Linkage Is Good For You: Truncated Moving Week

I have arrived.  After driving for 22 hours of a 25 hour trip one can imagine that I have not had the energy to comb through all of the articles this week for our regular download.  Hopefully tomorrow I can do a little round-up to finish the last so many articles.
-The Poet

Danny From 504 – ITLR: Women. . .Walk Away Please, ITLR: Using Her Hamster. . ., ITLR: Repost: The Summation Of My 20s, Snipped, Into The Black

Alpha Game – Alpha Mail: The Bible And Divorce, Star Trek Game, No Divorce, No Consequences, Communication And La Difference

3rd Millenium Man – It Is Possible, Women, (How To) Talk To Your Men, Manosphere: Pornography

Captain Capitalism – The Single Hinge Of Liberalism, View Into An Evil Woman’s Mind, The Minimalism Or Riches Dichotomy, Fight The HR Powers

Hawaiian Libertarian – The Zeta Poin

Jack Donovan – Long Live The Manosphere

Vk’s Empire Of Dirt – Interview With Chef In Jeans, Interview With FFY, What More Can I Say

Vox Popoli – Machiavelli On Immigration, We Apologize For The Interruption, A Ride On The Dark Side

Carnivore’s Cave – A Word To The Wives: An Observation, Women: Find A Millionaire,

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – CNN Gloats Over White Dispossession, Israelis Protest Against Integration. . ., USA Today Also Gloating. . ., PB&J Sandwiches Are Racist, Wagging The Dirty Infidel

Feminism Is Empathological – Noah’s Response, Near Beliefs And The Personal Jesus, What Do You See In This Image

The Soloist – Motivation Part 3, Generation PrincessThe Soloist – Motivation Part 3, Generation Princess

Things That We Have Heard And Known – The Love Ham At 400 Degrees. . ., This Time Its Personal, TINP P3: Ain’t No Wang Either

Bronan The Barbarian – Cinnabon: Airline Travel’s Fat Satan, Guest: Roll Like Kenny

Spootville – The Most Basic Of Fishing. . ., Less Government = More Prosperity, Opposition To Hunting

iSteve Blog – Kanazawa Is Back, Felix Salmon On IQ. . ., Passing, Past And Present, Lightwashing

Sympathy For The Devil – Rule 2: Don’t Chat Up Women You Don’t Want, The Bro And The Ho

Tao Of Dirt – Your Attention Is Currency

Roosh V – Death Of The Natural, Why You Should Get Excited. . ., How The Game Is Played

Neckbeard Chronicles – Asian Sunshine Girls, Guest: Life Paths For A Young Man, Negative Energy, I’m So Happy For Atheist. . .

Two Fisted Traveller – Warrior’s Diet, Post To My Dad

University Of Man – Vasectomy P1, Hundred Words Of Hate: V14, She’s Not Haaaaappy, Cupcake Chick Asked Me. . .

Traditional Christianity – Submission For Adults

The Badger Hut – The Mainstream Trains Men In Compatibility. . .

Elusive Wapiti – Mother Decapitates Two-year-old Son, Pro-Marriage Cons: Stop Digging, Go Your Own Way. . .Education

Random Xpat Rantings – Master PUAs And Their Attitude, Women Succor Only Children, Family Men Forecast Doom. . ., Love After The Red Pill

Laudator Temporis Acti – A Collector Of Scraps, A Signature In A Book, Vices Of Modern Prose, Fill Up The Bowl, Young People Now

Freedom Twenty-Five – Two Games

Free Northerner – College Orientation, A Good Wife And A Full Quiver, Lightning Round, Anarcho-Monarchism, Free John McNeil, Evolutionary Psychology, Politics And Bad Science,

Finndistan – I Paid My Dues; You?

Deconstructing Leftism – . . .American Liberalism Is Victorian, John Cusack Fall Off. . .

Masculine Style – Black And Brown, More Late Summer Style, Wednesday Weigh-in: Double Breasted, Dressing The (Smaller) Man, Casual Friday: Docked

Dalrock – Its A Feature Not A Bug

Le Cygne Gris – False Humility, Rights And Equality, The Bell Tolls For Marriage, Another Reason To Quit Facebook, Women And Divorce, Rotten Heads

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – The MesoAmerican Black Death. . ., Photograph Of US Ambassador

Matt Forney – We Come Not To Praise. . ., Notes From The Road, My Day Of Rolling Like Kenny, Book Reviews In Brief: Nowicki, Something I Should Tell You. . .

