Linkage Is Good For You: Septemberish


I went out with old friends tonight and I.m a bit to drunk to finish this weeks LIGFY post.  More tomorrow with the top and everyone missing here.  I have plenty in the docket once moving back home slows down. Bear with me.
Jack Donovan – Draw The LineTry Hard And Be Humble

GL Piggy – The First Commandment Of Feminism, Douthat Vs Marcotte, Government: A Solution Or A Stop Gap

Feet And Knees Together – Red Pill Reformation Available At Amazon, Teaching My Son Game

Laudator Temporis Acti – Lame Ducks And Canards, Chance Built That, More Than A Mere Man Of Latin, Books Or Clothes

3rd Millenium Man – Search Terms That Led You Here, A Man Who Was Rated 12 Out Of 10. . ., Manosphere: Nice Guys, Going Out Checklist Plus. . .

Alpha Game – The Abyss Stares Back, Crushing A Male Hamster, The Appeal Of Female Intelligence, A Graceful Concession, Emotion, Logic And Dishonesty, Detachment Is DHV

Apocalypse Cometh – A New Voice For Men, There’s A False Flag Coming, The Kids Aren’t Alright, Im A Narcissist, Hunting Season Is Near, Encouraged But Not Surprised

Bronan The Barbarian – Pacific Northwest’s Next Top Model, Buy Roosh Vs Baltic Trilogy, Beta Of The Month

Captain Capitalism – You’re Evil And Selfish For Not Having Kids, People Of Trader Joes, Why I Am Picking Christian Men Last For Kickball, The Manosphere’s Foreign Battalion, The Last Thing College Administrators Want You To Hear, Detroit Math

Chateau Heartiste – Get Lost, Womenly Economy, Laying Down The Law, From Pickup To Date To Pull

Danger And Play – American Men More Likely To Die From Suicide Than Car Crash, 5lbs Of Fat V 5lbs Of Muscle

Danny From 504 – The Ramblings Of A 38-Yr-Old Asshat, Dating In Your 30s, Comment Of The Week, Psycho Ex Girlfriend, Owning A Dog. . ., Doggy Game, ITLR: Taking Action

Hidden Leaves – The Goalie Conundrum, Be The Ball, Through The Looking Glass,*** Twas Brillig And The Slithy Troves, No One Ever Remembers The Lawn

Masculine Style – Wear Your Clothes, Nexxt Level Up, Warm Yellow, Wednesday Weigh In, More Before And After, Casual Friday

Matt Forney – Anatomy Of A Hater, Yes, Virginia The American Electorate Is That Stupid, Notes From The Road, Guest: Learning Game Through Fishing, Dont Bang Latvia. . .

Naughty Nomad – Only In India

Random Xpat Rantings – Practicing The Inner Smile, Guys Don’t Need To Coddle Each Other

Rebellion Blog – The Hollow Empire

Ride With Blaze – Weekend Update, Rejection, Another OkCupid Problem

Neckbeard Chronicles – Mojo’s Non-Negotiables, Guest: More Things I Wonder About, Lift Weights Pussy, How And Why You Should Boost Your Testosterone

The Left Half – Are We Really Comfortable With Diversity, Playing Favourites, Bumper Sticker Platitudes

Roosh V – Goodbye Europe, Emotional Sex Vs. Logical Sex, Your Friend Is Creepy, The Baltic Trilogy

Starting Young And Aiming High – Rape On The Beach

The Alpha Persona – The First Rule Of Fight Club, The Rationalization Raccoon,**  Alpha Quiz: Whoops Wrong Shirt

The Elusive Wapiti – Wapitimail: Cheating, Nature Abhors A Vacuum

The Private Man – Whats He Doing Wrong, Nope, Just Loathing, Creeps Or Criminal, Rationalization Hamster, The Whinning

Two Fisted Traveller – Invasion Of The Manginas, Hedonistic Paradise

University Of Man – GirlyWorld The Im Not Happyiest Place On Earth, Don’t Just Enjoy The Decline. . .Accelerate ItHundred Words Of Hate, Vol 16, How Im Killing Humanity By Remaining Childless

Traditional Christianity – Ask An Alpha

Vox Popoli – Christians And Law, Silver Lining In The Vibrant Cloud, Kick Back And Have A Beer

Unleash The Beef – How Will You Be Remembered

The Journey Of Superman – How To Manipulate Status Like An Actor

MRDA – Get Your Tits Out Of Our Rags

Maverick Philosopher – Am I A Body Or Do I Have A Body, More On Non-Identity With The Body

What Is A Blog – Feminism. . . Who Needs It

80 Proof Oinomancy – Dear Internet Attention Whore Self Shooters

Admiral Cod – Morning Routine, Quatermain

Chariots Of Reaction – Delawaree Adds New Reason. . .

Kid Strangelove – The Relationship Club,

The Soloist – How To Build A Social Circle By MacAvoy, Why I Left The Seduction Community By Distant Light

The Hunt – Ignoring The Big Picture, Are We Legend

The Chef In Jeans – CFSM: Ocktoberfest

The Black Fedora – Nerdy Warfare P2

The Nexxt Level Up – When To Splurge And When To Save, From The Bar To The Bedroom, Fashion Theory, Lets Talk Protein Supplements

Feminism Is Empathological – To Marry Or Not To Marry

Counter Revolutionary Traditionalism – Youths Caught On Tape. . ., France Bans Words. . ., Israel Lobbyist Suggests False Flag. . .

Krauser PUA – Some Common Myths In Game, Cheerful Misogyny,

The Red Pill Room – Alpha Move: Be Hungry Like A Wolf

The Legal Satyricon – A Pox On Both Your Houses

Patriactionary – Muslim Prayer Room . . . Catholic School. . ., Kelowna Man Returns. . . To Propose, Father Knows Best, . . .To Disprove The Existence Of The Rationalization Hamster,

Rational Male – Your Friend Menstruation, The Perfect Man

Freedom Twenty Five – Why I Am Not A Christian,

Dalrock – Biblical Vs Churchian Sex

Paradigm Shift – You Can Tell By The Way She Walks

Guide For A Young Patriarch – Lies, Concealed Ovulation, and Cuckolding

Free Northerner – Feminism And Homemaking Are Not Compatible, Solipsism In Action

Generation Nihilism – Do Successful Guys. . ., Attention Whores And You

Hawaiian Libertarian – Eat More Mercury

Black Man Red Pill –  You Are Always Opening

Stoner With A Boner – Pointless Arguments With Feminasties

Sympathy For The Devil – Savages


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11 Responses to Linkage Is Good For You: Septemberish

  1. littlepdog says:

    Cheers dude

  2. cookie9001 says:

    Thanks for the linkage!

  3. Vielen Dank for the linkage. Remember: there’s no Rationalization Hamster.

  4. Keoni Galt says:

    Thanks…as always! So glad you took up where Ferdinand B left off.

  5. Elusive Wapiti says:

    Thanks for the links my friend!

  6. Thanks for the linkage Poet!

  7. Bill Powell says:

    Thanks for the linkage from me too Poet!

  8. Superman says:

    Glad to make the list. Thanks!

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