Linkage Is Good For You – Octoberish

3rd Millenium Man Manosphere: Nice Guys P2, Hitting Reboot, Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far, Student’s First Date P1, Sofia Vergara Vs Cameron Diaz, There And Back Again, Manosphere: Marriage, SFD P2, Manosphere: Marriage P2

Alpha Game – Business Game, Maternal Right To Kidnap, She’s Probably Had Better

Apocalypse Cometh – The Anger Of Men, Immigration And Welfare, Fred On Evolution, The Red Pill Is Spreading, The Bible And The Red Pill

Bronan The Barbarian – Are British Women Actually Ugly, How I Skullfucked DMB And Saved Heavy Metal, Jennifer Livingston: Fat Acceptance. . .

Laudator Temporis Acti – Flight, After The Death Of A Bachelor, Always Restless And Uneasy, The Bog Of Latin And Greek, Leisure Reading

Matt Forney – A Fugitive And A Vagabond In The Earth, The Silent Majority Of Abused. . ., Naughty Nomad, Debunking What Do Feminist Have Left

Spootville – Talking Points, Freedom = Prosperity

Captain Capitalism – Warm Cappy Cap’s Fuzzies, Why Leftists Tend To Be Uglier, The Spinning Wheels Economy, Good News Everyone

Chateau Heartiste – Reply To A Common Shit Test, Penis Size Around The World, The Dark Romance Genre, How To Remain Unflustered. . ., The Problem With Single Women Having The Vote, Reader F’ing Mailbag

Dalrock – Christian Denial. . ., Connecting The Pathological Fear. . ., Debasing Marriage

Danny From 504 – ITLR: Alpha + Humor=Pussy, Chicken Fricassee, The Klonapin Chronicles, Part Of A Woman’s Body. . ., The Benefit Of Female Friends, The Gayest Post Evaaaar, I Have A Tiny Penis, Military Game, Sexy Time

Deconstructing Leftism – Game Of Thrones. . ., Self Defense Is Genocide

Il Risorgimento – Regola 3

Free Northener – More Encouragement For Bill, Liberty Or Open Borders, Life Of A Beta, Lightning Round, Demanding More

Masculine Style – Dressing The Larger Man, Not So Masculine Huggin Jacket, WWI: Danger And Play, CF: Into The Wild

Underpaintings – Symbols In Art: Narcissus

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – The Cardinal Rule Of Game, 7.62 Millimetre, Mark Minter Layeth The Smack Down

The Soloist – You Can’t Save These Slores, Transexuals And Urban Youths, Racists Gonna Racist, Dean Joseph’s Epic Transformation, Game For Fat Guys

The Journey Of Superman – NSFW Aspiring Model. . .

The Chef In Jeans – Ocktoberfest 2

The Hunt – The Bastard Chronicles: Genesis, Caged Wolves

The Art Of Manliness – The Importance Of Building Your Vocabulary, What Is Honor, Know Your Lifts

Stares At The World – Professional Women And Their Empty Marriages, I Am Teh Canadian Taliban, The Way Of Men

Nexxt Level Up – The Best Damn Yams In The Land, Just Say No To The Smith Machine, Do You Want To Get Laid Or Make A Point, Next Round Not It, Level Up With A Blazer

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – French Politician Speaks Against Anti-White Racism

Futility Closet – Monk’s Notes

Higher Unlearning – Is Everyman A Castaway On His Own Island

Krauser PUA – Long Game

Around The World In 80 Girls – Second Edition

Unleash The Beef – The Evolution Of Low Expectations

University Of Man – Live From Mexico, Mentu’s History Of Domestic Violence, HWOH: V 17, The Guilty Mind, Top 10 Ways I Can Tell. . . , Marriage And Fatherhood

The Red Pill Room – Go Where The Fish Are, Office Game Primer, And Now A Word From Our Hamster. . ., A Word From Olympus, Office Game P2

Neckbeard Chronicles – r/nofap Betatude, Young Men Have No Allies, A Hamster In Action, Positive Action, Swallow The Red Pill, Whole, So Long Sleepytown

The Quest For 50 – The Theory of (Cold Streak) Relativity

Alpha Persona – Quiz Answers, Walk Like A Man

The Elusive Wapiti – Marriage: The Trads Are Right

The Left Half – Its Like They Have A Day For Everything

The Legal Satyricon – Happy Banned Books Week

The Masters Of Fate – Stop Wondering Why. . .

