I’m Back Baby


I started this site over four years ago now. I had a pretty good run their for the better part of six months until I moved across the country. I spent the better part of three years destroying myself working in a factory in the Midwest. It was brutal work, but gratifying in the way the hard labors are for a man. I kept at it for so long, in part because the pay was good and there was such little responsibility, in part because it was easy, and it part because it was the best immediate option I had for supporting my family.  The down side largely came here, this place became stagnant and slowly died away; I believe the only visitors I have now are dead ends from dindadu google images.

I can’t pick up where I left off as so very much has altered in the last four years. The manosphere, if one were so inclined to argue for its continuing existence, has grown into a thing greater than its parts–the Alt-Right, which when I left off existed as little more than a few outliers, and now Vox Day roughs out the lines, and provides insight into its limits, in much the same way that I remember Alpha Game Plan laying out the expanded Alpha/Beta/Gamma et al metric. And before that Roissy–do we still call him that, or is it @chateau_pussygrab– laid out the 16 maxims to rule them all.  I’ve been watching from the sidelines  while it played out. Did anyone expect Mike Cernovich to explode into the megalith he has become? Maybe Victor Pride.

Going through the old link on my side bar and over half led off to the abyss of those who went before. Clicking through in a single sitting was somewhat akin to when Bronan the Barbarian and then University of Man closed up shop within such a short widow, but here were not two but many many blogs gone to the waste bin, deleted, closed for private viewership, or now brought to you by Chinese domain hoarders.

In tradition to the old days of this a running link fest. Linkage is Good For You.

30 Days to X

Alpha Game Plan

Alternative Right


Attack The System

Bayou Renaissance Man

Captain Capitalism

Carnivore’s Cave

Charles Sledge

Chateau Heartiste


Danger And Play


Dark Triad Man

Free Northerner

Futility Closet

Hawaiian Libertarian

Honor And Daring

Il Risorgemento

Jack Donovan

Le Cygne Gris

Male Defender


Married Man Sex Life

Maverick Philosopher

Mountain Guerilla

MRDA’s Inferno

Naughty Nomad


Random Xpat Rantings

Return of Kings

The Barbaric Gentleman

The Gentleman’s Club

The Last Refuge

The Primal Male

The Quest Forever

The Right Stuff

Vox Popoli

Whiskeys Place

Veritas Numquam Perit

The poet

You should follow me on Gab.ai because SoAG will be great again.

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2 Responses to I’m Back Baby

  1. Good Afternoon. Appreciate the link to my site. Best wishes getting everything up and running again.

  2. Thane Eichenauer says:

    My RSS reader (inoreader) noticed a new post. I read it. Thank you for your words.

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