Linkage Is Good For Me

This week has run out of hand.  In my RSS feed over 500 articles have been marked read.  Normally in a week I would run through those as they came, about an hour a night, marking what I enjoyed, ignore whatever I arbitrarily decided I was bored with at the moment. From there I would compile the list into a Google doc, and then Saturday night I pick the top ten, assorted other close runners, pull out marked articles that were reviews or randoms, links, and whatever.  All this is dropped conveniently into WordPress and after a couple of quick formatting corrections. . . BAM! LIGFY!  Not this week.

So fellow ‘spherian reader this week I need your help.  Drop your favorite article this week in the comments; be it your own or someone else it will not matter.

Normally linkage is good for you.  This week make it good for me.

Veritas numquam perit,
The Gentleman Poet

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17 Responses to Linkage Is Good For Me

  1. Thanks Poet, hope all is well.

    Some shameless self promotion of my own blog, will link to my favourite posts in other blogs shortly:

    Manosphere: Advice For Women On How To Keep A Man (or how not to get Pumped and Dumped)

    Sacrificing a 40-year Legacy for a Bit of Poon

    Some Unpleasantness

    Would You Like Some Meat With That

  2. Top 5 Favourites this week:

    1. Free Northerner – Babie Rabies and a Traditional Wife

    2. Heartiste – Reformed Beta of the month

    3. Heartiste – Judging Sluts

    4. Roosh V Forum – Date Lab – another girl who is uglier than the guy

    5. Badger Hut – Ladies don’t ask us to clean up after your girlfriend’s dating mistakes

    And one other I left out of my post: Manosphere: Style (Dress, Hair and Body) (Part 1)

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    i’m only posting my own because this post isn’t about me. it’s more about my Brother’s in arms.

    stay up Poet.

  4. MattW says:

    Return of Kings: I Dare You –

    Vox Popoli: An Unexpected Argument –

    Mark Minter: Election Analysis (via Rational Male) –

    Steve Sailer: Hormonal Politics –

    And I second Francis Begbie’s submission of Heartiste’s What’s the point of telling ugly truths, although I think Thursday’s quote within the post is the part to read.

  5. Tom White says:

    I have been rather distracted of late to pay proper attention to my blog but I submit this post:

    Keep up the good work

  6. Well, I think a good manospherian will know how to cook for himself and not be like the male feminist in the drivethrough….


  7. If you read Dalrock and went to his post the blog he linked to had some great examples of female entitlement and how they responded when the Manosphere brought our ideas to them. Ian Ironwood and M3 had some of my favorite comments.

    From that, Ian wrote a response post that was really good.

    And, if you’re in the mood for some satire, I wrote a response to them myself as well

  8. Really appreciate all the link love guys. This week is off to a crazy start but I’m hoping to get back on track. . .soon.

  9. C.K. says:

    I’m in the process of archiving the blog Real Made Men. I have 58 posts up now and will be dropping several a week until they’re all up. Poet, I think you’ll like the About page.

  10. well some of my latest articles are as follows:
    I am sorry to hear about that, man. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  11. Why teh manosphere is dead?

    Why you shouldn’t go to college?

    and just to change the mood, let this site tell ya another way to swear

    and some of my own, how not to mess with God’s laws and why is the manosphere inclined to these laws

    Laus Deo Poet

  12. pardon me poet, I have duplicated the first part of my post. The newer comment is the valid one. thanks

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