LIGFY – Oct 14

Roosh V – One Thing That Sucks About Europe, Calling Girls On The Phone Is Dead, How To Meet Girls In The Grocery Store, Outcome Independence Leads To Failure

Danny From 504 – The Klonapin Kroniclez, New Orleans Boys, Parenthood And Broken Homes, ITLR – Let Danny Do The Heavy Lifting, ITLR – The Chosen Few, ITLR: Smoke And Drink Up

Captain Captialism – MSM Members. . . Not Great Economists, An Exercise In Liberal American Economics, Target: Swedish Feminism, Nagging Begot The Nanny State

3rd Millenium Man – A Post For Women. . ., APFW P2, APFW P3, FOG Week. . .,  Manosphere: Become A Better Man, Flake On Girls Week

Art Of Manliness – Greek Myth’s Part 2

Deconstructing Leftism – Electing A New People. . .

GL Piggy – Way Back

Stoner With A Boner – A List Of Human Rights. . ., The Future Of MGTOW

Vox Popoli – Of Elves, Dwarves, And Demons, Europe Is Seriously Bankrupt

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism – A Declaration Of War, Gang Rape Exposes Underground Youth. . .

NO MA’AM – Truth, Truth, Truth. . .

The Spearhead – Equality In Barbarism

Social Kenny – 50 Things You Didn’t Known. . .

The Journey Of Superman – Schopenhauer On Women And Monogamy

What Is A Blog – Misanthropic Modern Childrearing, Booth Babes And White Knights

80 Proof Oinomancy – Therapy Without Change Is Babbling, A Perfect Example Of Bullying

Alpha Game – A Question Of Character, Wife Or $200 Whore, Marriage As Rape Protection, Feminist Sex Is False Advertising, Accountability, Agency, And Acceptance, Decisions, Decisions

Admiral Cod – 100% Cashmire, Talent For Invective, Quality Tweed

Apocalypse Cometh – Meet The SITCOMS, What Are We Doing To The Kids Lucky; My Teens

Bronan The Barbarian – Vote For Obama Or Romney With A Shitty 7-11 Cup , Guest: Matt Forney – Favorite Gym Characters

Chariots Of Reaction – Reason Why Homeschool Families. . ., Golden Dawn Bashes. . .And Smashes. . .

Chateau Heartiste – Comment Of The Week, Why So Many Vegetarians Are Dumpy, I Didn’t Need Game To Land My Wife, Did Obama Have Game, Why Women Have A Sixth Sense, Great Scenes Of Game In The Movies, Hookup Men Vs Real Men

Danger And Play – Fat Gripz. . ., How Juicing Is Like Game, Help Build Danger And Play

Freedom Twenty-Five – Ranking The Destinations, The Ultimate Quarter-Life Crisis Gap Year Guide, Saturday Morning Hangover Viewing

GL Piggy – Pew Poll And Female Perception Bias,

Hidden Leaves – Life Is Fleeting, Tell That Bitch To Chill, Beauty, Tabula Rasa Therapy

Masculine Style – On Being A Dad, WWI: Denim, Workshirt

Laudator Temporis Acti – I Wax Rhetorical And Ridiculous, I Detested Greek And Latin

Matt Forney – NFTR: Rough Riding Through. . ., No Girls Allowed, What The Fuck Is Your Excuse, Some Girls Rape Easy. . ., Borderline Women. . .,

Naughty Nomad – 50 Flags

Paradigm Shift – Marriage Lacks Cultural Significance, Nah

Patriactionary – USA No Longer A Majority Protestant. . ., Slut Shaming, 80’s Versus Naughties, Father Knows Best: Dalrock, Some Girls Rape Easy, Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Postmasculine – An Open Letter To My 18-yr-old Self, Escape Plan

Rebellion Blog – Discrimination Is Good, Is Democracy Dead

Ride With Blaze – Scared Straight, Romantic Couple TIp

Random Xpat Rantings – Complaining Is Not Social Activism, Does It Bother You When. . ., Random Quotes From. . ., Alpha Characteristics

Rational Male – Balancing Sexual Pluralism, 50 Shades Of Emma

Spootville – Advice To Libertarians, Your First Deer Rifle, Hidden Monsters

iSteve Blog – The Unmentionable Ethnicity, Down The Affirmative Action Rabbithole, Advice For Economists. . .

