LIGFY – November Savings Time

Reflections On The Age – Untitled

3rd Millenium Man – Something I Won’t Tolerate. . ., Surpassing 50k, How To Kiss A Girl

Alpha Game – Shame And The Single Man, The Easy Marital Health Test, Intersexual Friendship, A Request Is Not A Test, A Year In Alpha, AM: Game And Female Development, The Cost Of Credentials

Apocalypse Cometh – A Career For A Young Man, Her Friends Will Ruin Your Relationship, More Careers For The Young Man, Never Talk To The Cops

Bold And Determined – 19 Ways To Improve Your Mood

Bronan The Barbarian – Guest: God’s Not Finished With Me Yet

Captain Capitalism – Living In Your Car, An Aspiring Engineer. . ., Kill The Inner Beta. . ., From Our Indian, Eskimo, Finlander. . ., Outstanding Epiphany, Your Boss Is Intimidated By You, A Lesson In Economics For Immigrants, Bauhmeister Vohs Paper

Chariot Of Reaction – Is It Just Me, Or Is Benghazi. . .

Chateau Heartiste – The Age Of Flakes, Relationship Game, The Necessity Of Relationship Game, Catalonia Singing Separate Ways, How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself, Latest Baumeister Paper. . .

Dalrock – The One Vs My One And Only, Is His Wife Abusive

Danger And Play – Alpha YouTube Channel, Save Big Money On Mens Fashion, What Does It Mean To Be A Man

Danny From 504 – The Passing Of University Of Man, Internet Famous, ITLR: Poo-poo Pee-pee, Battle, The Klonapin Kroniclez:Halloween Fun. . ., Fitness Tests And. . ., Like A Boss, Stingray Kills It

Deconstructing Leftism – Why Pussy Riots Stunt Didn’t Work

Hidden Leaves – Saturday Booze Recommendation, Perpetual Motion Machine, A Shout Out To The Peons, Otter, Happy Weenoversary. . ., Hot Crazy And Stabby, King Canute The Rock

Mangans – Does Diversity Delivery Any Actual Benefits, Violent Crimes Against Whites, Liberal Privilege In Academia, Baumeister On Sexual Economics, 2/3 Jobs Under Obama To Immigrants

Matt Forney – No Tears For Dead Sluts, What The Fuck Is Your Excuse, Georgia Democrats Want To Stop. . .,

Naughty Nomad – Brave New World

Postmasculine – PodCast: Language Hack, A Correct Monogamy

Random Xpat Rantings – What I Learned From 5 Days Of Impotence

Rational Male – The Soul Mate Myth, Case Study: Adam’s Lament, Mate Guarding, The Fade Away

Roosh V – Two Reason Why You Shouldn’t Live In The Suburbs, Women Who Own iPhones. . ., Say Hello To My New Friend, The Point Of Diminishing Returns

Spootville – My Plan, More Gridlock, Post Storm Price. . ., Throw The Bums Out, Price Gouging

Uncouth Reflections – Letter From China, LFC: All Chinese Animals Numerous, Those Nameless Naked Girls

The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Trainspotter Born Slippy

The Journey Of Superman – The Life Journey Of Zyzz

The Hunt – We Can’t All Be Free

Chef In Jeans – CFSM: Bignalotta

Art Of Manliness – Momento Mori

Return Of Kings – Every Girl Has A Price, What A Pump And Dump. . ., Jack Lalanne. . ., . . .If You’ve Been To Her Country, Showing Value Before The Approach, The Dumbest Question. . ., Woman Abandons Family. . ., Morbidly Obese Girl Posts. . ., This Stuntman Is A Man

Nexxt Level Up – SWAG Up The Military Jacket, Oven Wings, Preventing Overtraining, How To Buy A Tuxedo, How To Save Your Marriage

Ancalgan’s Corner – Bachelor Cooking: Deviled Eggs

Krauser PUA – Aggressive Commuting, We Are Now Operating Under. . .

Feminism Is Empathological – The Whole Porn Thing, Love And Alpha

Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism – Court Allows Police. . ., Iceland’s Economy, Golden Dawn Is The Most Popular. . .

Carnivore’s Cave – TCM Gives WOW Warning, Doug Casey’s. . ., Who Gets Your Vote To Captain The Titanic, Woman Brutally Stabs Two Children

Whiskey’s Place – Will Benghazi Force Obama’s Hand, Drones And Obama

The Private Man – Online Dating: Additional Advice, The Running Of The Lurkers, Reader Mailbag

The Quest For 50 – Masterbate

The Red Pill Room – Pumpkin Cheesecake

Society Of Phineas – Its All Been Done

Thoughts And Ideas – Books And Mortality

The Legalsatyricon – The Slow Creep Of The TSA, Lets Fuck Up David Blade, Responds, Operator, Police Brutality=SPAM,  Kenneth White . . .

