Linkage Is Good For You: Marriage Week

Next Friday I will be moving 1200 miles away from my current locale, let’s call it Point A, to my new home that we’ll call Point B. Depending on the timing next weeks LIGFY maybe be split or late.  We’ll see how the week goes. -TGP

University Of Man – I Wish Some Of These Guys Would STFU, Welcome To Jurassic Farce, Natural Alpha, Notes From The Comments Section, 100 Hundred Words Of Hate: Vol 13, The Fulcrum, Fake Your Own Death Game,
Danny From 504 – Can’t We All Just Get Along, Meet Stephanie, She’s Single. . ., Taking A Women Into The Wild, Trying To Make Peace, ITLR: Male Aggression, Krav You Very Much. . ., Repost: Cookies, Vietnamese Steak, Some Guys Just Don’t Get It, You Can Lead A Horse To Water

Admiral Cod – True Light, Do Something

What Is A Blog – The Internet Anger And You

3rd Millenium Man – Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor, Habits And Social Circle, Text Game, You Need This Book To Get What You Want, Amazonian P2, Induction Motivations And Beliefs

Alpha Game – It Never Ends, The Odds Of Malice, Divorcing The State, The Logical Fallacy Of Female Attraction, Why Women Are Unhappier, Women Aren’t Attracted To Godly Men

Attack The System – Fuck White Nationalists

Bold And Determined – How To Own Your House And Car Anonymously

Chariot Of Reaction – The Theology Of Three, Sign Of The Time Regarding Concealed Carry, Stumbling Over The Truth

GL Piggy – For The Good Of The Story, Burning With Guilt, Work Stories, Why Does Discrimination Exist, The Way The World Works, Pedophilia Is Difficult To Write. . ., Sports And Sophistication

Laudator Temporis Acti – A Bionic Roach, Dead Languages, Literal Translations, His Thoughts, His Dreams, Were In Latin, Aimless Incursions Into Knowledge, Happy Mortal!

Patriactionary – Boyfriend Job Application, Obedience Versus Submission, Re-living Life, Father Knows Best, When A Male Bird Can’t Stand It Anymore, Adaptation vs Common Descent

Spootville – Getting Good At Anything, The Libertarian Position On Foreign Policy, Economics Debates: Art Funding, Cool It With The Negative Waves, Western Movies

iSteve Blog – Jussim On Stereotypes, Douthat On White Identity Politics, The Unbearable Whiteness Of Apple’s Executive Team, Micronutrient Supplementation, Finally The Unacceptable Face Of Globalization

Forward Base B – The Importance Of The Arms Industry On Diplomacy, Interview With Jacob Appelbaum, Group Polarization And. . .

Freedom Twenty Five – No Fate But What We Make, Get Right For Winter Workout Tape, Male Standards Are Double Standards

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – Haters Gonna Hate

Paradigm Shift – Get Married, Marriage Follow Up, Women Are Not Independent

Roosh V – Denying Death, 9 Things I Learned From Wearing A Suit, Sex Tourists vs Love Tourists

Sympathy For The Devil – Don’t Be Tom

Elusive Wapiti – Latter Day Bra-Burners, Illegitimate Rape Accusations Are Real, Savage Chic, Run, Hide, Fight. . .

Neckbeard Chronicles – Guest: Poolside, It’s Almost Like Nature Intended It That Way, Stop Wanking, White Nationalists Attack, Anti-Neg Is Pure Ignorance, Guest: Somethings I Wonder About, The Right Needs To Man Up. . ., No Shit

The Private Man – Social Comfort Zone, The Vicious Cycle Of Lies. . .,, Women, Television, And Attention Porn, Two Dating Rules For Men

Society Of Phineas – Link Fest

The Quest For 50 – Breaking Through The Plateau, Being George Glass, Taking A Detour

The Spearhead – The Manosphere

Vox Popoli – Bonfire Of The Brights, Is Evil All You Can Do, The Immoral Mind Of Marc Hauser, Disengaged,

Feminism Is Empathological – The Game Of Risk, Straining Credibility, Maximum Override, The Sin Of Ham

Postmasculine – The Prime Belief, Fear Of Disapproval, Book Reviews

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Linkage, I Am Citizen Insane, Apostate, Francis Begbie Ramblings, Paedoggedon

Ride With Blaze – Friend Shit Test Destroyer

Rebellion Blog – Secession Is Returning To America, Montpelier Manifesto, Puerto Rican DNC Delegate Wants To Kill Romney, Diversity So Precious. . .

Il Risorgimento – Well Rounded, Musings, The Lay-up

Hidden Leaves – Seventeenth Preface, Men Who Become Presidents

Chateau Heartiste – How To Do Anniversaries. . ., Your Girlfriend Is Flirting With. . ., Asstenuating Circumstances

Apocalypse Cometh – I’m Free, Hated, Gay Marriage, Future Trends

Rational Male – Play Nice, Women Studies

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – Dad Wears Skirt With Son, Spain Expel Dozens Of Illegal. . ., Arizona Upholds Show Your Papers, Interest For White Student Union. . .

