Linkage Is Good For You – 12-3

Roman Slave Market Gerome

Men Of The West – Thinking About CalExit, On The Naming Of Children, Poles Vs Germans, Western Canon: Captain Courageous, Troll Of The Year Awards, Thomas Stonewall Jackson, Free Trade Is Not A Virtue

Danger And Play – Nazis Are Fake News, Silenced Goes Worldwide

Radix Journal – The Preppy Purge, Radically Mainstream

Return Of Kings – How To Control Your Muscles, Garbage Politics To Trump Voters, Women Sexualize Themselves, Why Game Will Never Die, Trump Effect Game, MSM Desensitizes, Why I Gave Up On Libertarianism, Welcome To Americas New Golden Age, How To Use A Revolver For Self-Defense

Maverick Philosopher –  Fidel Castro, Hero Of The Left, Does Deflationism Rule Out Relativism, Maverick Philosopher, Politics In The Age Of Bullshit

Bayou Renaissance Man – Fidel Castro Is Dead, Doofus Of The Day, Look At The War-on-Science, Doofus #937, A Very Good Pick, James Mattis Reading List

The Rational Male – The Unbearable Rightness Of Being Female

The Right Stuff – #PizzaGate, The Frankfurt School Goes To The Movies, Alt-Right. . .Laissez-Faire, SJWs On The Right, Why We Salute, Zulu-Men Of Harlech, Reddit Attempts To Debunk White Pride, Alt-Right Office Management Tips

Vox Populi –  Is The Alt-Right Dead, Now Who’s Seeing Russians Under The Bed, Endorsement Of General Mattis, Stuck On Cuck, This Is What Winning Looks Like, Expect Candlelight Vigils, Fake News Interviews Gab, Incoming: Round Two, Epic Cuckery, The Great Trick

Alternative Right – Time For A Spartacus Moment, A Spencer Is Haunting America, Grand Invisible Alliance,

Roosh V – The Path Men Took To Trump, The Power Of Will

Scott Adams Trump Talent Stack, About PizzaGate, The New CEOs First Move

Primal Male Preview: Man’s Fight For Existence

Captain Capitalism – Simplifying Communism, Temper Your Hope For Trump

Dalrock – Something In Common, Carrying On Like Teenagers

Alpha Game –  Divorce Rape, Your TV Lied To You, Feature Not Bug, Chicks Dig Alpha, The Failure Of Girl Power

Charles Sledge – Destructive Power Of Numbness, Women Want Masters Not Equals, How To Get The Most Out Of A Book, To Be A Top Level Copywriter

Counter Currents – Falling For Lies At Standing Rock, Rules For Radicals, Archeofuturism 2.0, Henry Williamson, George Orwell, And The Pigs, Pizzagate

Antonius Aquinas – Fidel Castro And The American Empire

Laudator Temporis Acti – A Time-Dishounored Practice, Cleansing The City, In You, EC Marchant, Trapped, Forsaking One’s Native Tongue, Xenophon’s Anabasis

Takis – Populist-Nationalist Tide Rolls On

Steve Sailer – Alt-Right Poison. . .

Stares At The World –  Intro To Alt-Right Part 2, Laramie Hirsch On Returning To Catholic Monarchy

Male Defender –  Radical Feminist Hate Group

Dark Triad Man – How To Recognize Detonation Of Fate

Matt Forney – Interview With Aaron Clarey, Twitter And The End of Trollings Golden Age

Naughty Nomad –  How To Get Your Ass Kicked

Head Of Household – The Real Return Of Kings

Carnivore’s Cave – Austrian Queen Covered In Burka

Free Northerner –  Legitimacy, Power, Culture

Barbaric Gentleman – A Brief History Of Feminist Vagina Obsession

Hawaiian Libertarian – How Far Down The Hole Can You Go

Good News:

Brietbart – Identitarians Place Veils. . ., Trump Suggests Loss Of Citizenship. . ., Indiana To Consider Permitless Carry, South Dakota Weighs Permitless Carry, Dutch MPs Vote To Ban Burqas, Slovakia Bans Islam As Official Religion, Christians Too Scared To Talk, Mad Dog Mattis For Defense Secretary, Civil RIghts Pro-Life Prayer Rally In DC

More Reads :

Captain Capitalism – Friday Linkage
Free Northerner Lightning Round
Charles Sledge – Weekly Roundup
Bestaria Latina – Fables And Proverbs
Alternative Right- Monthly Round Up
Return Of Kings – 131 Answers From Roosh (video)

Particularly of Note:

  1. Men Of the West –  The Modern Crusader
  2. The Right Stuff – Fatima And The Future
  3. Captain Capitalism – Simplifying Communism
  4. Roosh V – The Path Men Took To Trump
  5. The Right Stuff – #PizzaGate
  6. Alternative Right – Punch Everywhere
  7. Charles Sledge – How To Get The Most Out Of A Book
  8. Stares At The World – Intro To Alt-Right Part 2
  9. Counter Currents – Archeofuturism 2.0
  10. Scott Adams –  About PizzaGate
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1 Response to Linkage Is Good For You – 12-3

  1. Ironthumb says:

    Good to see you back P! I never noticed since the day I ran the Testosterone Linkfest!
    By the way in lieu of the old days can you include me in your following LIGFYs?

    Wil be looking forward to your next posts for 2017!!

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