Linkage Is Good For You – Octoberish

3rd Millenium Man Manosphere: Nice Guys P2, Hitting Reboot, Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far, Student’s First Date P1, Sofia Vergara Vs Cameron Diaz, There And Back Again, Manosphere: Marriage, SFD P2, Manosphere: Marriage P2

Alpha Game – Business Game, Maternal Right To Kidnap, She’s Probably Had Better

Apocalypse Cometh – The Anger Of Men, Immigration And Welfare, Fred On Evolution, The Red Pill Is Spreading, The Bible And The Red Pill

Bronan The Barbarian – Are British Women Actually Ugly, How I Skullfucked DMB And Saved Heavy Metal, Jennifer Livingston: Fat Acceptance. . .

Laudator Temporis Acti – Flight, After The Death Of A Bachelor, Always Restless And Uneasy, The Bog Of Latin And Greek, Leisure Reading

Matt Forney – A Fugitive And A Vagabond In The Earth, The Silent Majority Of Abused. . ., Naughty Nomad, Debunking What Do Feminist Have Left

Spootville – Talking Points, Freedom = Prosperity

Captain Capitalism – Warm Cappy Cap’s Fuzzies, Why Leftists Tend To Be Uglier, The Spinning Wheels Economy, Good News Everyone

Chateau Heartiste – Reply To A Common Shit Test, Penis Size Around The World, The Dark Romance Genre, How To Remain Unflustered. . ., The Problem With Single Women Having The Vote, Reader F’ing Mailbag

Dalrock – Christian Denial. . ., Connecting The Pathological Fear. . ., Debasing Marriage

Danny From 504 – ITLR: Alpha + Humor=Pussy, Chicken Fricassee, The Klonapin Chronicles, Part Of A Woman’s Body. . ., The Benefit Of Female Friends, The Gayest Post Evaaaar, I Have A Tiny Penis, Military Game, Sexy Time

Deconstructing Leftism – Game Of Thrones. . ., Self Defense Is Genocide

Il Risorgimento – Regola 3

Free Northener – More Encouragement For Bill, Liberty Or Open Borders, Life Of A Beta, Lightning Round, Demanding More

Masculine Style – Dressing The Larger Man, Not So Masculine Huggin Jacket, WWI: Danger And Play, CF: Into The Wild

Underpaintings – Symbols In Art: Narcissus

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – The Cardinal Rule Of Game, 7.62 Millimetre, Mark Minter Layeth The Smack Down

The Soloist – You Can’t Save These Slores, Transexuals And Urban Youths, Racists Gonna Racist, Dean Joseph’s Epic Transformation, Game For Fat Guys

The Journey Of Superman – NSFW Aspiring Model. . .

The Chef In Jeans – Ocktoberfest 2

The Hunt – The Bastard Chronicles: Genesis, Caged Wolves

The Art Of Manliness – The Importance Of Building Your Vocabulary, What Is Honor, Know Your Lifts

Stares At The World – Professional Women And Their Empty Marriages, I Am Teh Canadian Taliban, The Way Of Men

Nexxt Level Up – The Best Damn Yams In The Land, Just Say No To The Smith Machine, Do You Want To Get Laid Or Make A Point, Next Round Not It, Level Up With A Blazer

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – French Politician Speaks Against Anti-White Racism

Futility Closet – Monk’s Notes

Higher Unlearning – Is Everyman A Castaway On His Own Island

Krauser PUA – Long Game

Around The World In 80 Girls – Second Edition

Unleash The Beef – The Evolution Of Low Expectations

University Of Man – Live From Mexico, Mentu’s History Of Domestic Violence, HWOH: V 17, The Guilty Mind, Top 10 Ways I Can Tell. . . , Marriage And Fatherhood

The Red Pill Room – Go Where The Fish Are, Office Game Primer, And Now A Word From Our Hamster. . ., A Word From Olympus, Office Game P2

Neckbeard Chronicles – r/nofap Betatude, Young Men Have No Allies, A Hamster In Action, Positive Action, Swallow The Red Pill, Whole, So Long Sleepytown

The Quest For 50 – The Theory of (Cold Streak) Relativity

Alpha Persona – Quiz Answers, Walk Like A Man

The Elusive Wapiti – Marriage: The Trads Are Right

The Left Half – Its Like They Have A Day For Everything

The Legal Satyricon – Happy Banned Books Week

The Masters Of Fate – Stop Wondering Why. . .