The Left Half – Slap Of Solipsism, A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life, Brave New Healthcare

Danger And Play – Affirming Life, How An Alpha Handles A Mugging, The Difference Between Millennial Men And Women

Free Northerner – Lightning Round, Die When You Are Done, Liberal Economic Stupidity, Firearms Are Freedom

Koanic Soul – Basic Questions Answered About Neanderthals, Proof That I’m Right. . . , Vitamin B Vitality Boost

Masculine Style – Warm And Cool, Wednesday Weigh-In, High Maintenance: Shoes, Casual Friday: Warm

Random Xpat Rantings – Outcome Independence Is Not What You Think It Is, Whoremongers Refuse A Clue

Two Fisted Traveller – Ambition

The Soloist – The Self Entitled Princess, Sad State Of Affairs

Optimum Awareness – The Original Sin Lies In Female Hypergamy. . .

Matt Forney – Matt Forney Comments On Everything, Guest: The Decisions Of Modern Women, Escape From Iowa

Social Kenny – Strike While Its Hot, Is This Guy A Pussy Or Not

Things That We Have Heard And Known – Half Life, Game Vs. Christ I, There Is No Poon I: Game As Tool, TINP2: Solipsism, Dark Triad, And Game

Legal Satyricon – David McKee Are You A Tool

Traditional Christianity (They’re Back) – Blog Update, Peak Feminism

Feet And Knees Together – 30 Day Plan

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – True Believers Are Not Interested In Reality

Masters Of Fate – Manage Your Realm

Married Man Sex Life – Wheat Is Evil, The New Life, Wife, And Masculine Style, Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

Red Pill Room – Beta Move: Wash Her Face

Generation Nihilism – Minus one, +1

Finndistan – Shut Up. Let Me Enjoy My Delusion

Dalrock – She’s The Victim

Captain Capitalism – At Work, At Play, The Reliability Factor

Bronan The Barbarian – Favorite Gym Characters

Carnivore’s Cave – Word To Wives

Stoner With A Boner – Books That Defeated Me

Underpaintings – Auction Preview

Deconstructing Leftism – MacDonald vs Jones vs Darkmoon. . .

80 Proof Oinomancy – Buy Now In One Convenient Package

NO MA’AM – Feminine-ism, Nicest Ideology In The World

Naughty Nomad – Return Of The Mac

Kalamazoouncut – Avoiding Weaponization

Thoughts And Ideas – Martin On Celibacy

Shameless Self Promotion For Marriage Week – Marriage The Right Way, Donlak 1, D2, Left, Hidden

Society Favorites:
1 – The Spearhead – The Manosphere
2 – Danny From 504 – You Can Lead A Horse To Water
3 – Free Northerner – Die When You Are Done
4 – Alpha Game – Women Aren’t Attracted To Godly Men
5 – University Of Man – Natural Alpha, Notes From The Comments Section
6 – Paradigm Shift – Women Are Not Independent
7 – Postmasculine – The Prime Belief
8 – Attack The System – Fuck White Nationalists
9 – Neckbeard Chronicles – The Right Needs To Man Up. . .
10 – GL Piggy – Sports And Sophistication

More Notable Gentlemen:
The Quest For 50 – Being George Glass, Chateau Heartiste – Asstenuating Circumstances, Random Xpat Rantings – Whoremongers Refuse A Clue, Rational Male – Women Studies, Laudator Temporis Acti – Dead Languages, Generation Nihilism – Minus one, +1, NO MA’AM – Feminine-ism, Nicest Ideology In The World, Apocalypse Cometh – I’m Free, Future Trends

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Society Of Phineas – Link Fest,The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Linkage,Free Northerner – Lightning Round, GL Piggy – Links, Links, Patriactionary – Father Knows Best, 3rd Millenium Man – 3 Things. . ., Foseti – Randoms, Two Fisted Traveller – Linkage Is Fucking Awesome

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Text Game, Manosphere: Red Pill Women

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19 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You: Marriage Week

  1. Thanks again for the support Poet!! Glad you keep enjoying our team’s writing.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    damn, i made it to #2 in the fave’s? color me flattered.

  3. Pingback: Thanks to the Men - Optimum Awareness

  4. Matt Forney says:

    I appreciate the links, but a correction – “The Decisions of Modern Women” was written by Tim, not me.

  5. Your linkage is highly appreciated.

  6. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet for the linkage. Do me a favor and e-mail me, I have a proposition for you.

  7. Awesome, thanks for the linkage.

  8. FFY says:

    Thanks hombre

  9. Elusive Wapiti says:

    Thanks for the linkage, and thanks also for picking up on Links are Good For You where Ferd left off.

  10. tgrwhite8974 says:

    I have just started a blog and I wonder whether you could include me in your next link round up?

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