Arise Sir Cuck: Romney As A Good Choice

This week his Mightiness the God Emperor Ascendant met with Mitt Romney to discuss the possibility of his assuming the role of Secretary Of State. There has been a good amount of push back across the internet as though picking such a nasty outspoken, neverTrumping cuck was a bad idea. However, many have forgotten the might of the God Emperor and misunderstand his powers and prowess for turning the unlikeliest of scenarios into his own goods. Calm thine tits Cuckabee.

I Dub Thee

I Dub Thee Cuck Of All Cuckinings, Arise Sir Cuck

Has the world lost its mind this week? Have we collectively forgotten the way the God Emperor handles his enemies? Don’t we remember the birther press conference, or the Bill-Clinton’s-rape-victims conference, or this weeks ass-handing to the media. Is our king not mighty victory, should we expect him to be less than magnanimous? Do we expect that Guilliani who has his own agenda and a certain comfort with Trump from his long standing support to work as hard as a known enemy turned loyal ally? Moreover are there honestly still men in the androsphere, alt-right, neoreactionary et al who are yet to read and head the lessons in the 48 Laws of Power?

From the intro to chapter two:

Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn How to Use Enemies

Be wary of friends–they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. . .

Am I the only one who sees this as a great opportunity for Trump to turn his enemies into allies, or if nothing else to make his enemies lazy, to set them off their guard? Does anyone doubt that the God Emperor would remove Romney at the first provocation if there was cause? Has he not shown time and again that he is ready at the first sign to replace those around him that do not meet his most high requirements.

Vox has written about this very thing. Certainly he and I are not the only two people to have noticed. To assume so would be the highest form of vanity and I cannot commit such folly. Yet why all the indignation? We have seen this week already that the Ascendant will not let us go alone into the mire. So now let us leave of the sack cloth and the many gnashing of many teeth. The Ascendant did not ride to glory in battle blind. He has seen the way and has faced the enemy and at every step his has routed them. Let us keep faith then that the One who has sustained us thus far, the One who appoints all kings shall continue to bless the God Emperor and let us stand fast in the pass and prepare for the looming battles ahead.

A short aside: Our God seems to have an affinity for men with great hair. First Samson, then Jesus, now Trump. . .is it any wonder then that he blesses Milo and now it would seem even Romney.

Veritas Numquam Perit
The Poet

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