LIGFY – Oct 21

Being late this week hampered the time I would take to dive into all of these articles as such there is no top ten this week.  Instead we have a few articles on Roosh’s Meet Up  that are quite good, a handful from early in the week, and the reanimated corpse of everyone’s favorite IMF. Bully.

The Poet

Chateau Heartiste – When The Handicapped Principle. . ., Women Love Aloof And. . ., How To Inure Yourself To. . ., Comment Of The Week, Manly Men Confused. . ., Hot Girl Wants Slut Advice

Captain Capitalism – Brady Bunch Keynesianism, Who Buys Brand New BMWs, The Manosphere’s Largest Political Influence, Divorce Is Bad For Ballroom Dancing

Admiral Cod – On Dueling, Battle Cries And Champagne

Alpha Game – Crimson Arts And The Scarlet Manifesto, Game And The Election, Nous Sommes Le Deluge, Accountability And Adulthood

3rd Millenium Man – Some Random Things About This Blog, Journaling, Love Letters To Yourself, Becoming Your Own Guru, Fate, Destiny And. . ., FOG Week – The Outcomes, Manosphere – Marriage And Age

Danny From 504 – ITLR: The Return Of The Great One, ITLR: Running A Soft Harem,My New Baby, To The Lurkers. . ., What Would Tyler Durden, Karaoke Game

Dalrock – How The Destruction Of Marriage Is Strangling. . ., Normalization Of The Trashy Single Mom

Chariot Of Reaction – Mining Minds Of Smart Rednecks

Freedom Twenty-Five – Guest: Matt Forney – Saving Women. . ., I Have Arrived, The Future

GL Piggy – Schywzer On Rikki Lake

Hawaiian Libertarian – Sink The Pink, Good Wife, Bad Wife

Hidden Leaves – The Punk Ass, Hidden By The Leaves, But Are You Master Of Your Domain, Is Slender; Likes Flower

Thoughts And Ideas – Brooks And Henry On Feminism

Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism – Guess Who Ole Miss. . .

The Soloist – This Ones For Rollo, Frustrated Black Man. . ., Plenty Of Fish, Getting Older

The Hunt – On The Road, Chivalry Is Not Dead, Bastard Chronicles, Caught!

Krauser PUA – Chick Crack, I Bang My First. . ., Reasons Why A Women Will Have Sex With You, Not Only Do I Bang Sluts. . .

Futility Closet – The Troll

The Left Half – Insane Nation, How To Know When To Move On, Game And The Victim Card,

The LIFESTYLE – No Trespassing

The Privateman – The Age Of Point And Snark Writing, Run Your Errands Alone, I’m Lazy And Trolls Allow Me To Be So, Game For Smokers, Flirting, It Yields Interesting Results. . .

The Red Pill Room – Is It Really A Win. . ., The Real Happily Ever After, Free To Be. . .A Man

The University Of Man – Meeting Women In DC, HWOH V19, The Unholy Trinity, From The AVfM Comments

Spootville – Wife Hunting, Racists, Vices Are Not Crimes

Tao Of Dirt – Outcome Independence, On Confidence And Fear, The Wisdom Of Michael Byc

Alpha Persona – The Big List To Being A Better Man, Saying I Love You

The Badger Hut – Educated Women’s Contempt For Men

The Elusive Wapiti – Equalitarianism Floundering, Both Ends Against The Middle, You Never Get Rid Of The Dane

Patriactionary – Small Town Spanish Life 1943, Nobel Prize In Economics, Am I The Only One. . .

Random Xpat Rantings – The Cult Of Future-Time-Orientation, Why Men Bond Over Sports, Is She Your Equal. . .

The Rational Male – Sex Debt, Don’t Be Like Mike, Time’s Up

Roosh V – Burt Has Been Exposed, How Culture Affects Game, 13 Things I Don’t Like, Player Wake Up Call

NO MA’AM – On Women Pursuing Their Dreams

Matt Forney – You Got Slut-Dropped, In Mala Fide Is Back, Defensive Voting, Help Mashka. . ., How To Make Feminist Cry

Apocalypse Cometh – The DC Trip, Feminism Now

Bronan The Barbarian – Washington DC Redeux, Wash DC Part 2

Danger And Play – Happiness Eating Bacteria

Free Northerner – Consequences Of Sluttiness, Lightning Round, A Lesson In Partisan Hackery, Why Would Any Self Respecting Male. . .

Finndistan – A Tale Of Two Girls, Affirmative Action Is Deadly

Il Risorgimento – At Least She Was Honest

Masculine Style – WWI: The Case, Long Sleeves, CF – Trucker Coat

Le Cygne Gris – Why Equality Fails

Nigel’s Big Game Blog – Sharing Is Caring

Maverick Philosopher – Why Keep A Journal

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – On Nostalgia, Ramblings

Underpaintings – Gimme A Break

Jack Donovan – Wisdom Or Else

Life In The Age Of Byrony – Disappear Here

Naughty Nomad – PORN

Optimum Awareness – Resurrection Of The Men

Paradigm Shift – Gaming Society, Do Not Impress Her

Postmasculine – Travelling Has Narrowed My Mind, Borders Of Harassment

Ride With Blaze – It Is Going To Happen, Jumped Into A Trap With Both Feet

Reflections Of The Age – Most Of These People Are Not Ready

Art Of Manliness – Honor P2

Nexxt Level Up – Winter Sex Tips, The Little Things Matter, Suiting Up Is Easier Than You Think, Toggled

Feminism Is Empathological – When Will Women Acknowledge Their Evil

Neckbeard Chronicles – Diary Of A Freak P2, I’d Like To Hear Your Thoughts, Diary Of A Freak P3, Freak Diaries From /b/, Law And Order

Carnivore’s Cave – Worlds Oldest Dad. . .

Unleash The Beef – This Week In I Don’t Give A Fuck

The Masters Of Fate – You Can’t Save What’s Already Dead

Vox Popoli – Seeds Of Societal Destruction

Chef In Jeans – Carne Asada Verde

Booch’s Paradise – The Left’s War On Thought

The Quest For 50 – Reader Q&A, What Are Your Plans For After, . . .You Wish You Had Known. . .

Notable Gents:
Danny From 504 – ITLR: Running A Soft Harem, Hawaiian Libertarian – Sink The Pink, Thoughts And Ideas – Brooks And Henry On Feminism, The LIFESTYLE – No Trespassing, The University Of Man – Meeting Women In DC, Apocalypse Cometh – The DC Trip, Bronan The Barbarian – Washington DC Redeux, Wash DC Part 2

Resurrected: In Mala FideRod Dreher, No Correlation Between Gun Laws. . ., Conor Friedersdorf, China’s Hypergamous Hell, Why The Newspaper Industry Is Dying

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Foseti – Randoms, GL Piggy – Links, The Neckbeard Chronicles – Elsewhere On The Web, Patriactionary – Father Knows Best, The Left Half – A Brief Respite

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere – Marriage And Age

Society Approved Reviews:
Jack Donovan – Brave New War, Matt Forney – Rereview – Around The World In 80 Girls, Free Northerner – Red Pill Reformation

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10 Responses to LIGFY – Oct 21

  1. Cool, I was checking my blog when this went up. Thanks for the linkage.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    Thanks for the linkage Brudduh.

  3. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Like always, thanks for the linakge!

  4. Socialkenny says:

    I notice that this list hasn’t have at least 1 post of mines. Must be a Chodosphere conspiracy.

  5. finndistan says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  6. daft says:

    Besides the good article selection, i’ve made this painting my background image

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