Linkage Is Good For You: I Have Arrived

Vox Popoli – That Wonderful Immigrant Food, @WND President Supervillain, Death Of A Gamer, Blind Faith In Science

Traditional Christianity – Let Her Ask Her Husband, The Bitter Truth About Multi-CultiTwo Fisted Traveller – I Quit, Reading Round-Up, Pestilence

The Society Of Phineas – Churchian Marriage 2.0

Neckbeard Chronicles – RNOFAP Are Becoming Mentally Ill, The Most Transparent Attempt. . ., Blah Blah Blah Blah. . .

The Left Half – There’s One In Every Family, Face Of Beauty, Just Remember Where You Got Her, Intimacy And Solipsism, Im A Virginity Fetishist. . .

The Red Pill Room – Because What We Really Needed. . ., The Tangled Chains. . .Solipsism

University Of Man – Meet Me For A Pint, 100 Words Of Hate: Vol 15, First Round At The Pub, The Water Fountain, Onward Christian Rationalization Hamster, A Pint With Badger

Matt Forney – Celebrities And Approaching. . ., Ugly Bitch Bullied. . .Penises Rejoice. . ., Debunking The Case Against Vasectomy, Guest: The Monster In The Closet, Book Reviews In Brief: Teacher X

Maverick Philosopher – The Atheist, We Cannot Be Our Own Source Of Existential Meaning

Naughty Nomad – 5 Steps To Make Your Own Beer

Laudator Temporis Acti – Call Of The Wild, A Thirst After Knowledge, Carpe Diem

Black Man, Red Pill – Why So Serious

Captain Capitalism – Three Girls And A Captain, How The Hatred Of Math Explains Everything, Original Cardinal Sin Of Keynes, How To Snatch A Man, Buy Silver Dollars, Not Booze, Booze, Bullets, Currency, Or Metals, Ultimate Retirement Solutions: Moonshine

Bronan The Barbarian – Fly Fresh And Barbaric’s PUA Pussy Adventures, Win Fabulous Prizes. . ., Lady Gaga Is Now A Fat Hochunks

Alpha Game – An Intent To Disqualify, Solving Hypergamy, Susan Challenges A Concept, Why Solipsism Matters, Alpha Mail: Be Careful What You Chase, Comparative Advantage And Sex Roles

3rd Millenium Man – Olivia Wilde P1, Manosphere: Attraction, Desire, And Love P1, Olivia Wilde P2, Olivia Wilde P3, Manosphere P2, Olivia Wilde P4

Chateau Heartiste – 182 Days Of Blue Balls, Women Don’t Handle Rejection Well, Male Choosiness, Female Beauty And Monogamy, Are Messy Girls Easier Lays, White Woman, Dimensions Of A Perfect Woman

Danny From 504 – Woe Of Women, Fuck My Life, Advice From Cholos, Steak Au Poivre, Socially Unacceptable, The Twenty Minute ONS Close

Freedom Twenty-Five – What Does The Bible Really Say. . ., Rationalizing Fornication, The Christian Man’s Trilemma, Christian Player’s Code

Feet And Knees Together – Red-Pill Reformation, RPR: Intro, RPR: Narrative,

Foseti – Randoms, Black Crime Victims, The End Of Men

The Black Fedora – The Mortal Sin Of Atheism, Nerdy Warfare

Nexxt Level Up – Understanding Rest Times. . ., Iron Giant, Are You Playing Hard To Get, Double Monks

Carnivore’s Cave – Groomless Bride, Style Recycled

Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism – 70% Of Jews Support Obama, Pat Buchanan, Romney Vows Not To Round Up The Illegals, New Black Panther Party. . .

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Two Brilliant No Bull Shit Ways To Improve Your Social Standing, Dummy’s Guide To Modern Literature, The Big Bang Theory’s Happy Ending

Unleash The Beef – You’re Still Into Posture

Whiskey’s Place – Called It. . .

The Badger Hut – Comfort Game By Stocking Your Fridge, The Close Line, A New Spin On Man Up Marketing

The Alpha Persona – Game Is A Crock Of Shit, Openers Coupled With False Time Constraints, Manosphere Mobilize, Manginas Are Everywhere

iSteve Blog – Flowchart: Is Someone Racist, Did Anybody Ask The Neighbors. . ., Strange Country Norway. . .

