This week is nuts.

The other day I read this post by Jack Donovan and thought to myself that it was rather funny.  Who was going to pick that Tuesday was the day the banks chose the next president of the idiocracy.

Then this week happened.  I started doing real work for the first time since we moved.  Being off for two weeks to build a new apartment for myself, my wife and daughter, has been enjoyable, yet it was time to get back to the grind for the time.  The last two days have been twelve hours on, then two or three on the apartment and the rest of the week and weekend are looking to go about the same.

So at 8:30 tonight, I remember that the banks had chosen the president. Robomney won. . . how little difference does it make?

Anyway the purpose of this is to inform my fanatic readers that shy of linkage on Sunday this is it for the week.

Go forth and mourn, a nation of sheep have re-elected a wolf to feed them.

Veritas numquam perit,

The Poet

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3 Responses to This week is nuts.

  1. From a governance standpoint, I mostly agree, though Professor Hale’s argument that an Obama loss would have also been the end of Holder, et al. is on point.

    Nonetheless, I’m still dismayed as Obama’s reelection shows something is wrong with the populace.

    If collapse happened tomorrow, we’d be rebuilding with those same people who think the past four years have been peachy. In twenty years, they’ll be stronger.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    carnies and rubes. carnies and rubes.

    if the collapse happened tomorrow, i’d be JUST FINE. in 2 years…..the shit WILL hit the fan. WATCH. besides, i’ve decided to leave the country….

    i’m off to texas. lol.

  3. Boy Toy says:

    All politicians are wolves. Lying wolves, that is.

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