full Of Sound And Fury, Enjoy Your Weekend. . .

Vox Popoli – Fake Republicans For Obama, @WND Does Romney Want To Kill Americans, Tucker Max On Obama, Republican Totalitarian, That Didn’t Take Long, Free Society Or Political Equality

Roosh V – How To Approach Girls At Bars, The Men’s Rights Movement Is Dead, The Secret To Fast Sex

Bronan The Barbarian – Single Young Man Seeking Typical Portland Hottie, How To Tell If An Online Profile Is A Fake, Labor Day Linkage And Hot Cheerleaders

Captain Capitalism – How To Shop For Groceries Bachelor Style, 12 Hours Of Driving, The Economics Of Wyoming Hustle

Alpha Game – Alpha Mail: Where To Start, GIrl’s Night Out, Can Game Save This Marriage, Science Names The Hamster

Dalrock – Beauty Taming The Savage Beast

Danger And Play – Eye Contact Game, Don’t Jump, Hangover Cure, The Perils Of Not Learning Game, Increasing Muscle Density

Matt Forney – The Annotated 50 Shades P1, Sick Man Of The West, Around The World In 80 Girls, The Wussification Of Rock

Patriactionary – Woman Dies In Trash The Dress Disaster, . . . Company Launches Vagina Tightening Cream. . ., Togo Women Push Sex Strike. . ., Manliness And Civilization, Father Knows Best, Revered Wisdom From Archie Bunker

Ride With Blaze – My Online Dating Strategy, A Not-So Sure Thing, Trim The Fat

The Elusive Wapiti – Parents Divorced? Sucks For You, The Mess Cheaters Create

Spootville – Monopolies, Classic Books, The Driver (Atlas Shrugged Earlier Than Expected), The Chicken Came First

Rebellion Blog – The Secret Lives Of The Brain, How Our Rulers See Us, Condi Does Tampa

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – Salma Hayek: Proud To Be Mexican, Lightning Is Racist, School Wants Deaf Boy To Change Name, No More White Cadet Pilots

The Soloist – Blog Posts Are Like Confessions. . ., Mandigofied White Chicks

VK Empire Of Dirt – Your Girls Dress Code

Rational Male – Girls Night Out, Year One, Girls On The Side

Social Kenny – Justin Wayne PUA Controversy, Gym Openers, Either I’ll Fuck Her. . .

James G Writings – The Fishiest Rationalist In The World

Two Fisted Traveller – I Get My Dance Card Punched, P1, IGMDCP, P2, Craigslist Babe

Society Of Phineas – Churchian Preaching Basics, Red Pill Ministries

The Spearhead – A World Without Bicycles, WIlde On A Woman’s Love, MGTOW And Game. . .

Red Pill Room – Take As Daily, As Directed, 50 Shades Of Game, Back To The Sandbox

The Private Man – A Dating Exercise For Women Amazing Followup, Finding Chemistry, The Clusters: A Warning, You Know You’ve Taken The Red Pill

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – The 10 Commandments Of Big Game Hustling

Sympathy For The Devil – Dregs And Progress, How To Learn Game For $20

iSteve Blog – Barack Obama: The Story, The Weirdest Thing In BO: The Story, Obama As Academic Leader, Gay Marriage: 0 for 32, Democrats Can’t Find Most Black Voters

SiME – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dulst

Chariot Of Reaction – Recommendations For The 21st Century Church. . ., Alaska: Weird But Sane

Apocalypse Cometh – Absence, Still Want To Be A Soldier, We Aren’t The Only Ones, I Quit

Guide For A Young Patriarch – Religion Makes You Beta

80 Proof Oinomancy – The Cycle, I Like Driving Backwards In The Fog, Its Not Like You Killed Someone. . ., Another Fable Of Mine, All The Grief In The World. . .

Hawaiian Libertarian – Divorce Court Programming

Deconstructing Leftism – If This Surprises You. . .

