LIGFY: The End Of October And UMan


GL Piggy – Trayvon Martin’s Social Media. . ., Why Are There So Few Libertarian Women, Dark Triad And Attractiveness

Danny From 504 – TKK – Why I’m Special Ed. . ., Its Not About Me, Brody Has Mad Game, My Bankee, ITLR – Pink Month, I’m In A Bad Mood, Female Partner Count

Roosh V – The Worst Thing A Man Can Do, The Helsinki Diaries, Helsinki P2, Helsinki P3, Helsinki P4

Underpaintings – Sotheby’s Auction Preview, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Auction Preview, Sneak Peak Nuance

Matt Forney – One Of The Godfathers Has Returned, Lurkers, I’m Calling You Out, Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote, For Everything There Is A Season. . ., Knowing The Path Vs Walking The Path

3rd Millenium Man – Is It Easier To Fall In Love With A Slut, When Speaking With A Girl Do Not Interview Her, The University Of Man, A Collection Of My Comments, The Peaks And Troughs. . .

The Hunt – Choke Her In Public, Its Just Everywhere, Senseless Death

G Manifesto – The Vanishing Act, Tour Update 2012

The Journey Of Superman – What’s The Point Of Marriage, My Resignation Letter As A PUA

Carnivore’s Cave – Compression Shirts, Is PMS A Myth, Lower The Rim. . ., Lifting Things And Putting Them Down

Life In The Age Of Byrony – Lazarus Man

Freedom Twenty Five – The New Anthropology, The Shortest Way With Baby Boomers, The New Anthropology Basics

Uncouth Reflections – Jim Kalb On The 1960s, Crass, The Last Bookstore, Anti-harassment Training. . .

Reflections Of The Age – Of Boiled Frogs And Other Food For Thought, Her Price Is Far Above Rubies

Alpha Game – The Etymology Of Slut, How Is That Better, Spaghetti Arms And Sours Grapes, Reasons To Marry

Nexxt Level Up – Cheese It!, Masculine Halloween Costumes, Wave Loading With Women, The Importance Of BCAAs

The Elusive Wapiti – HBD,  A Certain Pullback, Rumors Of Demise. . .

Guide For A Young Patriarch – Feminism Cannot Prevail In An Environment. . .

Laudator Temporis Acti – The Owl Studying, A Utopian Dream, Go Home And Learn Syriac, Words Alone Are Certain Good, Master Of His Subject

The Soloist – The Truth About Cold Approaching, When Friendships Get Tested, Reader Jayzico BPD

Tao Of Dirt – Find A Mentor, Assuming Attraction Revisited

Sympathy For The Devil – Be Good, Good Luck To The Professors

Booch Paradise Says – Why Bullying Is Good

The LIFESTYLE – How To Trespass

Bronan The Barbarian – Sign Up For Class. . ., An Analysis Of The McDonalds Grimace, Wave Good Bye To The University Of Man, Fall Music Recommendations

Hidden Leaves – The Wisdom Of Children, Choose Your Own Adventure, In The Gutter Looking At The Stars, Dean Wormer, Welcome To The [Insert Name Here], It’s A Place Where We Drink Cosmos. . ., The Pen And The Sword

Postmasculine – Escape Plan Table Of Contents, I Will Pay For Your Dream Trip

Spootville – You Will Be Betrayed, Help Fight Against Global Warming, Economic Moral History

The Rational Male – Casualties, Generalizations

M3 – A Feminist World Abhors A Wild Child, On Cheating, Sorry CNN. . .

Chateau Heartiste – Viking Game In Girl Porn, Reader Mailbag, The Value Of Makeup Is Declining, Men Can’t Be Friends With Women. . ., What A World Ruled By Feminists Looks Like, Alpha Troll Of The Month, Chicks Dig Serial Killers

Captain Capitalism – Micro-Capital Flight, Seeking Advice From Women, The Ego Welfare Program, Why Communism Killed The American Muse

Neckbeard Chronicles – We’re Doomed, Freaks Are People Too, Do I Know You

Vox Popoli – La Responsabilita Della Scientista, Let Science Be Silent, End The Pretense, A Sickness In Britian

Jack Donovan – Fatherhood And Masculinity

Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism – Michael Hoffman. . .

Danger And Play – How Old Are You, Do You Deserve A Feminine Women

Feminism Is Empathological – How To Unleash. . .Evil. . ., How To Keep A Women Happy, Men Stepping Up. . .

