Things Gentlemen Do; Or Its Better To Be Strong Than Smart

Tanner at Masculine Style recently posted an image of a pair of dueling pistolswhich set my mind to consider duelling.  Men in fine suits firing finer pistols at one another for the sake of some sort of aetheric essence known as honor always holds a certain amount of fascination.  One does not over exaggerates to say that every society which allows a recourse to single combat for such offenses against its men shows an underlying health and that a society that disallows such a recourse is on its way down.  Consider that our modern decline began around the turn of the 19th Century, around the same time the suffragettes were out in droves and that the duel receded into some strange place between illegal and accepted.  That men accepted the laws which made illegal the provision which they had enjoyed to protect their honor, their masculinity, their ability to be men reveals the first pass into femcentricism.  Shooting pistols at one another is apparently “bad,” while eternal solipsism is “good.”At SoAG it is understood that a certain amount of mental proclivity engenders society, that such maintained the state of the ante-feminist Western man for millennia need not be made more apparent. However, peering back through the pages of history it is clear that the cultured man, the artist, the poet, the statesman, will not arise of his own.  That is, the cultured man must be won out from the mindless denizens of the world, his is a position earned, either of his own volition or the chance of his forefathers.  Leisure time, that coveted necessity of lettered men, is a hard won prize that by its ample supply in the west has become poorly valued; like the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots of Paine’s call to arms, the lazy leisurely western half-man values little want cost him little.  He, with all the niceties of modern life has time upon time to waste on cat videos and porn and little incentive to do otherwise.  So let us leave of the mental calisthenic for the time.

It is better to be strong than to be smart if one could only be the one and not the other.  For the price of the latter must be paid of the former.  Strength purchases leisure which might be spent on learning and letters, but letter and learning will not buy what sweat and vigor alone can procure.  It would be better that the Manosphere be filled with fools than that it be filled with manginas.

This is where much of the chagrin at A Voice For Men comes from.  There is patent weakness which exudes there.  Strength is the only force which sustains society; society is a costly endeavor which is founded on strength.  This is why, this and a greater resistance to hamsterbating solipsism, that men are the society builders and the great benefactors of the intellect.

Veritas numquam perit,
The Poet
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14 Responses to Things Gentlemen Do; Or Its Better To Be Strong Than Smart

  1. freebird says:

    It’s why Christianity and the Law is under attack:”Women and children shall rule over you.”
    Satan requires a rough and ready hand,and a clear mind.Both have been hamstrung by the Godless power seekers.

  2. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet for the linkage, it’s greatly appreciated and this is really good article.

  3. Ulysses says:

    A few months back, there was a post at AVfM about how patriarchy was bad because it demanded too much of men and didn’t sufficiently allow for our feelings.

  4. Matt Strictland says:

    There were strong attempts to reduce dueling all the way back in the Elizabethan era, probably before . This wasn’t a product of some proto-feminity, Her Majesty expected Men to be Men but because the activity was killing upwards of 25% of the upper class males.

    The combination of an almost gang like culture among the upper class and the deadliness of the fashionable Spanish long rapier in duels had created a bad situation for stability and order

    The pistol, especially by the time highly reliable percussion caps came into play would magnify the problem. Fact is technology is an equalizer and the idea that a duel can prove something is moot when pretty much anyone can kill easily.

    Its little wonder that this was frowned on. Any functioning society wants to keep its upper crust alive.

    • Matt-

      I’ve been pondering how to answer this little snippet, but on rereading your comment I’ve come to see that you missed the point from the very outset. I wrote that men ALLOWED dueling to be outlawed. Your first line: ATTEMPTS to reduce dueling. . . the point being that before the beginning of femcentricism dueling held a prestigious history back to the early Middle Ages (further if single combat is to be deemed a duel under the watch of ancient militaries). You’ve missed the point. Try again. Or don’t. Either way. I’ll let you make that call.

  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    dueling. honorable. i can get behind it.

    but those days are gone. most men today don’t or won’t even fight. i do. i will. i can.

    there is no honor anymore. there is simply winning or losing when it comes to male aggression/disagreement. and i rarely lose. tbh, i hate fighting. but where i come from, it’s a part of existence. me and some friends watched my boy adam rip 3 skinheads on his own. we COULD have jumped in, but we knew my boy could handle it.

    welcome to my world.

    read “the book of five rings” GP, i think you’ll like it.

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  7. Ulysses says:

    Second the Hagakure recommendation. That’s where my blog’s title comes from.

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