LIGFY: Truncated Week Additions


Notable Gentlemen Missed in The Shuffle:

3rd Millenium Men – Manosphere: The Cold Hard Facts Of Female Fertility

Bold And Determined – . . .Need To Succeed

Le Cygne Gris –  Television And Children

Hidden Leaves – The Day I Said Good-Bye To The Button Fly

The Left Half – Fear

The Rational Male – Amused Mastery

The University Of Man – Vasectomy P2, Broads And Gods

Whiskeys Place – Why Muslims Hate Hate Hate Us

Unleash The Bull – I Know I’m Fat But. . .

Apocalypse Cometh – The Elites Do As Expected

Alpha Game – A Professional Fake Rapist

Underpaintings – Godward’s Gossamer Gowns


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3 Responses to LIGFY: Truncated Week Additions

  1. Cheers Poet, appreciated!

  2. littlepdog says: (wrong link in username)

    Holy shit, I had no idea somebody was continuing where Ferdinand left off. @Person running this, do you have a separate blog from this off your own?

    • I don’t have anything separate from this little space. Normally I have more post between the LIGFY rounds but I’ve been in the process of moving the past few weeks so things have been sparse. Cheers.

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