Chateau Heartiste – Game And HBD: BFFs, The 4-Date Misrule, Ditch The Treadmill, Incentives Matter, Unequal Housework Fallacy

Futility Closet – Can This Be Hell

Thoughts And Ideas – The New Normal

Social Kenny – The Contract Part 3

The Spearhead – Fire In The Manosphere

The Red Pill Room – Girl Game: The Happy Ending, Our Masculine Power: The Power To Love And Appreciate

Rebellion Blog – US Hushed Up Katyn. . ., Secessionists To Convene. . ., Oh, Yes, 9/11, Catalan Independence Rally

Rational Male – Men In Love, Of Love And War

Postmasculine – Does Sex Increase Your Self-Esteem, How To Start A Successful Blog

Patriactionary – The Federal Gvmt Recreates Marriage, Father Knows Best

Married Man Sex Life – Why The No Divorce. . ., Do Not Take Me For A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Friends, Blaming Marriage: On The Black Swan

Ride With Blaze – My New Online Dating Strategy

Foseti – Bruce Charlton’s Christianity, Review: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Naughty Nomad – How To Assemble A Crew

Chariot Of Reaction – Rage Over TSA Builds. . .

The Private Man – Recycle: Charmed By An Older Southern Woman, Leaving The Gene-Pool

Hidden Leaves – The Eagle And The Kite

Generation Nihilism – Nexxt Level Up Site Launch

Il Risorgimento – An Unused Line

Society Of Phineas – The Cornerstone Of Marriage

A Cry In The Dark – Things That Are Said To Be Christian. . .

The Nexxt Level Up – Information And Technology Addiction, Fit Is King, High/Low, Supplements: Beta Alanine, Getting Started, Equiping Your Kitchen

Krauser PUA – Deep Conversion

Cakes And Shakes – Interview With Professor Mentu

Forward Base B – Memory Implants. . ., Inspirations Of Nobuos. . ., What Comes Next For The Manosphere

Apocalypse Cometh – Daughters, Envy

Chef In Jeans – Taking It To The Nexxt Level

Whiskey’s Place – This Is Not 1979

Masters Of Fate – Fighting: Alpha Or Beta

Maverick Philosopher – Observations On The Joy Of Teaching

GL Piggy – A Chore, Is Free Speech Axiomatic, Increased Media Reverence For Muhammad

Beta Persona – Bam. Game., Sexy Move: Cuddle After Sex, Before, During, I’m A Faker, How To Be More Caring

The Black Fedora – More On This Later, Shivers

Guns Of Apollo – Gay Wingman Game

Life In The Age Of Byrony – Two Types Of Guys. . .,

Society Favorites:
1 – Bronan The Barbarian – Guest: Roll Like Kenny – MUST READ COMMENTS!
2 – Hawaiian Libertarian – The Zeta Point, Jack Donovan – Long Live The Manosphere, Matt Forney – We Come Not To Praise. . ., The Spearhead – Fire In The Manosphere
3 – University Of Man – Vasectomy P1,
4 – Freedom Twenty-Five – Two Games, Two Games, Part Duex
5 – The Red Pill Room – Our Masculine Power: The Power To Love And Appreciate
6 – Vox Popoli – We Apologize For The Interruption, A Ride On The Dark Side
7 – Freedom Twenty-Five – Swole Acceptance
8 – Apocalypse Cometh – Envy
9 – Captain Capitalism – The Captain’s Declaration Of Independence
10 – The Soloist – Generation Princess

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
GL Piggy –Links,  Links, Optimum Awareness – Thanks To The Men, Free Northerner – Lightning Round, Patriactionary – Father Knows Best

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Pornography

The Nexxt Level Up – Manosphere supergroup: Roosh, VK, Tanner (Masculine Style), Chef in Jeans, and Fly Fresh And Young.

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13 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You: Truncated Moving Week

  1. electricangel says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Poet!

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    more Mucha prints please.

    glad you got settled Brother. and thanks for the linkage. i’m actually considering changing them to ITLR.

    stay up.

  3. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Thanks for the linkage Poet.

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  5. Mojo says:

    Oh God, the comments at Bronan’s.

    So much lulz.

  6. Solo says:

    respect as always

  7. Carnivore says:

    Thank you, sir.

  8. Thanks for the number one spot! Or should I thank Alpha Persona since he wrote it???

  9. TAllagash says:

    good looking out, thanks for the hat tip.

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