Apocalypse Cometh – A Rare Moment Of Truth, The Presidential Election,  STFU, I Didn’t Get It But Now I Do, The End Is Truly Near

Rebellion – Post-War Exploitation Of The South, . . .Voters To Pledge Allegiance To Obama, It Was ALL About Slavery

Maverick Philosopher – Escapism, Retreat Into The Private Life, What Is Left For Philosophy To Do

Patriactionary – Ex-Boyfriend Filmed Girls Death. . ., Father Knows Best, Public Schools And Insanity, Catholicism, Public Schools. . ., Girls Beat Up Iranian Cleric. . ., Quebecs New Separatist Government. . ., In India, Homemakers. . ., Remember When The Tea Party. . ., Father Knows Best II

Reflections On The Age – The Essence Of Game

The Hunt – Beard GameEveryone Is Available, Do Something Different Today

Things We Have Heard And Known – A Series Of Negatives. . .

Private Man – New Blog To Watch

The Masters Of Fate – Game Principles From The Duke Fuck List

The Elusive Wapiti – You’re Not Better Off, She Gets It

Sympathy For The Devil – Be A Dictator

Spootville – Treestand Styles, Top Six Places I Want To Visit, Getting Along With The Other Side

SiME – Holding Multiple, Contradictory Beliefs

Roosh V – Is The Men’s Rights Movement Really Dieing, Don’t Text Me Again, You Broke Me, More Book Reviews 14

Rational Male – Size Matters, Kill The Bunny, Sex In The 90s

Random Xpat Rantings – Women Drive Men Nuts. . .

Ride With Blaze – A Snip Will Do You, Threesomes And Shit Tests And Lesbos, Oh My

Postmasculine – Wanderlust

Playing the Devil’s Advocate – A Final Solution For The Human Condition

Paradigm Shift – Screening For Sluts, The Agents Of The Matrix Are Everywhere

Married Man Sex Life – Why Are Crazy Bitches So Good In Bed

Il RIsorgimento – Regola 2, La Cucina Di Beppo, The First Time I Realized. . .

Hawaiian Libertarian – Now And Then, Coming To Terms

Free Northerner – Lightning Round, Lessons From Dating A Fashion Model, The Collapse, 47%: The Liberal Goal

Forward Base B – How The French Became Surrender Monkeys

Stoner With A Boner – The Manosphere Is Not A Monolith, Great Quote About Animal Nature

Tao Of Dirt – Defensive Properties Of Game, Save Your Energy

Yohami – Reader Letters: Quit The Crap. . .

Admiral Cod – Rugby Polo

Chariot Of Reaction – Golden Dawn Surges Ahead, Insanity And The Wisdom Of Old School Bigotry

Dalrock – Female Solipsism, More On Female Solipsism, Conservatives Enabling Feminists

Danger And Play – The Key To Male Sanity, The End Of An Alpha

GL Piggy – A Real Debate, Sexualization Of Old Broads, Overboard

The Soloist – The Inspiration

Social Kenny – Picked Up A Cashier Beauty Pageant. . .

The Chef In Jeans – Cranberry Apple Stuffed Pork. . .

Krauser PUA – Arbeit Macht Frei, Reality Warfare

80 Proof Oinomancy – See What I Did There

Generation Nihilism – First Date Non Date Move

Society Favorites:
1 – Freedom Twenty-Five – Christian Player’s Code – Read the whole series
2 – Solipsism: Alpha Game – Susan Challenges A Concept, Why Solipsism Matters, Hawaiian Libertarian – Coming To Terms, The Left Half – Intimacy And Solipsism, The Red Pill Room – The Tangled Chains. . .Solipsism, Dalrock – Female Solipsism, More On Female Solipsism
3 – Matt Forney – Guest: The Monster In The Closet
4 – Danger And Play – The Key To Male Sanity
5 – Chateau Heartiste – Women Don’t Handle Rejection Well,

Other Notable Gentlemen:
University Of Man – Meet Me For A Pint, Danny From 504 – Woe Of Women, The Hunt – Beard Game, Roosh V – You Broke Me, Rational Male – Kill The Bunny, Captain Capitalism – Buy Silver Dollars, Not Booze

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Foseti – Randoms, Patriactionary – Father Knows Best, Free Northerner – Lightning Round, GL Piggy – Links

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Attraction, Desire, And Love P1, P2

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    appreciate the linkage Brother. thanks.

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    Thanks for the linkosity, my friend.

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    respect as always

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  8. 3rd Millenium Men says:

    Cheers yet again Poet!

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