Admiral Cod – Thank You Christian Grey

Ancalgon’s Corner – Estrogen In Your Diet

Danger And Play – Should I Shave My Head

Freedom Twenty-Five – Back To Reality

Generation Nihilism – Male Status And Female Handicapping, What Does Her Body Really Look Like

GL Piggy – The Body Politic

Hawaiian Libertarian – My Salute To Conventional Wisdom

Hidden Leaves – Nice Beaver, Daughters, The Sharp Contrast Between Bad And Worse, Milk Jugs

Black Man, Red Pill – Random Rant

Jack Donovan – Photograph Your Crew

Le Cygne Gris – Knowledge Of Evil, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Married Man Sex Life – What Energizes You Is Alpha

Marky Marks Thoughts – No Such Thing As Honest Money

Life In The Age Of Byrony – Be A Better Man

Naughty Nomad – How To Get Laid In The Baltics

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – There Aint No Shame In Having A Big Frame

Paradigm Shift – Gender Attacks Slight Of Hand, I’m Only Teasing You

Reflections Of The Age – RAAAAAAGE

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Moderate Popularity. . .

Private Man – Resiliency Conundrum, Chivalry-A Good And Honest Rant, Dating 2.0

Tao Of Dirt – Where Is Confidence. . ., Hair, Weekend Reflection 1

Stoner With A Boner – More Shaming From Fatuous Futrelle

Starting Young And Aiming High – What Do Feminists Have Left

Roosh V – You’re A Liar, It Better To Have Guts Than Brains, American Girl Personal Ad, Washington DC: Meet Up

Human Stupidity – Dangerously Incompetent Firefighters. . .

Maverick Philosopher – Realms Beyond The Natural

Postmasculine – Self Discipline

Random Xpat Rantings – Men Don’t Want Love Slaves Because. . ., Women Constantly Lie To Gain Social Positioning

Rational Male – Up The Alpha, Terry ‘s Gene

Ride With Blaze – Selective Morality, A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing, Game Works Everywhere

Man Manifesto – 10 Essentials: Ivy League Edition

Vox Popoli – Decline Of Human Capability

xculthundra – A Valuable Book On Ejaculation Control. . ., Christian Don’t Understand Adultery, Fornication, Premarital Sex

Society Favorites:
1 – Apocalypse Cometh – The Anger Of Men
2 – Bronan The Barbarian – Are British Women Actually Ugly
3 – Matt Forney – A Fugitive And A Vagabond In The Earth
4 – Danny From 504 – The Benefit Of Female Friends
5 – Ancalgon’s Corner – Estrogen In Your Diet
6 – The Soul Is Not A Smithy – 7.62 Millimetre
7 – Postmasculine – Self Discipline
8 – Ride With Blaze – Selective Morality
9 – University Of Man – Live From Mexico,
10 – Chateau Heartiste – The Problem With Single Women Having The Vote

More Notable Gentlemen:
Neckbeard Chronicles – So Long Sleepytown, The Red Pill Room – Office Game Primer, Office Game P2, Generation Nihilism – What Does Her Body Really Look Like, Hidden Leaves – Nice Beaver, Unleash The Beef – The Evolution Of Low Expectations

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Foseti – Randoms, Le Cygne Gris – Random Blegs, Patriactionary – Bonus Linkfest, Father Knows Best, Free Northerner – Lightning Round

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Nice Guys P2, Manosphere: Marriage, Manosphere: Marriage P2

Society Approved Reviews:
Stares At The World – The Way Of Men, Matt Forney – Naughty Nomad
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12 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – Octoberish

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    thanks brudduh. much appreciated.

  2. That beautiful time of the week when 10 new comments show up. Thanks heaps legend.

  3. Superman says:

    Great list. Thanks!

  4. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  5. Thanks again for the linkage.

  6. Thanks for the linkage Poet – appreciate the #2 slot!

  7. Ulysses says:

    Thanks for the linkage, GP.

  8. Many thanks for the links, ol’ chum.

  9. My second time in the Top 10. Thanks for linking!

  10. Thank you for putting me in your top ten, and for the linkage.

  11. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet, especially for the #1! I think that’s the second time.

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