Masculine Style – Football Season, WWI: Vest

Stares At The World – Announcing My First Novel. . ., Agenda: Grinding Down America

Stoner With A Boner – Opinions Are Like @$$holes, The Manosphere Is So Not Gay

Ride With Blaze – Good Riddance, U Of Man, My Virgin Tale, Road Game

Rebellion Blog – Secession Is Sweeping Europe

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Making Humans Disappear 2

Patriactionary – The Danger Of Marrying A Foreign Bride. . ., Research Finds Men And Women Can’t Be Friends, Update On That Brazilian Whore, Happy 1st Birthday To Us, Whats Wrong With The Word Manosphere

Paradigm Shift – If You Think Your Vote Matters, Im Okay With Feminism

Apocalypse Cometh – Listen At Your Own Peril, What A Presidential Debate. . ., Epic Rap Battles Of History, The FEMA Corps

Dalrock – Turnabout Is Fair Play

Free Northerner – The Squeeze And The Surrogate Family, It’s All Related

Finndistan – A Proud Dumpster Diver. . .

Feet And Knees Together – Teen Game 1.0

Enigmatico E Realistico – Descanso (Rest)

Il Risorgimento – UMan Has Closed,

Generation Nihilism – Adventures With A Married Chick, Witness And Disgust

Koanic Soul – TM Mail: Conceptual Overload

Le Cygne Gris – New Toys, Walter E Williams On Race, Science On Trial, A Paradox Of Democracy, Please Let This Happen, Hotel America

Optimum Awareness – Solomon’s Mistake

The Masters Of Fate – Momentum

The Quest For 50 – Q&A: Looking Back. . ., The Quest Hall Of Fame. . ., Q&A: What Single Thing. . .

Permanent Guest – Asking Out The Friend

Art Of Manliness – Greek Mythology

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – So Whats Up With Asexuality

Private Man – Women’s PoF Headlines . .

Legal Satyricon – Molestation Live On British TV

Random Xpat Rantings – You’re Not Fat Deary

Hawaiian Libertarian – Social Media Miranda

Christian Men’s Defense Network – Getting The Put-Out Vote

Society Favorites:
1 – Roosh V – The Helsinki Diaries, Helsinki P2, Helsinki P3, Helsinki P4
2 – Danny From 504 – Brody Has Mad Game
3 – The Hunt – Choke Her In Public
4 – Generation Nihilism – Adventures With A Married Chick
5 – The Masters Of Fate – Momentum
6 – Apocalypse Cometh – Listen At Your Own Peril
7 – Free Northerner – It’s All Related
8 – Hidden Leaves – In The Gutter Looking At The Stars
9 – Patriactionary – What’s Wrong With The Word Manosphere
10 – Farewell University Of Man – The University Of Man, Wave Good Bye To The University Of Man, UMan Has Closed, Good Luck To The Professors, For Everything There Is A Season, Good Riddance, U of Man

Notable Gents:
Roosh V – The Worst Thing A Man Can Do, Laudator Temporis Acti – Go Home And Learn Syriac, Generation Nihilism – Witness And Disgust

Resurrected: In Mala FideGeorge Sodini And . . ., My Views Are Ugly And Disturbing, Lies And Misconceptions, The Roissysphere And Its Moral. . ., Lawrence Auster. . .

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
GL Piggy – Links, Links, Patriactionary – Father Knows Bests, Free Northerner – Lightning Round, Foseti – Randoms, The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Linkage, Matt Forney – Links And Ladies

New Resources For The Gentleman:
3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Breaking Up. . ., Manosphere: The Peaks And Troughs. . .

Society Approved Reviews:
Masculine Style – Herschel Supply Company, Jack Donovan – The Cycle

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13 Responses to LIGFY: The End Of October And UMan

  1. Will S. says:

    Thank you Poet!

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    thanks for the Love Poet. much appreciated.

  3. Thanks very much as always Poet, glad to be in the Top 10, even sharing!!

  4. Solo says:


    Poet Im just letting you know first here November is gonna be an epic month on the soloist. Got tons of post which really will challenge some belifes and also some good old fahsioned critical thinking

    (and pics of showstoppers of course….ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

  5. Invictus III says:

    Thanks again for the linkage man. Very much appreciated.

  6. Bill Powell says:

    Thank you Poet for the top ten ranking. This is my favorite weekend read.

  7. Young Hunter says:

    Much thanks. Made the list too, wow.

  8. Carnivore says:

    Thank you, sir!

  9. M3 says:

    Many thanks good sir!

  10. Beppo Venerdì says:

    Awesome, I made the top 10!

    Thanks, Poet.

  11. Thanks for the linkage.

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