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Honore de Balzac: Ferragus. . .

It is my hope that the few readers that my still happen my this defunct and lonely place might chance to see this truth bomb and spread it about.  It is an exceptional statement of the nature of woman from … Continue reading

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Alexandre Dumas (pere). . .

“Monsieur!” said the young woman, supplicating him, and clasping her hands together; “monsieur, in the name of heaven, by the name of a soldier, by the courtesy of a gentleman depart–there–there is midnight striking–that is the hour at which I … Continue reading

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The Lays Of Ancient Rome. . .

Never enough time. . . Now by your children’s cradles, now by your father’s graves, Be men today, Quirites, or be forever slaves! For this did Servius give us laws? For this did Lucrece bleed? For this was the great … Continue reading

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Manospherian Advice and Classic Literature

Though, as of the moment, this poet lacks the hours required for a robust reentry into full time Manospheria, a snippet of advice came under my notice while reading this afternoon.  I cannot in good conscience refrain from passing it … Continue reading

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Things Gentlemen Do; Or Its Better To Be Strong Than Smart

Tanner at Masculine Style recently posted an image of a pair of dueling pistolswhich set my mind to consider duelling.  Men in fine suits firing finer pistols at one another for the sake of some sort of aetheric essence known … Continue reading

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Does Banging Sluts Ruin Everything?

NB: I began this post just over a week ago.  The second half is coming soon to a blog near you. This one. There is an awkward consensus seeping from the outside world into the manosphere that so how the … Continue reading

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Hellas And The Complete Man

In light of my recent post on Dalrock and Cane Caldo one commenter proposed that in my ‘basic sophistry’ had given ‘game apologetics that address anything but game.’  Monsieur Empathologicalism might have a point, though I take offense at ‘basic … Continue reading

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Aeschylus: Agamemnon; Or The Aesthetic Repudiation Of Hypergamy

To heaven, O Queen, will I upraise new song; But, wouldst though speak once more, I fain would hear From first to last the marvel of the tale. . . A gracious word the woman’s lips have told, Worthy a … Continue reading

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Why Cane And Dalrock Are Both Wrong

Agamemnon–one more night–will have to wait. For the moment let us feign that the the dead horse is not dead and hit him once again.  Cane Caldo stirred the Manospherian pot over at Dalrock’s–for those who just woke from a … Continue reading

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La Boetie: Not Spanish For The Bowtie

The week’s reading comes partially as a response to rereading Civil Disobedience and the thoughts that came with that and in part while those were steeping reading a series of articles at The Left Half: Here, Here, and now Here. … Continue reading

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