Admiral Cod – Thank You Christian Grey

Ancalgon’s Corner – Estrogen In Your Diet

Danger And Play – Should I Shave My Head

Freedom Twenty-Five – Back To Reality

Generation Nihilism – Male Status And Female Handicapping, What Does Her Body Really Look Like

GL Piggy – The Body Politic

Hawaiian Libertarian – My Salute To Conventional Wisdom

Hidden Leaves – Nice Beaver, Daughters, The Sharp Contrast Between Bad And Worse, Milk Jugs

Black Man, Red Pill – Random Rant

Jack Donovan – Photograph Your Crew

Le Cygne Gris – Knowledge Of Evil, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Married Man Sex Life – What Energizes You Is Alpha

Marky Marks Thoughts – No Such Thing As Honest Money

Life In The Age Of Byrony – Be A Better Man

Naughty Nomad – How To Get Laid In The Baltics

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – There Aint No Shame In Having A Big Frame

Paradigm Shift – Gender Attacks Slight Of Hand, I’m Only Teasing You

Reflections Of The Age – RAAAAAAGE

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Moderate Popularity. . .

Private Man – Resiliency Conundrum, Chivalry-A Good And Honest Rant, Dating 2.0

Tao Of Dirt – Where Is Confidence. . ., Hair, Weekend Reflection 1

Stoner With A Boner – More Shaming From Fatuous Futrelle

Starting Young And Aiming High – What Do Feminists Have Left

Roosh V – You’re A Liar, It Better To Have Guts Than Brains, American Girl Personal Ad, Washington DC: Meet Up

Human Stupidity – Dangerously Incompetent Firefighters. . .

Maverick Philosopher – Realms Beyond The Natural

Postmasculine – Self Discipline

Random Xpat Rantings – Men Don’t Want Love Slaves Because. . ., Women Constantly Lie To Gain Social Positioning

Rational Male – Up The Alpha, Terry ‘s Gene

Ride With Blaze – Selective Morality, A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing, Game Works Everywhere

Man Manifesto – 10 Essentials: Ivy League Edition

Vox Popoli – Decline Of Human Capability

xculthundra – A Valuable Book On Ejaculation Control. . ., Christian Don’t Understand Adultery, Fornication, Premarital Sex

Society Favorites:
1 – Apocalypse Cometh – The Anger Of Men
2 – Bronan The Barbarian – Are British Women Actually Ugly
3 – Matt Forney – A Fugitive And A Vagabond In The Earth
4 – Danny From 504 – The Benefit Of Female Friends
5 – Ancalgon’s Corner – Estrogen In Your Diet
6 – The Soul Is Not A Smithy – 7.62 Millimetre
7 – Postmasculine – Self Discipline
8 – Ride With Blaze – Selective Morality
9 – University Of Man – Live From Mexico,
10 – Chateau Heartiste – The Problem With Single Women Having The Vote

More Notable Gentlemen:
Neckbeard Chronicles – So Long Sleepytown, The Red Pill Room – Office Game Primer, Office Game P2, Generation Nihilism – What Does Her Body Really Look Like, Hidden Leaves – Nice Beaver, Unleash The Beef – The Evolution Of Low Expectations

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Foseti – Randoms, Le Cygne Gris – Random Blegs, Patriactionary – Bonus Linkfest, Father Knows Best, Free Northerner – Lightning Round

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Nice Guys P2, Manosphere: Marriage, Manosphere: Marriage P2

Society Approved Reviews:
Stares At The World – The Way Of Men, Matt Forney – Naughty Nomad
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12 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You – Octoberish

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    thanks brudduh. much appreciated.

  2. That beautiful time of the week when 10 new comments show up. Thanks heaps legend.

  3. Superman says:

    Great list. Thanks!

  4. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  5. Thanks again for the linkage.

  6. Thanks for the linkage Poet – appreciate the #2 slot!

  7. Ulysses says:

    Thanks for the linkage, GP.

  8. Many thanks for the links, ol’ chum.

  9. The Fucking Writer says:

    My second time in the Top 10. Thanks for linking!

  10. Thank you for putting me in your top ten, and for the linkage.

  11. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks Poet, especially for the #1! I think that’s the second time.

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