The LIFESTYLE – Behind The Curtain

Neckbeard Chronicles – This Is Not Who I Am. . . , We Don’t All Have Productive Jobs

G Manifesto – Playa Del Carmen. . ., I Would Vote For Romney If He Wasn’t Mormon, Hollywood Restaurant. . .

The Elusive Wapiti – Why Vote, The Racism And Sexism Of The Left, No Excuses Left, A Great Question

The Badger Hut – The Benefits Of Lifting Are Not Just Aesthetics

Alpha Persona – Well This Was Fun, Release Of The Archives

Ride With Blaze – Bitch Gets Caught, Disgusted

Rebellion Blog – Secession Is Bad, Americans Slip From Minnesota

Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Circular Reasoning. . .

Patriactionary – Gay Sperm Donor Must Pay. . ., Obama Is Not A Forgiving President

Paradigm Shift – Sell Out, Or Obscurity

Masculine Style – Style Knows No Age, Dressing The Muscular Man, WWI: Halloween Edition, Military Cardigan, How To Wear A Tux, CF: Stylish Motorcycle Clothing

Le Cygne Gris – Why Indeed, It Was All A Sham, Time To Rethink A Myth

Laudator Temporis Acti – Whatever They Don’t Like Is Heresy, Suddenly Rich, Laymen And Professional Scholars

Koanic Soul – Objections To Face Readings. . .

Free Northerner – Financial Analysis Of Sex

Generation Nihilism – Memorable Firsts

Great Books For Men – 3 EZ Stepz

GL Piggy – Victimology And Gullibility, More NYT Neutering

Hawaiian Libertarian – Oh SNAP

Forward Base B – The Decline Of The Traditional Job, Dealing With Complexity

Feet And Knees Together – Teen Game 1.1 Failure

Freedom Twenty Five – Getting The Gang Back Together

Human Stupidity – George Zimmerman’s Defense. . .

Lust In The Age Of Byrony – Filling In The Black Hole, Designed To Fail

Tao Of Dirt – Hello Readers

M3 – Women’s True Nature, Sphere Exercises

80 Proof Oinomancy – A Discussion, 100 Words Of Hate

Society Favorites:
1 – The Badger Hut – The Benefits Of Lifting Are Not Just Aesthetics
2 – M3 – Sphere Exercises
3 – Reflections On The Age – Untitled
4 – Freedom Twenty Five – Getting The Gang Back Together
5 – The Soul Is Not A Smithy – Trainspotter Born Slippy
6 – Captain Capitalism – Kill The Inner Beta. . .
7 – The Hunt – We Can’t All Be Free
8 – Roosh V – Women Who Own iPhones. . .
9 – Apocalypse Cometh – A Career For A Young Man, More Careers For The Young Man
10 – Matt Forney – What The Fuck Is Your Excuse

Notable Gents:
Matt Forney – No Tears For Dead Sluts, Uncouth Reflections – Those Nameless Naked Girls, Hidden Leaves – Otter, Chateau Heartiste – How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself, Danny From 504 – Fitness Tests And. . .,

Resurrected: In Mala FideDon’t Trust Any Woman. . ., When Rebellion Is The Only Option, The Spirit Of The Art. . ., The Last Gasp Of The Luddites, One Badboy To Beat Them All

For The Gentleman Who Needs More:
Free Northerner – Lightning Round, Patriactionary – Father Knows Best, FKB2, GL Piggy – Links, Foseti – Randoms, Matt Forney – Links And Ladies, Dalrock – Baby Momma Drama, Captain Capitalism – Manly Men. . .

Society Approved Reviews:
Return Of Kings – The Story Of O, Jack Donovan – Way Of Men Prints, Koanic Soul – The Great Thal Novel, Captain Capitalism – Top Shelf Now Available, Bang: The Baltic Trilogy, Stares At The World – Novel Q&A

Honorary Lady Post:
Versus Conditio – A Guide To Entering The Manosphere (For Women)

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16 Responses to LIGFY – November Savings Time

  1. Will S. says:

    Thank you Poet!

  2. Will S. says:

    BTW, your first link mistakenly goes to one of Advocatus Diaboli instead of the post of mine I presume you meant to link (given the title). I was wondering why the pingback wasn’t working…

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    Thanks Poet. didn’t make the top 10, but you did link about 7-8 posts, lol. so i can’t say shit. noice.

  4. Hey Poet
    I was wondering if I’d be able to get in on the linkage. If so, thanks bro

  5. Bill Powell says:

    Thank you Poet for the linkage and the top ten! This is becoming a habit I really like.

  6. Young Hunter says:

    Two weeks in the top ten, thanks Poet.

  7. Stingray says:


    Thank you very much, Sir, for the link and for the honor of making your list.

  8. Tom White says:

    Thanks for the link and especially for including me in the top ten.

  9. Cheers for the linkage, and putting me in the top ten.

  10. pugsfugly says:

    I know the painting for October was John Collier’s “Lillith” but what is the title/artist for the above painting?

  11. Pingback: Linkage is Not Good for Me

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