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LIGFY: The End Of October And UMan

  GL Piggy – Trayvon Martin’s Social Media. . ., Why Are There So Few Libertarian Women, Dark Triad And Attractiveness Danny From 504 – TKK – Why I’m Special Ed. . ., Its Not About Me, Brody Has Mad … Continue reading

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Fare thee well, University of Man

University of Man is dead. Tear your sack cloth, shave your heads, pour out the ashes and gnash your teeth. At midnight in the silence of the sleep-time, When you set your fancies free, Will they pass to where–by death, … Continue reading

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LIGFY – Oct 21

Being late this week hampered the time I would take to dive into all of these articles as such there is no top ten this week.  Instead we have a few articles on Roosh’s Meet Up  that are quite good, … Continue reading

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LIGFY – Oct 14

Roosh V – One Thing That Sucks About Europe, Calling Girls On The Phone Is Dead, How To Meet Girls In The Grocery Store, Outcome Independence Leads To Failure Danny From 504 – The Klonapin Kroniclez, New Orleans Boys, Parenthood … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You – Octoberish

3rd Millenium Man – Manosphere: Nice Guys P2, Hitting Reboot, Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far, Student’s First Date P1, Sofia Vergara Vs Cameron Diaz, There And Back Again, Manosphere: Marriage, SFD P2, Manosphere: Marriage P2 Alpha Game – … Continue reading

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Things Gentlemen Do; Or Its Better To Be Strong Than Smart

Tanner at Masculine Style recently posted an image of a pair of dueling pistolswhich set my mind to consider duelling.  Men in fine suits firing finer pistols at one another for the sake of some sort of aetheric essence known … Continue reading

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This week the Society cracked 50,000 views. Thanks to all my readers, and all the rest of you bastards that just come for the linkage.  Its been a bully good time so far.   As everything here in reality settles … Continue reading

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LIGFY – After The Hang Over Recap

This should wrap up what is left of the weeks round up.  I cannot doubt that my fellow brethen in the ‘sphere understand the burden of a hard night out, but know that I have no intention of the fracture … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You: Septemberish

  I went out with old friends tonight and I.m a bit to drunk to finish this weeks LIGFY post.  More tomorrow with the top and everyone missing here.  I have plenty in the docket once moving back home slows … Continue reading

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Linkage Is Good For You: I Have Arrived

Masculine Style – Contrast Style: Blue Collar, Wednesday Weigh-In, Style Evaluation, Paradox Watch, Indochina P2, Casual Friday Vox Popoli – That Wonderful Immigrant Food, @WND President Supervillain, Death Of A Gamer, Blind Faith In Science Traditional Christianity – Let Her … Continue reading

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