Tao Of Dirt – On Marriage, The Wisdom Of Kurt Harris

Sympathy For The Devil – The Little Fascist, Ruts

Alpha Persona – The Power Of Collusion, The NSLL, You Don’t Have To Be Clever

The Badger Hut – The Underlying Axioms Of Game, Game As A Part Of Your Attraction Pallette, Measuring Your Game Outcomes

The Left Half – Homeschool Or Die, What Does Average Look Like, Family Sacrifice, Guest: The Fallen World – Corruption, Waiting With Beta’d Breath, Fat Beast Women, Women You Are Being Judged

Neckbeard Chronicles – Why Don’t They Have Cube Chess, Guest: Spootville: We Don’t Live In A Free Country

The Private Man – Stop Holding Hands, Texting, A Dating Exercise For Men

The Red Pill Room – Game Is A Mating Strategy, Obligatory 100th Post

University Of Man – The Schadenfreude Channel, Mentu’s History Of Sexual Assualt, I Now Believe In  Marriage, HWOH V 18, Kate Plus Hate Edition

Carnivore’s Cave – Bread & Circuses & Immoral Money, Happy Birthday Joe, Alarming Low Test Scores For Obese. . .

Krauser PUA – How To Get A Girl Masterbating Over Facebook, Belgrade Diaries, Zagreb Diaries

Reflections Of The Age – MGTOW V MRA V GAME V . . ., Not All People Are Bastards

Nexxt Level Up – They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore, Dress Vs Sport, Keep The Cold Out, Wave Loading, Are Zinc And Krill The New Super Pills

The Journey Of Superman – Girls Don’t Like Your Work

The Hunt – Turning Off Autopilot, Head Up Chest Out, The Bastard Chronicles, The Hospital Sandbox

The Soloist – Is Learning Game A Sin, The Redhead, 22 Things. . ., Princess Mentality

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Drinking Like A Mad Bastard

Underpaintings – Essence Of Lavender

Free Northerner – Biblical Alpha: Boaz, Status Update, Feminism And Housing

Social Kenny – Not A Real Man If. . .

Forward Base B – Why Argument Is War

Generation Nihilism – Is She Really Into Me

Hawaiian Libertarian – Shadows On The Wall

Il Risorgimento – Sandbag

Jack Donovan – Interview At Lunatic Fringe

Maverick Philosopher – Why Are People So Easy To Swindle

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Making Humans Disappear

Quest For 50 – Reality Is What You Make It

Married Man Sex Life – Plot Of Every Romance Novel. . .

Society Favorites:
1 – Matt Forney – No Girls Allowed
2 – NO MA’AM – Truth, Truth, Truth. . .
3 – Hawaiian Libertarian – Shadows On The Wall
4 – The Spearhead – Equality In Barbarism
5 – University Of Man – Mentu’s History Of Sexual Assualt
6 – Alpha Persona – You Don’t Have To Be Clever
7 – The Badger Hut – The Underlying Axioms Of Game
8 – Danny From 504 – ITLR: Smoke And Drink Up
9 – Bronan The Barbarian – Vote For Obama Or Romney With A Shitty 7-11 Cup
10 – Postmasculine – An Open Letter To My 18-yr-old Self

More Notable Gentlemen:
3rd Millenium Man – A Post For Women P2, Sympathy For The Devil – The Little Fascist, The Badger Hut – Measuring Your Game Outcomes, Chateau Heartiste – I Didn’t Need Game To Land My Wife

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
The Hunt – Saturday Browsing, Captain Capitalism – I Came, I Saw, I Linked, Foseti – Randoms, GL Piggy – Links, Links, Left Half – Odds And Sods, More Odd And Sods The Hunt – Late Night Browsing, Saturday Morning Browsing

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Become A Better Man

Society Approved Reviews:
Matt Forney – Street Without Joy, Patriactionary – Canadian Cocktails: L’Habitant

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  1. Thanks very much Poet!!

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    thanks Brudduh. 2 weeks in the top 10. SWEET!!!!

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    Love linkage day, thanks.

  5. Elusive Wapiti says:

    Thanks for the linkosity!

  6. A little bit late here – thanks for the linkage!

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