Linkage Is Good For You – 11-20

Hylas And The Nymphs

It’s Back Baby.

Return Of Kings – The Dangers of Romantic Lover, Forge Strength Through Challenges, Media Response, Camp Of The Saints, 4 Goals For Neomasculinity. . ., How To Live After Trump, The RP Masterpiece. . .,,  When Only Hate. . .

Bayou Renaissance Man – The Law of Unintended Consequences, Militarizing Social Media, Demonstrations and The Average American, The Black Sea Yields Up, Twitter’s Ideological Censors. . ., . . .Perspectives On The Election, Bout Sums It Up

Vox Populi – WANTS to Burn It Down, Republicans Are Now The White Party, An Alt-Tech Convergence, Inquisition 2.0, How GG Crowned The God Emperor, Libertarianism vs AltRight, Steps Ahead, The Racial Detente Is Over, Change Is Coming, The Alarmed And Anxious, AN Enemy Of Christendom

The Primal Male –  The Facade Of Positivity

Roosh V – What Trump’s Win Means for Men

Maverick Philosopher A Righteous Form Of Schadenfreude, Generic Statements, Movies Inside Our Heads, Philosophers As Bad Drivers

Taki – Revenge of The Yahoos, Trump Doctrine

Free Northerner To The Left Of Trump

Men Of The West – Cabinet Suggestions, On Personal Revelation,, Useless Protest, New Vision for The Right, Beast Life 4, Lets Invite The Afrikaners, pt1,, Titus Andronicus, What Does Trump Know, A Time For Choosing

Alternative Right The Zeitgeist of Wetbacks, I DISCRIMINATE

Charles Sledge – A Principle. . .Seducing Women, . . .Through The Abyss. . . , 3 Things Real Men. . ., How To Get Started As A Copywriter, Bang Roosh V Review

Laudator Termporis Acti – Editions For Beginners, Italian And English, Discarding Our Opinions,, Dark And Deep, Insults, Scholarly-Industrial Complex

Brietbart – Iraq Christians Tell Tales Under ISIS, Cardinal Burke Threatens. . ., ADL Backs Off. . ., Georgia Lawmaker. . .Ban Burqa, . . .Customer Draws Gun. . ., Man Lies About ‘Trump Counry’, Duterte Wants To Join NWO,

Counter Currents – Mirror For Princes, Fake Hate Crimes, Diary Fort Trump in Philly, In Praise of Calexit

The Right Stuff – Magic Hyphen Power, Coming Wave Of Diversionary Politics, Press The Attack, I Am Lawrence Murray, Steve Bannon Is Problematic, Put Race Deniers On The Defensive, The Traveling Merchant

Scott Adams –  How to Break An Illusion

Danger and Play Make Journalism Honest Again, Media Fraud, SIlenced Movie Reviews, Fact Checking An Article. . ., Aljeezra Special

Captain Capitalism  – Trump No Longer Needs The Media

Alpha Game – Game In Literature, Wifi More Important Than Sex

Futility Closet – Sunrise, Sunset

Bestartia Latina – Proverbs And Fables Round-up

Citadel Foundations – Trump Viewed From The Right

Dalrock – Angelina Can’t Keep A Man, America Is Destroying The Hispanic Family

Stares At The WorldThe Left Is Working To Discredit Themselves

Hawaiian Libertarian – Another Female First

Matt Forney – Article At ROK: Trump Administration

Steve Sailer – Mike Pence Immigration Skeptic

Male Defender – Cuckold Power

Barbaric Gentlemen Beginner’s Guide To Knives

More Reads :

Captain Capitalism – Linkfest

Free Northerner Lightning Round

Charles Sledge – Weekly Roundup

Particularly of Note:

Return Of Kings – Men Are [Bound] By Their Shared Realization

The Primal Male –  The Facade Of Positivity

Men Of The West – Break The Dam, My Language Not For Sissies

Laudator Temporis Acti –  Greek Texts For The Beginner

Breitbart –  West Finally Fighting Back. . .

Captain Capitalism –  Should White Men Work For Fortune 500

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    Thanks, appreciate the linkage.

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