Paradigm Shift – Paradise Sucks, Dating Is Not War, Sexy Or Hot, Predictably Unpredictable

Stares At The World – If We Do Not Stand, Three Paths To Nowhere,

finndistan – Cuck-Okay-ld, Open Thank You Letter To A Good Friend

Chateau Heartiste – Hot Girl Crazy, Impolite Graph Of The Month, The Alpha Male Look, How To Respond To Girls Who Call Out Game, Street Kiss Close Analysis, Whole Lotta Link

Feet And Knees Together – Second Section Completed

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – 34, A Confederacy Of Hamsters, All In The Game Bro

The Left Half – The Circus Sideshow Continues, Prison America, If Only Their Eyes Would See, We Are Upon The Doldrums, The Minder Class, The Reason For LTR Game

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Ideological Filters And Predictions. . ., The Fundamental Assumption. . ., What Was James Holmes Angry About, Bitches Love Drama

Masculine Style – Custom Suiting With Indochino, 1588 World Map, Making The Transition, Shameless Masculinity

Enigmatico e Realistico – The Expectations Are The Problem (Portuguese)

Postmasculine – Meta-awesomeness, AM: How Should A Girl Look For A Boyfriend

Unleash The Bull – The Whooping Of The Tards

The Badger Hut – Dominance And Femininity, Another Damn Girly Song About Game

Stoner With A Boner – Flirting With Death, Nice Articles Across The Web

Foseti – Review Of Platform, Is Libertarianism Racist

Il Risorgimento – La Biblioteca Di Beppo

Generation Nihilism – The Blunderous Break-up(s)

Masters Of Fate – Signs She Is Probably Cheating On You

The Legal Satyricon – This Message Brought To You By. . ., Breakfast Is Bad For You

NO MA’AM – What’s In A Name

Jack Donovan – The American Conservative Explore Thug Life

Forward Base B – Revolutionary Wealth

Ancalgon’s Corner – Polygamous Unions And The Beta Male

Married Man Sex Life – Young Guy Game Vs Old Guy Game

Society Favorites:
1 – Neckbeard Chronicles – Diary Of A Fucking Freak
2 – Free Northerner – What Is To Be Done
3 – Paradigm Shift – Dating Is Not War
4 – The Private Man – A Dating Exercise For Women Amazing Followup
5 – Chateau Heartiste – Hot Girl Crazy
6 – Unleash The Bull – The Whooping Of The Tards
7 – The Left Half – If Only Their Eyes Would See
8 – Roosh V – The Men’s Rights Movement Is Dead,
9 – 80 Proof Oinomancy – Another Fable Of Mine
10 – Danger And Play – Eye Contact Game,

More Notable Gentlemen:
Paradigm Shift – Predictably Unpredictable, The Left Half – The Reason For LTR Game, Random Xpat Rantings – Fighting Well Makes People Bond, Stares At The World – If We Do Not Stand, Three Paths To Nowhere, Two Fisted Traveller – I Get My Dance Card Punched, P1, IGMDCP, P2, Captain Capitalism – How To Shop For Groceries Bachelor Style

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Foseti – Randoms, Randoms, GL Piggy – Links, Links, Stuff The Left Half – Today’s Odds And Ends, The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Linkage, Free Northerner – Lightning Round, Patriactionary – Father Knows Best

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Five Of The Best ‘Sphere Posts, Manosphere: Marriage And Age

University Of Man – Study A Broad

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20 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – Labor Day Weekend

  1. Thanks very much Poet!!

  2. cookie9001 says:

    Thanks for the linkage and I’m honored to be included under “More Notable Gentlemen.”

  3. Mojo says:

    O lawd the Chronicles has hit the number one spot.


  4. Thanks for the linkage, Poet!

  5. Solo says:

    danke schon!

  6. #2, cool. Thanks for the linkage.

  7. A♠ says:

    Many thanks for the links, for the spot in the Top 10 and – most of all – for your hard work.

  8. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet for the linkage, been a rough week but now it’s time to kick all kinds of ass.

  9. invictusiii says:

    Thanks for the linkage. Much appreciated.

  10. Pingback: Lightning Round – 2012/09/05 « Free Northerner

  11. Dean Joseph says:

    Thanks for the hard work in posting the links for us.

  12. Welcome all, it was a good week.

  13. Dean Joseph says:

    Linking you on my page!

  14. Thanks for the linkage!

  15. Thanks for the linkage poet. BTW great post about your opinion in if christian men need or dont game.

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