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Heroism – R W Emerson

Were I still in a place to spend countless hours before a computer screen these wisps would be delivered with sustained regularity like fascist trains, yet I am not so they come as they come. Whenever I find myself nose … Continue reading

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Reader, I regret to inform you that I will be out enjoying myself on a beach at a tropical locale for a long weekend. As such your regularly scheduled weekly Linkage will be shorted Saturdays posts.  I have the post … Continue reading

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Homer: The Iliad, Book I

It is indeed a pity that our great public knows so little about poetry; almost as little, in fact, as our poets. -Heinrich Heine The ‘thing itself’ with which one is here dealing — the critical perception of poetic truth … Continue reading

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Emerson’s Essays: History

Lies, Lies, Lies Onanism, self-centeredness, adolescent navel gazing, self-congratulatory mental masturbation; that vapid dredge of legion media, inundating, inculcating, indoctrinating; whatever one calls the plague, it continues to ravage.  It is the monstrous beast our corners of dissent exclaim against; … Continue reading

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