Linkage Is Good For You 11-27

Musée Bonnat - Idylle - Léon Bonnat (1890)

Musée Bonnat – Idylle – Léon Bonnat (1890)

Vox Day – Debt = Diversity, The Rubes Are On To Us, Controlled Opposition Or Media Indiscipline,, Free Trade Kills, Interview With Cernovich, Fortress Of Solitude, Great Man Vs Cliodynamics, Wrath Of The God Emperor, Not A Disavowal, I Do Not Disavow, Cuck To Cuck, Can’t You Be Nicer, The Awful Mask Of The Alt-Right

Men Of The West – Britain And WWI, Western Canon: 2 Years Before The Mast, Charge Of The Light Brigade, Accommodating The Fall, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Western Canon: Anabasis

Return Of Kings – The Globalists Are Losing Ground, Nationalism Is A Trap, How We Can Win The Propaganda War, Is Feminism A Giant Shit Test, Meaning Through Logotherapy, Books On Fitness, Women Have Binary Minds, Why Fighting Is Good For Men, Forgiven Mel, Open Letter To Women. . .Feminism

Roosh V – The Future. . .

The Primal Male Time Will Always Pass Faster

Captain Capitalism –, Whitey And Welfare

Laudator Temporis Acti – Unerring, Unaffected, Untouched, Words Can Never Hurt Thee, Purpose Driven Life, A Violent Teacher, Your Time Has Come, Fame

Bayou Renaissance Man –  Politics And Business, A Little Story. . .SecDef, SJW Insult Generator, Sanity On Gender Orientation

Charles Sledge 3 Ab Exercises,  The True Meaning Of Focus, One Thing Successful People Share, One Simple Trick, Bachelor Pad Economics Review

Danger And Play – Thank You, An Open Letter, This Is What Controlled Opposition Looks Like, Dixon Advocated Interracial Rape

Maverick Philosopher – College Educated or College Indoctrinated, Catholicism True Enough, To The Victims. . ., Male Wins Women’s Cycling, Reading Now, Is Beef Food, The Horror Of Death

The Right Stuff – How to Red Pill Your Woman, Amerikaner Free State, Unavoidability Of Race

Scott Adams – A Lesson In Cognitive Dissonance, Persuasion Vs Populism

Alternative Right –  Failure At The Gates, The Bubble, Culturalist Reprogramming, The Puritanism Of Perversity, It’s Not About Who’s In The Movement, Brahms & Democracy

CounterCurrents – Science-Fiction Seen From The Right, Vox Interviews Greg Johnson, The Willful State, Hiding The Ball Of White Nationalism

Alpha Game – Primal Cheerleader, A Hint For The Holidays, Its Her Prerogative

Takis – Trump U, Lyncher, Faker, Mischief Maker, The Lady Doth Protest

Steve Sailer –  White Identarian. . ., The Undoing Project, Conquer Through Immigration, Zombies As Metaphor For Camp Of Saints, Trumps Victory In Response To White Death, Hamilton Denounces Jefferson, Ben Carson Further Gentrification, We Wanted Workers

Matt Forney – Britain, America, And The Brotherhood. . .

Dalrock – The Rational Response To High Divorce Rates, Big Win For Grudem, The Roots Of Modern Wife Worship

Dark Triad Man – Brutal Clips: Hail Trump Honey Pot

Stares At The World –  Slamming The Overton Window Shut, Great God Leviathan

Futility Closet –  Misc, Self-Service

Carnivore’s Cave – Youths With Guns

Head Of Household – Conjugal Rights

The Barbaric Gentleman – On Richard Spenser and NPI

Citadel Foundations Business Up Front, Party In Back

Good News:

Brietbart – Ward Stuns Kovalev. . . , Le Pen Take Commanding. . ., Twitter Verifies Official Muslim Bro Acct. . ., Mall Santa Removed. . ., Trump Unloads On MSM, End Gun-Free Zones On Mili Bases, Geert Wilders, Putin Geography Lesson

More Reads :

Captain Capitalism – Friday Linkage

Free Northerner Lightning Round

Charles Sledge – Weekly Roundup

Bestaria Latina – Fables And Proverbs

Particularly of Note:

  1. The Barbaric Gentleman On Richard Spenser and NPI
  2. Vox Day Alt-Right: What It Is
  3. Roosh V – I Do Not Disavow Richard Spenser
  4. Return Of Kings – Open Letter To Women Who Still Believe In Feminism
  5. Charles Sledge – The True Meaning Of Focus
  6. Alternative Right – The Lost Soul And The Crowned Christ
  7. Head Of Household – Conjugal Rights
  8. Dalrock Big Win For Grudem
  9. Roosh V – The Future. . .

10. Vox Day Media Discipline

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